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Good job!Good luck with sales :)

Good Design, Good Luck ;)

Thx louiejie :)

Congrats and good luck with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros:)

You did great job with this one. Awesome theme!

Thanks :) If you need any help with implementation we are here

it’s very nice, but has a strange effect when i first load the front page. the content loads, but then the grids animates again, reopening the same content. have u see this?

Yes, we have seen this. That ‘strange’ behaviour is specific to the webkit based browsers and the way they handle CSS transitions. We will fix the issue shortly and include it in our next theme update. Thanks for your feedback

Really good job! Very adjustable with modern design. thank you!

Thanks Zoransuka, if you need any help with installation be free to ask

Hello, looks cool but one question. How does it looks if I post an article without a picture?

Thanks Marco

Thanks, but what happens on the homepage?

We add text box on Theme demo, so you can check now :)

One more questions. Could I put widgets on the right bar on the homepage?

Thanks a lot

We don’t have right column sidebar on homepage and that is on of functionalities that we are thinking to add for next updates. You can add custom boxes now (as facebook widget on demo page )

Are you considering to offer this one as a simple HTML template as well? I am in love with it right from the spot but unfortunately I don’t work with wp.

Hi Stephan, thanks for comment. We can’t offer simple HTML this year. Maybe next year.

Is there an easy way to fade or pop the grid boxes in instead of moving theme diagonal in place ? Any changes on a HTML version ?

Cheers, Jespar

Hi Jespar,

thanks for your comment. We already thought to add this feature, so we will probably include this in one of our next updates. It requires some changes in CSS and JS.

For HTML version we are still not sure, maybe next year.


Any plans to make this work with WooCommerce?


Yes, it’s on our To-Do list, however at this moment we can’t confirm when this will be introduced.


Bought this theme yesterday and I must say that it’s easy to set up and this demo content is very useful. Is it compatible with WordPress 3.8 or I need to wait for new update?

I will send you implementation link as soon as I finish with content.

Hi atriagroup,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, Ubergrid will work smoothly with WordPress 3.8

We are waiting for your link:)


Does the theme give the option for a full-width page (without the sidebar)?


At the moment we don’t have this option, but that is something we will surely enable in one of our next updates.


Ah.. thanks for the quick answer. If you get an update it with full-width, please reply and let me know and I’ll be back to buy. Unfortunately, I have too many existing pages that would need it.

Thanks. Great looking theme!

Great job. Well done! :)

Love the theme. What are the advertising options for this theme using Adsense and other Ad platforms? Can we add a banner at top, side, in posts?


Yes, you can add tags (Adsense or other Ad platforms). You can add them via custom box (homepage) or like Widget (right sidebar – pages and posts).

If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also we will probably have specially made widget area/homepage box for Ads in one of our next updates.


Just an FYI – the tabs (under page builder link) don’t work on my iPhone 5.

Hi wolfdogg,

we’ll check this issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

We fixed this problem and we will publish this with our first update.

Thanks again

I am new i just have a question about how you could monetize with this theme.

Yes that was my question thanks :)

is there a way to edit the size of the boxes. theres big med small and i want to edit the dimensions of each

There is a way and it requires minor CSS/IMG Dimension changes. It’s not available via “Theme Settings” since you need to be careful which dimensions you are using because of grid, so that everything fits smoothly. We can send you screen shots how to do it, or we could even change this for you if you don’t have any technical knowledge. Find us on Facebook or send is Direct Message