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I want all potential buyers and current theme owners to know that I’ve received nothing but the best support from the development team. If you are considering this great theme and are wondering if the support is there to back up the product then look no further!


Great theme but it’s really NEEDS pagination support when infinite scroll is off.

Also, if infinite scroll is on, and JS is disabled google crawelerrs have no way of getting to page 2

both example are bad for SEO

if you can’t add these fixes, can I pay you to implement them?

Please contact me ASAP


Hi, when infinite scroll is off theme displays ‘normal’ blog layout and there is pagination in bottom of the page: http://d.pr/i/BJd4 (this goes both for the front page and category archives)

When infinite scroll is on, on category page, in head section of each page there are ‘rel’ prev/next links which googlebot uses to index next / previous pages. (you can find more info about it at: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ca/2014/02/infinite-scroll-search-friendly.html)

You can actually open yoursite.com/category/some-cat/page/2 and make sure that page 2 content is displayed.

So all your site content should be indexed well.

If you have any further questions please send us a private message and we’ll gladly answer them.


love the theme, especially after all my customizations to it ! Do you have guys have any plans on implementing some type of archive page option to the layout so people can see all your latest posts ? Sort of like a table of contents


there is archive and you can customize it, to have grid layout also.


ok how do you enable the archive page ?

It’s already activated (default in WordPress).

For example http://kidzrevil.com/2014/


what are the dimensions for the widget areas ? I want to make my own ads to run on the site. Any plans to implement an ad widget into the theme ?


widget are shown in sidebar area. Default width is 185px, but you can change that from Theme settings.

So you can insert ad tags or etc.


Hi – I’m really loving the theme. I’ve needed to make some customizations which perhaps might help others which I’ll share here.

We liked the look of the “random” Front Page with its mix of sizes and the freshest content, but wanted to control the order of the sizes using a predefined, repeating pattern.

We modified /modules/grid-layout/include/functions.php ‘pukka_grid_box_size’ and changed the “random” setting to instead cycle through a set of predefined sizes based on the position in the WP_Query:

if( $box_size == 'random' ){
    $predefined_box_sizes = array('big', 'big', 'medium', 'medium', 'medium', 'medium', 'big', 'big', 'big', 'medium', 'medium', 'medium' etc..);
    $box_size = $predefined_box_sizes[$myqcount];

By passing in a counter we are able to achieve a nicely-varied-looking feed that never looks “wrong” or “chaotic” the way the random feed sometimes looked.

Ideally the user could configure a settings file in the grid-layout/includes directory that specifies different configurable options (configurable by editing the settings file) and would choose this layout in the theme settings (instead of choosing “random”). Or maybe the user could enter / configure this sort of layout in the theme settings UI.

Hi, thanks for the modification :) I think this is the first comment regarding ‘random’ order modification.

Does order looks nice really depends on screen resolution, or the number of columns grid layout takes (which can be set in Theme settings), so probably it should be user defined. Do you think that textarea in Theme settings in which user could enter comma seperated box sizes would be good enough?


P.S. Did you remov ‘pukka_grid_box_size’ filter and then added your own? Just want to know if you had any problems doing this modification and if there is a need to make this function pluggable also.

I’ve also noticed a problem I could use help solving: there is a bug when displaying a number of posts in a grid with post-format = ‘gallery’. The galleries that are initially loaded are displayed correctly in a lightbox. The galleries loaded by infinite-scroll do not have a working lightbox treatment.

For example see http://riprowan.com/category/photography/

This is really strange, because I’ve just tested lightbox reinitilization (after infinite scroll is triggered) on both our development and official demo site and it works.

Can you send us a private message so we can debug this issue in more detail?


Hello, I found a bug, when you have an article with YouTube video, there is a one single bracket under the video, creating extra space. You can see it here: http://www.silainternetu.cz/marketing/doritos-locos-taco

WOW! I just found out, that this problem is based in YouTube. When you genetare embed video from YouTube, there is that extra bracket there.

Embed code from youtube:

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/amyoaSLwwVU” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>)

So, YouTube should fix it. Omg this will takes a years :D

Anyway Embed video, fixed the problem. Thx a lot for a super-fast reply and solution. You are the best!

You’re welcome ;)

Hi, I have a problem with vimeo video. I have a “video” section with posts who are in “video” category. The video wrap is shorter than post wrap.


I regularly bought this theme with themeforest pack.

Can you help me please?

Thanks. Kiara.

Hi, you didn’t just paste vimeo link in custom field, but you’ve used embed code right?

If you are embeding video in that way you should set width of iframe to be at least 695px (this is done just before you copy embed code on vimeo.com). The thing is, if video has greater width it will be reduced, if video has smaller width it will not be stretched.

Or you could just paste vimeo link, here: http://d.pr/i/w0V7, and embed code will be generated automically ;)


Hi Great theme..

But I can´t save the theme page when editing Favicon etc. ? What have i done wrong…

rgds; Michael

Hi, that really shouldn’t be an issue (favicon is just an option like any other in Theme settings).

Can you can send us a private message with a login credentials and we’ll take a look.



I’d like to do the following:

- Posts within a category have got /category/ in the url. Where can I rename this to ie. ”/kategorie/”?

- Is it possible to have a search form in the left menu somehow?


Hi, setting a ‘category base’ is a wordpress feature. You can change it from (wordpress backend): Settings -> Permalinks (there is a ‘category base’ field: http://d.pr/i/NzSX).

You could put search form in the left sidebar, but it requires editing template file. Drop us a private message if you feel comfortable with that and we’ll guide you through.


Is RTL supported ?


Hi, currently RTL isn’t supported.


Hi. Pre-sale question again.

Is it possible to make certain posts “sticky/featured” so they will be always on the homepage?



yes, there is a way to make certain posts always on the Homepage via Front Paga Manager.

You can also pin some posts, so that they always keep same position (even if you adding new posts)


I’m not familiar with the Front Page Manager, can you keep the same layout as on your demo page with it, and infinite scroll? And “pinning” posts, is that via Front page manager as well or I could do that when posting something and the homepage is infinite scroll? Thanks

Yes, you can choose posts/pages, add categories, custom content, ... And also you can pin boxes.

Hey Guys,

I tried downloading the new version and it couldn’t be installed because

“The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

Can you send that please? Thanks :)


this is a common issue with WordPress http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269

Please follow the steps below to rectify this issue:

1. Download the final zip file from your downloads page.

2. Unzip the final zip file; you should now have a final download folder.

3. Do NOT upload the final download folder. Open up the final download folder.

4. Browse the contents and find the actual theme folder. If you look inside the theme folder, you will see a “style.css” file. This is how you know you have found the theme folder.

5. Using an FTP client, upload ONLY the theme folder to your “wp-content/themes” folder.

6. Login to your WordPress admin panel and activate the theme.


Hi Guys,

I’m trying to hide the title and controls of my embedded youtube videos. I have inserted the iframe code to hide them but they still seem to be showing. I am viewing it on a windows laptop in Chrome/IE11.

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/lysTTxuWrSg?autohide=1&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0” allowfullscreen> </iframe>

You can see the videos on http://robcherrytennis.com/


It’s ok I sorted it, I took out the video link from the Media URL field.


I love this theme and it’s truely great!

But I was wondering if you are planning on implementing a grid view for search results?

I’ve attempted this myself, e.g. here’s an example.

But the problem is that when you reach the bottom of the search results, the infinite scroll loads content from the main page :impatient:

So yeh, do you recommend anything for this or do you have any plans to implement it yourselves?

thanks again and the theme is truely awesome!

Hi, currently we don’t plan do implement grid layout for search results, but that shouldn’t be hard to do.

Send us a private message and we’ll send you a Ubergrid child theme with that modification.



I can’t use the front page manager. When I want to add post/page, the box doens’t show any post or page of the site. Maybe I don’t set correctly the front page setting setting, if the checkbox “Use Front Page Manager” is check, other checkbox must be uncheck ?

Thank you,

Hi, can you send us a privage message with your login crendetials and we’ll take a closer look.


Hi guys. Great theme, my site is becoming very cool.

I have a question : I really like the featured images scrolling in the Gallery Post Format. Is it possible to keep the sliding photos but without the photos or the photo galleries in the body of the post?

Thank you Francesco

Hi, by default slider is populated by images uploaded from post edit screen.

If you would like to have some images in the slider and other in the gallery (in the post content) you could upload gallery images separately through media library and then, when editing post, make gallery from using them. All images uploaded while editing post will be displayed in the post slider.

Another solution would be to modify template file to separate images by some criteria.



I am planning on having a lot of multi-paged posts on my site. The posts are being split into multiple pages using the <!-nextpage-> code, which automatically creates links to the pages within the posts. I was wondering whether there would be anyway to increase the font size of these page links as currently they are quite small Or do you know of a way to implement next and previous buttons to navigate the pages within the post instead? Thank you

Hi, prev/next page links have the same size as other post content. If you want to style them you should add some arguments to he <?php wp_link_pages(); ?> (in single.php). All about modifying prev/next page links can be found here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Styling_Page-Links

If you have any problems send us a private message and we’ll guide you through.


Hello how do I have my right sidebar show up on my pages and posts? On my laptop it shows them but on my iPad it puts them under the pages/posts. I turned off the responsive section as you suggested before and even if I change the width of the main content (so there is lots of space for the right sidebar) it still goes under my posts and pages. I have the width of the content set to 620px at the moment but even when I set it to 520px or lower nothing changes.

Here is a sample page from my website… http://robcherrytennis.com/index.php/write-an-article/



do you have latest Theme installed?


Yes I do thanks.

Hi guys! First of all Thnx for your superb work!! I’ve purchased Ubergrid, and it rocks!! :-)

I’ve some doubts, lets begin with the first one: is it possible to have the same Home page Right Side Bar I’ve, In categories with grid layout selected?

Thanks in advance. Regards!


thanks for your comments.

It’s not possible to have right sidebar on categories with grid layout.

This is something we’ll include with next updates.