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Hey, admin theme looks great. I was wondering on the file structure for the php version? Only I am looking to try and get something like this working with a Wordpress back-end.


Hi puress and thank you, I’m glad you like it!

In the php version I’ve used some common templating separating header, navigation, footer etc and include them as required in each page.

It will need work but I think it can be integrated in the wordpress back-end :-)

Does this system have or will soon have a live chat feature between users?

Hi naleks, there isn’t a chat UI at the moment but I may create one in a future version :-)

I am considering purchasing this, however I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to load data from a MySQL database via AJAX into the calander and charts? If so, is it possible to update the MySQL database when an item is dragged to another place?

2. Is there an actual messaging page/widget in which you can send messages to other users, much like this; http://www.keenthemes.com/preview/metronic/inbox.html?a=view

Hi JoshuaPriestley and thank you for your interest in uAdmin!

1. It is possible to load data from a MySQL Database with AJAX but you will have to create this functionality! Also the calendar triggers callbacks when an item is dragged or dropped, so you can manipulate event data anyway you want (update the database for example). I’ve used FullCalendar (http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/) and Flot (http://www.flotcharts.org/) plugins.

2. At the moment I haven’t implemented a messaging page but I may add one in a future version! :-)

Hi, the uAdmin is a nice template. I wish to use it without Responsive. How do I switch it off? Thanks..

Hi jovee1990 and thank you for your interest in uAdmin!

Yes, it is possible to use uAdmin without the responsive part and set the width to your preference! If you decide and procceed with a purchase, just send me a message through my profile and I will send you the changes for a non responsive layout! :-)

Hello!There is a problem, do not quite understand, please help me.Buy the Regular License file HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files can be secondary development?My programmer may need to be modified according to the needs of some of the content.And this support Chinese?

Hi 98wubin and thank you very much for your purchase!

There is already a modal box functionality (you can find it at UI > General, at the bottom) which can be used as a confirmation box. In its content you can have any message (alert, success etc) you like :-)

Thank you

Where can i find the search bar in orders section on the index file? Cant find it anywhere?

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :-)

You can alter it a bit from the line 293 in js/main.js file! If you like, you could create your own input and use datatables api to filter the table. You can check an example at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5990386/datatables-search-box-outside-datatable

brilliant thank you.

Remember that javascript files are cached locally for each page call so it’s ok to have several separate files. It helps alleviate dependancies and reloading into memory plugins that aren’t required for the page.

The way it stands now, you cannot split out the Maps API without causing an error.

Hi vilsack and thank you very much for your purchase and your comments!

Let me defense my choice for putting in one JS file the Jquery plugins minified as well as in one CSS file their styles:

1. I believe that it is easier to be maintained and manipulated by the developer. He doesn’t have to worry about what CSS and JS files to include in each page, so he can focus on the development. If he wanted for example to use 8 plugins in one page he could make up to 16 HTTP requests.

2. The JS and the CSS files are cached. This way by the time a user logins for the first time to our backend or web app, our functionality will have been cached to his browser with the minimum HTTP requests. That means that as soon as he sees the dashboard, he will have everything preloaded and ready to be used, making our app fast.

3. I completely understand that this is not always the case. If very few plugins are used throughout our application, we will fill the memory with unused code in each page (like you very well stated). This is why the files are well commented. The developer can easily find and remove blocks of code he doesn’t need or break up CSS and JS code of a plugin he will only use in few pages and include it individually.

In your case, you just have to remove from plugins.js the gmaps.js (lines 779-786), put it in a separate file and load it along with the maps api wherever you need :-)

To end up, with uAdmin I tried to keep the template structure as simple as possible and at the same time to optimize it with all the included features available throughout the template.

Is it possible to change the side menu to top menu?

Hi kayzer87,

Yes, you can easily create a top menu in the header! I have an example at http://pixelcave.com/demo/uadmin/page_ui_general.php (check navbar section). You will just have to copy and paste the menu structure from navbar (<ul> list with .nav class) to the header and you will have a top menu with dropdowns :-)

I’m definitely buying this. :) When is the next version (1.3) coming out?

Hi handu! Thank you very much, I’m happy you like it! Version 1.3 is almost done, I believe I will submit it for review in a day or two :-) Stay tuned!

Sorry for my ignorance, but this admin theme look nice, but i need to know where i can use it, it is for Joomla (like admin template)?? or in which CMS system i should use it, sorry but i´m new to this so i have to ask! ;)

Hi XpIkA and thank you for your interest, it’s absolutely ok :-)

uAdmin is a generic admin template/skin (html/php) and can be used to build all kind of projects such as web applications or backend website solutions. A developer can use all the available UI elements and create the functionality he needs for a custom project. It is not built to skin the back-end of a ready to use CMS!


With the recent release of Bootstrap 3.0, I was wondering if this template was compatible with that new version or, if not, if you were planning an update?

Nice to know :-) No matter what, I wish you all the best with your project!

I just noticed that I wrote this comment using the wrong account, because I did buy the uadmin theme back in june. My other account is named “squarepa”.

In that case thank you very much for your purchase! Stay tuned for the Bootstrap 3.0 update, I’m working on it :-)

Hi, congratulations for your work, a question. In the php version, there are functions to edit profile among other things? Or one has to program the parts where you edit, display messages, etc.?

Greetings and good job.

Hi franzzco and thank you for your interest in uAdmin, I’m glad you like it!

As you very well stated, someone has to code the dynamic aspects of the user profile or the other pages (the UI is ready but the functionality must be created). In the PHP version you can alter some aspects of the template just by changing some variables, such as color theme, layout (eg fixed or fluid), header position or the main menu.

what programming languages are necessary to develop this template?

Hi cheeks21 and thank you for your interest in uAdmin :-)

You need to have some basic knowledge on HTML (markup), CSS (style sheet) and Javascript (scripting).

Also, for developing the functionality you want, you should have a good knowledge of a server side scripting language such as PHP or ASP (you can have a look for a list of such languages at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server-side_scripting).

small ‘bug’ found. The external javascripts like jquery are loaded via http. This won’t work on https sites :) Just replace the http:// with // and you’re ok for http and https

Hi ramonverhagen and thank you very much for your purchase and your comment, I appreciate it! :-)

In 1.4 version I have a comment above Google Maps API and Jquery for replacing http with https in case you are on https. Your solution is better, not having to change anything! I will update it in the next version ;-)

the theme is fantastic. But I wonder , any text editor( like mce editor, ckeditor ) with full functions to compose the article, post?

If no, can you plug-in in newer version?

Thank for your good work.

Hi pnguyen and thank you for your interest in uAdmin, I’m glad you like it :-)

I have already included a wysiwyg editor with basic editing functions (but I will consider adding a more advance one in a future version). You can find it in the Form Components page: http://pixelcave.com/demo/uadmin/page_form_components.php

theme is really beautiful. Thank You :)

Thank you very much for your purchase ilqercan!! I’m glad you like it :-)

Are you planning Select2 dropdown list styling? I know you have done Chosen styling, but I think Select2 is actually a more used dropdown list. It would definitely help me as I’m using it extensively in my app!

I do not have a specific date yet, but I am on it, so it will not take long! My best guess would be by the end of next week :-)

Excellent update, thanks a lot!

You’re welcome, I’m happy you like it!! Happy coding ;-)

Hello. I buy regular license 7 months ago. Can i download last version?

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase!

You just have to go to your downloads page http://themeforest.net/downloads and re-download uAdmin. You will get the latest version available :-)

Such an amazing template!

I’ve been using this template for various reasons now with creating different websites (mainly for fun) and I must say it is very rich in features. This is the second template that I’ve bought form this site and pixelcave has surely wiped out the look of the original template (which has never been updated since I bought it, it’s a little old I guess). Pixelcave is surely dedicated to this project and I hope he continues with his great skills as a webpage designer.

On a side note, a few things that I’d like to see in future updates which would surely be amazing.
  • Email template when sending out welcome emails and such (big want).
  • Perhaps a few more color choices for themes, doesn’t really matter.
  • Smiley packs that can go along with the theme(s) instead of the plain glyphicons and such (again, not a big deal, just ideas).

Also, It would be nice to have sort of an update log so users know what they need to change in the html for their site to work with the new css/js files. I had a heck of a time figuring out why my login page was so messed up from the last update until I realized the css for it was different.

Otherwise, the theme is great and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else looking for an administration theme or just any theme in general since it can tie in to about anything.

Hi and thank you very much for the time you took into writing your kind comments and suggestions! I really appreciate it! I’m glad you like working with uAdmin :-)

I try to keep updated all of my projects and implement most of the requested features I can! I kept notes of your suggestions and will try to implement them in the future!

A changelog can be found in the documentation with all the affected files. I rarely make structure-breaking changes but the issue with uAdmin was that it had to be updated from Bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3 version, which introduced huge HTML structure and CSS changes (this is why at first I just included a separate BS3 version of uAdmin). I will try to get in more detail about the important changes in the future and thanks for letting me know :-)

When would we be able to expect the next update? I’m looking forward to it and hoping to get an email template to use that incorporates the main parts of the theme wile cutting out all of the unneeded information from the CSS.

Right now I’m loading all of it so it has the same look but it gets too long and I get a truncated warning message because there was so much. I’m not in too big of a hurry yet but if you were planning on doing it then it would be great to have before I attempt to create my own version.

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline for the next update yet but if you would like to create a simple HTML email for your project (and change colors to match with uAdmin), you could use one of the following templates:

1) http://htmlemailboilerplate.com/

2) https://github.com/leemunroe/html-email-template

Hope that helps :-)

The most recent update is from Feb 2014 ??? The change log history has the wrong year shown (2013).

Thank you very much for your purchase! I just corrected my mistake, thanks for pointing that out! ;-)