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Hi, it looks like that your post title is missing and that you haven’t set featured image.

Also you need to enter a longer post content.


hi, I have a one question about new theme upadate: ”- fixed ‘like’ button dialog cut off” is it fix in style.css or in other file? I deleted theme files, upload new from latest update and put there old style.css (because I made a lot of changes) and I have problem with “like” (is cut off).

Hi, you can add just this line to your style.css (or “Custom CSS” textarea in Theme settings -> Styling):

.social-buttons iframe{ max-width: none; }

It’s advised not to edit your theme’s style.css, but to make a child theme and in child theme’s css file make necessary changes. That way your changes won’t be lost when you upgrade ;)


thank you!

Hi, after the latest update I have a problem with accordions. When I try to open a section it doesn’t leave it open and it closes immediately (no chance to keep it open and read the content). Can you help?

Thank you! Now it works properly. One more question: I would like accordion and tabs to work with HTML also. I asked this some time ago and you sent some files for replacement. Should I get new files? I see the path of these files has changed…

Now you can HTML in Page Builder from Theme Settings / General Settings

What a Theme/Team! Thank you ;)


great theme! Does this theme work on a Wordpress multisite configuration?


It should work, but we haven’t tested. If you want you send us more information and we can check.


Right, it should work if the theme is able to work with child themes too. Thanks

Hey Guys,

Not sure what happened, but my right sidebars have disappeared when viewing a post.

The URL link of the page shows up there or at the top of the page. Same with the homepage (the url link shows up at top)


As always, thanks!

Sent. Thanks

Any update on this issue?

We checked, but we can’t find why this is happening. What changes/customizations did you make?


On your preview page you have the grid layout activated. Your boxes are ordered nicely and seems to be in random sizes. When I customize my newly installed theme I can’t seem to recreate your grid layout, look here: http://dev.yorba.se/

Under the menu “Home page content” and “Default Box Size” I’ve chosen “Random” but this doesn’t really change the height of the boxes, seems like they all are 500px in height despite content. Also, no text is visible beside the header, date and category – I would like to have a snippet of the text as you have. If I change “Default Box Size” to “Medium” I get more text, but then all boxes have the same sizes…

Thanks, Michael

Ok, so I’ve managed to do some tweaking myself but I’m not 100 % satisfied yet so I hope you can help out. :)

Under “Default Box Size” I’ve chosen “Medium” so that all posts that have no specified size is set to medium. But I still don’t like that the height is always 500px, would it be possible ot have this size fluid so it adapts to the actual content? I’m confident in CSS so just point me in the right direction.

Also, when I choose the size “small” I can’t see any text snippet. Look at the post called “Gadgets makes no photographer”. How do I get the text snippet to show there as well?

Thanks. Michael

Hi, box height is not intended to be fluid. There are 3 different box sizes which are defined in a way that they fit nicely. If height was fluid I’m afraid that some gaps will appear. If you’re still up for tweaking send us a private message and we’ll point you in right directon ;)

As for the ‘small’ box, here’s the thing. When there’s image, or some other media, there isn’t really space for anytnhing else but title. That’s why there is no text snippet. For our next update we tweaked theme so it displays snippet in small boxes if there’s no image. If you want we can send you necessary modification.

Just for both isseus send us a private messega so we can send you necessary code via email.



All the advices for “how to enable html in dymanic metaboxes” are made in secret, by private messsages. I also need to put some htlm in dymanic boxes… Is it possible to explain the issue for the entire comunity?

Thank you for good work, like your theme.

At least a html link, no more, please.

Thanks. You should update theme to newest version, then you’ll have check box for “html in dynamic metaboxes” in Theme Settings


Pre-sale and SEO related question.

You say that your theme is SEO friendly but certain things have to be done to make it Google-bot etc friendly. Please check this article and confirm that your theme is indeed SEO and Google friendly: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ca/2014/02/infinite-scroll-search-friendly.html



Infinite scroll would be a problem if all of site’s content is accessible only from such pages, then search crawlers wouldn’t be able to index your content. But.. except on front page, all posts and pages are accessible through: category pages (you can switch grid layout for categories globally or only for selected categories), tag pages and date archive pages.

Let’s step away from this theme for a moment. Here problem could be that a lot of your site’s pages with the similar (or even same content) could be indexed (remember that each post is on a category/tag page for each category/tag that it belongs to). And that lowers the search rank of all of those pages. That’s why popular SEO plugins (like SEO by Yoast) offer an option, in their settings, to prevent search engines to index your category and tag pages.

So your posts should be indexed well. Furthermore, if you plan to optimize your site you’ll probably generate an xml map of your site, often that’s also a feature of a popular SEO plugins, and register it at Google Webmasters Tools service (and similar service for Bing and any other search engines). Basically, xml map contains URLs to all of your site’s content and by submitting it to Webmaster service your telling crawlers of that search engine to index all of those links. Also, using those services you’ll be able to see which of your site’s pages are indexed and so on.


Hi Google Analytics is twice in source code. I added code in Theme Settings and I checked source code. Is it a bug? Im using WPML, should I add Analytics code in other version? (I added only in main language).


can you send us private msg with URL of your website so that we can check?


Hi , i have a problem with accordion… When i try to open a section it doesn’t leave it open it closes immediately , no chance to read the content . Please help . thanks a lot.


please send us private msg and we’ll send you instructions.


How to add you font ?

Great theme. Hi search a option for my left sidebar to order manually! Please help me.


can you please send us screen shot and point out what exactly do you mean?


What steps should we follow so we can have a dynamic width in the posts text while keeping the right box on the right?

If I change css and insert: #content{ margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: 30px; float: left; width: 695px; ->>> 100% } Right box goes below the post. I would like to have right box in the front page + right box in the posts + full available width used for the post contents (left menu – content – right box)


Hi, use this instead: width: calc(100% – 235px)

Just tweak 235px value.


Excellent ;)


I found out that the mobile version of the site with the suggested tweak makes the page display with very narrow space for the text L i k e

T h i s

which renders the content unreadable. Would you plan a way (for future updates) to have a hidden right column just like you do with the main menu for mobile sites?

Thank you very much

Hi, I am not sure what happened but suddenly certain images won’t show on iPad/iPhone. Everything has been fine so far and I haven’t made any changes.

This happens only to the first = featured image, yesterday it was a different post and I removed and set the featured image again. Today it’s another post and removing/setting featured image doesn’t work, the image just won’t show up. On iPhone it’s another image that’s missing, no idea what happened!

Thank you for your help!

Thanks for your quick reply. I have just sent you an email.

Hi, have you received my email? I have no idea what to do. I deactivated plugins but that didn’t help either. Thanks.

Yes, we’ve sent you reply

updated theme (1.2.3) is not compatible with pugin http://codecanyon.net/item/logos-showcase-multiuse-responsive-wp-plugin/4322745

ubergrid/pukka/framework/php/functions.php function pukka_translate($text, $domain = ‘default’) calls apply_filters(‘gettext’, ...) with only 2 parameters (3rd param $domain is missing)

Hi, we fixed this issue.

Please send us a private message and we’ll send you updated file.


Hello, could you help me out please, my sub menu is hiding behind the posts on the main page when you scroll down. It works perfectly up the top of the page. I also noticed it the same problem on this website you mentioned before when I searched… http://atria.rs/en/

My website is http://robcherrytennis.com/

Thank you for a brilliant theme.


it’s some issue with Chrome and we’ll fix this for next update. Please send us private msg and we’ll send you how to fix it asap.



I tried to update to the new version of the theme and I received an update failed. Could not overwrite directory. I was attempting the update directly through the admin panel.

Thank you for the reply. I uploaded via FTP and overwrote the existing folder. The front page went from grid to a stacked post. I tried checking and unchecking the Front Page Grid Display and that did nothing. Is there something I’m missing?


please send us WordPress login via private msg, so that we can check.


Message sent. Thank you.

For some reason my zip file didn’t have your documentation in it. Could you send a link to it? Thank you. :-)

Hi, just send us a private message and we’ll send you documentation via email.



I was wondering if adding some fonts ”@font-face { font-family:..” via the style.css is the right way, or should I load it with some java-script?

I purchased the theme via the bundle.

Thank you.

Hi, you can do it in a couple of ways, of course via style.css.

If you want to keep your theme clean, best way is to:

1) add @font-face via Custom CSS box,

2) by javascript

3) or you can create a child theme and add it in child theme’s style.css


Thank you very much for the tips :)

I want all potential buyers and current theme owners to know that I’ve received nothing but the best support from the development team. If you are considering this great theme and are wondering if the support is there to back up the product then look no further!


Great theme but it’s really NEEDS pagination support when infinite scroll is off.

Also, if infinite scroll is on, and JS is disabled google crawelerrs have no way of getting to page 2

both example are bad for SEO

if you can’t add these fixes, can I pay you to implement them?

Please contact me ASAP


Hi, when infinite scroll is off theme displays ‘normal’ blog layout and there is pagination in bottom of the page: http://d.pr/i/BJd4 (this goes both for the front page and category archives)

When infinite scroll is on, on category page, in head section of each page there are ‘rel’ prev/next links which googlebot uses to index next / previous pages. (you can find more info about it at: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ca/2014/02/infinite-scroll-search-friendly.html)

You can actually open yoursite.com/category/some-cat/page/2 and make sure that page 2 content is displayed.

So all your site content should be indexed well.

If you have any further questions please send us a private message and we’ll gladly answer them.