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Nice work! keep it up

Thank you tortelduif!!

Can you add jquery wizard?

Thank you for your interest! I’m planning on adding form wizard at the next update :-)

Ok cool :) Do you know already when you’ll release the update? I think I’ll buy it – Nice work!

I can’t say for sure but I’ll do my best to release it as soon as possible! Thank you!

Wow, looks really good! Congrats.


Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it :-)

Great work! Good luck

Thank you very much LioIT!! :-)

omg very nice

Thanks SuFFLee!! I’m happy you like it!

Look awesome! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much louiejie!! :-)

Awesome template

Thank you behzadg!! :-)

Nice and clean. May use for my next killer management project :)

Thanks a lot amzee!! :-)

Hello, i am looking for a theme and only uses jquery ui. i don’t like twitter bootstrap as it lacks functionality, especially of the jquery tabs that load via ajax. likewise the jquery dialog

Hi gerek, you can use JqueryUI components along with Twitter’s Bootstrap if you like :-)

Wow. This is the first template I have ever seen that I am considering purchasing. Awesome work.

Thank you very much for your motivating comment!! I’m happy you like it :-)

This theme is so pretty. Just wish it had better tables (sorting, search, etc).

Thank you islandtalker! Did you check out http://pixelcave.com/demo/uadmin/page_datatables.php ? The Datatables plugin is integrated and you can turn any table into a sortable and searchable one :-)

Very nice looking template. Does it include LESS files?

Thank you jdiver!! It does not include LESS files at the moment!

Howdy. Currently getting an error when trying to utilize the Malsup Form plugin.

$().ajaxSubmit is not a function


Yeah, I’ve used the plugin quite a bit in the past and have methods for doing so.

I am getting the same thing: $().ajaxForm is not a function

Hmm.. It seems to be working fine in an example form I created.. Are jquery and plugins.js loaded in the page you are working on?

If you would like, send me an email through my profile page, with the code of your page, to see if I can find where the problem is!

They are. I will :)

Just wanted to give some cudos here to @pixelcave. #1 Great template, I am really loving how this is going to work for my needs. #2 Incredible support, I had an issue, discussing with @pixelcave helped us both work it through, and it was cured within an hour of me asking for the help. INCREDIBLE! :)

I have no doubt that I will be giving @pixelcave more business when the times arrive :bigsmile:

Thank you very much for your kind words! I really appreciated it and I’m glad we’ve found a solution to the issue :-)

Quick (hopefully) question for you. I noticed in the documentation, under ‘HTML Structure’ there is a code highlighter plugin. Is this in the template as well?

Unfortunately not at the moment but I’m planning on integrating the code highlighter plugin in uAdmin in the next update (coming soon)! Stay tuned! :-)

sweet! Well, I’ve got one now called EditArea, which is what will suit my needs… pretty easy to implement, but it is a multi-file library. :)

Thanks for all your help :bigsmile:

Bought yesterday and I can really say that’s awesome!

Just a request: can you extend datatables functionality? I mean, can you integrate action buttons in the table?

Hi fradev, I just wanted to let you know you that in 1.2 version of uAdmin I will also include extended functionality for Datatables! Stay tuned, the update will come soon! :-)

Really nice work on the update! Keep going on this way because it’s the right one ;)

Thank you! Will do :-)

Hey pixelcave. Having a little issue with the form-wizard. I’m copying the example (on my dev site), but taking out the validation stuff in the advanced sample.

success: function(data) {
    // On success status returned

isn’t producing anything…

Hi 07thwd,

This is perfectly normal! If you left the ‘dataType’ to ‘json’, you should return the result as a json object (for example, echo the json object in the php file the form submits to, after you processed the data).

You can have a look at http://malsup.com/jquery/form/#json where you can find a simple example on how to use the Form Plugin with json data :-)


Great template pixelcave…purchased it a couple of days ago…would love it if you could add additional color themes…would be a great help for developers like us who aren’t great with colors!!!

Thank you very much for your purchase, I’m glad you like it! :-)

I will add additional color themes in the next version! Stay tuned!

Can you please add a hide/show sidebar option? Or send me instractions, I will try to do it myself


Hi! I just answered your email! Please check your inbox! :-)

Very nice template !

Are you planning to use LESS or SASS ?

Hi ndeverge and thank you very much for your purchase! I’m glad you like it :-)

I’m not planning at the moment to add LESS or SASS (but I may add support in the future).