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hey there, any chance you will be adding more payment option icons / logos to the sub footer (EG. Afterpay, stripe, square) ? if not what would be the best way to implement myself?

Hi there, we are not considering at the moment, but it can be added via customization of the payment images inside theme folder.

HI i noticed that I could update to PHP7 as it was throwing a fatal error for rev slider any ideas

Hi there, we can share the latest version of revolution slider if you can open a support ticket.

Also I have been battling terrible server responses (from 2 -17 seconds testing in pagespeed etc) I haven’t mentioned it yet as I am guessing it was a wayward plug in – but wondering if you have had anything similar or if you can point me in the direction of testing for the problem?

I am sorry, but I am not familiar with wayward plugin. 17 secs is way to much, could be related to server settings.

hello, i’m very interst your theme. i want to buy it. but befor buy it ,i have some quesion want to know. I have found that this theme support woocommerce, child theme, WPML function, this is my need. And i also need bbpress function, but i could’t find this function, so i want to know this theme if suppor “bbpress ” function? Thank you very much!

I am sorry, we do not officially support bbpress at the moment. It should work fine, but you would probably need additional css.


astiros Purchased

I have errors in the template 3 varianten when comes the update ??

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

Hey guys, are you thinking of doing another update soon? Also I like the Notio update section you have added will you add this to Uberstore? Thanks!

Hi there, we are not planning an update at the moment. What exactly do you mean by “Notio update section” ?

Hi there. I have a question concerning the Product Settings widget. Sorting by Category allows control to the number of items displayed whereas in Product ID defaults to a maximum of 10 items. Where would I find the file to edit to display all of the ID’s listed? Sorry, I know my support has expired but didn’t realise this rule when I initially set up the site. Thanks.

Hi there, which specific widget are you referring to?

Sorry, i wasn’t clear. It is Products

Hellο there, Someone had bought this template for me and installed it, how can I get it in my account? I want to update and I can not.

Hi there, you need to ask Envato to transfer the item to your account.

The MaxMind GeoIP Database does not exist – Please help. i followed the link, but have no idea what to do. thanx :)

Hi there, unfortunately, we cannot help you with 3rd party plugins.

third party? it was already in your package. its not from you? if not, please can you direct me to where its from.. its delaying my whole website to be launched unfortunately. thanx.

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/


AdesseNY Purchased

Is it possible to add 2 additional product information “tabs” under the Description accordian?


AdesseNY Purchased

Thank you, I wanted to check if there was an easy way within the theme before doing some code to create the new tabs and fields I wanted.

Can support opencart?

Unfortunately, only for WooCommerce.

Support video for setup or install demo?

Unfortunately, we do not have a setup video, but the installation is pretty straightforward.

Hello, I have never gotten help on this issue before. I also posted a ticket a long time ago and never got it solved from anyone. I posted my product and followed the image settings on your readme, All i want is for my image size to be the same as the other product sizes. Please help me with this.

Hi there, if you have changed your image sizes, you need to run a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/ afterwards.

Hello I just bought the theme and I had an error when activating the demo import plugin one click (file autoload.php line 38). I have a recent version of php on wamp. I have to do what suddenly to import the data? Thank you

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

Hey there, just a couple of questions, I see you have updated the Uberstore theme (no updates on change log on themforest yet) 1) I see you are not updating rev slider past 4.6? (or is a problem my end?) 2) if you are not updating it can we get a install package? 3) if not what newer shopping themes do you have that you will be updating into the future that would be a quick update from uberstore? thanks! :)

Hi there, we have updated the theme :)


democrazy Purchased

hey there, it was the rev slider being at 4.6 I was more interested in updated (doesnt like PHP 7 etc) any chance of updating that with the store?

Hi, The translation of the theme into French does not work. However, the .po and .mo files are present in wp-content \ languages. In Settings / General, the language of the site is also well defined in French. Do you have an idea to solve this problem? Theme = Uberstore

Hi there, unfortunately, you do not have “purchased” badge.

Hi with my evento account I did not buy the theme. it is my client who bought the theme with her account and who sent me all the necessary information. That seems normal to me …. I have inserted the activation codes to write private tickets but no one answers me.

Hi there, if you have opened a support ticket, our support team will reply back.

updated wocommerce as per the pop up notice in admin.. and now my whole site is gone / down – we have average 20 sales per day! lost!!!!

Please update your theme to latest version.


heathglen Purchased

Has anyone found a way to make the dropdown arrow in the product variations act as a link? If a customer clicks in the variations box anywhere except the dropdown arrow, the dropdown appears. But if the customer clicks on the dropdown arrow itself, then it doesn’t work. This is broken in the theme demo too. http://themes.fuelthemes.net/?theme=uberstore

Hi there, I think we can fix that on the next version.

after updating to the latest Woocommerce and Theme version, unable to click the terms and conditions box at checkout. Please help.