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whaaaaat? simple awesomeness! :)

Thanks, much appreciated :)

This is a very beautiful theme. Good luck!

Thank you Tolga, glad you liked it :)

Great e-commerce theme! GLWS! :)

Thanks matchthemes :)

All i can say is …........ WOW! good job :) Good Luck with Sales.

I wish i knew wordpress

Thanks DemeDev, well we worked hard on this one :)

Awesome work! I love it!! ;)

Thanks tranmautritam!

Gorgeous theme, is it woo 2.1.5 compatible?

If you’d only released this a few days ago :) We’ve just created our variable products with descriptions, pictures and stocks on our current theme. If you can think of a very simple way of installing this theme, exporting/importing all products along with the images easily, pls give me a shout on rish@brandalamode.com

Hi RishP, our theme is compatible with woo 2.1.5. Also, your products and categories will not be affected by theme changes. You will just need to regenerate the thumbnails thats all (using a plugin).

Thought I’d give it a go, good luck with the sales guys!

Thanks RishP, you are our first sale, honored :)

Thanks metrothemes :)

Thanks annikabee :) Will check it out surely.

Superb!GLWS mate :)

Thanks ThemeRox, appreciated ;)

Nice job on this. Good luck with sales!

Thanks wrwipeout!

Thanks Bedros! :)

This looks awesome !

I’m considering buying but have a pre-sale question.

About the metafizzy packery: is it possible to have different content boxes, like portfolio or custom boxes without padding ?

Example: http://demo.explora.com.uy/hiker/

Thanks ByJo,

That’s a neat idea, but its not possible at the moment. We didn’t have that in mind when building the theme. We are leaning more on the e-commerce. But we’ll consider adding it in an update.

Thank you for the quick response ! Hope you’ll consider.

Hi There!

I just purchased the theme and cannot get the demo homepage to download when I download the demo content and the license keys for the rev slider are not working. Any chance you could help me out?

Thank you,

Hi zackrogers, please open a ticket for your support questions here: http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

We have the commercial license, so you do not need to enter any license key.

I appreciate your quick response.

I am having trouble making an account on your site. None of the buttons are working, my URL isnt valid. Can you help me with this or no? I am finding this to be complex and really just want the exact as your demo.

Surely we can help.

To register on our support site, just go to http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ and enter your email + password and click Register.

Please read the documentation first, and then open a support ticket on what you need.

really great job :) good luck!

Thanks, appreciated :)

can you shut off the store feature and just make it a catalogue site? Thanks, Dblez

Hi there, there is no built-in option to use it as a catalague site. However, I think its a feature that we can include in the next update. Thanks for the headsup.

Good night. It is possible sticky header?. It’s different visual composer Codecanyon?, I tell you the value you indicate. If possible ajax login registration, and quick view, would be ideal.

Thanks and forgive my English.

Hi diegobp, yes its the same visual composer from Codecanyon. There are many ajax login plugins available for woocommerce. We have the login/register page here: http://themes.fuelthemes.net/uberstore/my-account/

We have the quick view, just click on the magnifier icon when you hover over a product. Here is a screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/231E3e0n0y3i

Very cool theme and perfect for an upcoming project of ours.

One thing I noticed is that the contact form is out of alignment on the contact page – see here: http://oi59.tinypic.com/fzc907.jpg

Well done and GLWS.

Not a problem. Also I should mention, I was viewing your site with the latest Firefox, not IE.

Oh, I though it was IE because of the colors. Fixed it on FF now :) Should update once the cache is renewed.

Yep, all fixed now. Thanks for that.

Will be purchasing this shortly :)

It looks awesome. I am thinking about buying it.

Thanks llvn22, let us know if you run into any problems.

Great work, GLWS ))

Thanks hi5place :)

This looks AWE$OME!! (mobile too!) #MuchRespect and with Visual Composer will def keep in mind for upcoming clients (I’ve had too many confused with shortcodes when trying to update their sites after I build out, so great job there too)

Thanks sterling, yeah, we loved working with VC as well. Very easy to build pages. In fact, all pages on demo are made with VC.