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We are considering to stop using this theme. The main reason is lack of multi language support and ongoing jquery problems on the checkout page.

Furthermore we found out that this theme has no support for cross and upsells. Questions about this topic have been deleted from the support forum.

When asking for updates to let the theme work with: - Table Rate Shipping - Dynamic Pricing - WPML Ant (support) only says: “We do not give support on plugins”.

So when you are searching for a multilanguage theme that supports extensions, please continue searching.

Cross and upsells will be supplied in later release according support. So that’s one problem gone..

The theme was updated earlier today to support Cross & Up-Sells. You need to use WPML to get multi-language support.

And I am sorry about external plugins, but we cannot support plugins.

Opened a support ticket two days ago, asked again yesterday and just done so again now. No reply at all yet and theme just gives me a blank site when I upload it, only working again if I delete the theme through ftp. Not impressed so far at all.

Hi Richard, we fixed that issue with the latest version. Its not an issue really, its because you probably have another plugin that uses the same class.

I tried the new download and it only worked after editing the same file. The site is completely fresh with no plugins at all.

Then there is an extension on your server that uses the same class. As long as its fixed now, no problem.

Need help with Calculate Shipping. With this theme its not calculating the shipping. When i enter Postal Code(Canada) or Zip Code(USA) it just reloads. I have try this with the default theme and it works. It will calculate the postal code/zip i enter.

We supplied a modified shipping-calculator.php here: http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ticket/214693 (I think its your private ticket)


No Problem :)

Hi! Very nice looking theme, clean and modern!

I´m very intrestead in buying this theme but have some some Pre-purchase question:

1. Can I have 4 rows with product and a sidebar instead of 3? 2. Can I add sidebar to product detail page? 3. Can I have less wider sidebars? 4. Pre defined product search? 5. Can I have thumbnail and list view on product list page? 6. Ajax filter? 7. Fixed header menu?


1. Yes, its possible. 2. No 3. No 4. What do you mean by this? WooCommerce has integrated product search widget 5. No 6. No 7. No

Sorry most are no, but you get what you see on the demo page.

OK, thanks for your quick response. Looks very well. Will you add fixed header in the future?

Not considering it at the moment, sorry.

Any update on the review-order.php not working? Thank you!

That’s already fixed. Please update your theme :)

I just updated to 1.4.3. but there seems to be a small mistake somewhere in the “assets/css/app.css” for all our full-width rows suddenly have problems with positioning content, everything is stacked to the right. Copied the old file back and everything works. Is there a quick fix for this?

Please open a support ticket with the demo address please.

Thank you for your quick (very quick indeed) reply. This was more a hint than a question, for I fixed this by reinstalling the old file. You can use your own Demo page to see what I mean. Same there. http://themes.fuelthemes.net/uberstore/home-version-3/ See that “Handbags” Banner? Or http://themes.fuelthemes.net/uberstore/home-version-5/ Recent works section


Oh yes, you are right, uploading a fix right now!


Purchased this theme today. And so far, I am really disappointed.

It is mainly down to the page load speed. This isn’t my hosting as I have multiple other WP installations running and they all work flawlessly, and quickly.

I have installed the theme, which works fine. The load speed is good. But as soon as I install any of the ‘Required’ plugins, the front end and the WP admin panel become too slow to use.

This is a big issue, and as I say – I have many other WP installations and themes running fine on my server, so it can only be related to this theme.

Please help ASAP.


Visual Composer might have requirements more than the theme, you can try opening a ticket at their support site: http://wpbakery.freshdesk.com/support/login or leave a comment on their item page http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431

However, other than that, you need to talk to your hosting and figure out the culprit.

That is a disappointing response. The issue has not been resolved and you have palmed me off to another support forum to fix your problem. I have used numerous themes in the past with the VP working straight out of the box, and this is what I expected from this theme.

You advertise your theme to be compatible with Visual Composer, yet it is not 100% compatible. I feel extremely disappointed.

Best wishes,


Your issue is not about whether its working or not, its about slowness of a certain plugin. This, we cannot help with. I think you are having an issue with your server or VC configuration since after 600 sales, none has reported this.

Hello, I’m interested in buying your theme but want to make sure it is possible to create a child theme so that any updates do not effect my customizations. Also, are there any known plug-ins which do not function with the theme? Thanks! ttea

Hi ttea, the child theme is included with the theme. There are many plugins, so we cannot offer compatibility for every one out there, but if you have some in mind, I would love to verify.

Great Theme but Im interested in implementing UberStore “home style 4” (grid layout). How do I go about this. My download seems to be missing “home_style4.zip” Also, will there be any updates for greater customization of header? (would be nice to have)

When you import the demo content, all pages are imported. However, for sliders, you need to use the slider_exports folder to import them.

I recently purchased your theme and installed it to my demo server.http://kissicouture.com/demo/

Now first problem I am facing is that even after installing all plugin my images are not crisp as you have shown in your demo?

Is there any way to import the same slider that you have shown in your demo?

When I try to import demo content it given error like Failed to import pa_brands American Apparel

I look forward for your reply in this regard at earliest

Hi binarisol, you need to set your image sizes, please read the documentation about this. The slider exports are included with your download.

it seems that the demo is not working for some reason

Thanks, issue with caching plugin, now fixed.


Thinking of buying your theme. First I lke to know if it is compatible with WP All Import. Can you let me know?


We have a demo content installer, so all demo content will be installed on your server.

Can you supply the files to return the cart, checkout and review process to their Woocommerce defaults of a cart page and a checkout page?

I appreciate you trying to create a multistep checkout process, but in our testing, it is too buggy. It does not work consistently enough for a live site and I would like to have the fallback of the woocommerce single page site.


@BlueKachina Can you contact me to share any progress you made on the cart and checkout? I’m trying to determine how to revert back to a regular shopping cart because of the issues we’re having. Would appreciate understanding what you did. Thanks.

Hi mcheck, I am sorry but this theme is designed for tabbed checkout process and we cannot supply complex customizations

Can not Live Preview , Import Demo Content Lost pictures ..

Demo Website is up, you can import again.



The checkout is a real problem for this theme. The author should provide a solution for problems caused by the jquery tabpages used. The checkout also has problems with CSS positioning and checkboxes. It also is not compatible with Table Rate Shipment plugin. So you have to manually set the default language by altering WooCommerce.php and add a language to the jquery path call.

These problems exist since version 1.00 and we had to hire a specialist to fix them. This theme is NOT compatible with WPML out of the box.

@mcheck, please contact me: www.2be-aware.com -> contact.

Hi, question about the menu. I have 3 levels in my menu, for example: fasion – clothing- jeans

But when I do this the regular way, the 3rd level is not acting like how it normally acts. Can I disable the feature you have in your theme that the menu acts different?

Thanks in advance

From a few days I have a lot of problems with that theme! I’ve put the ticket on the Support but without any reply :/ First I was receiving emails from clients that they aren’t able to finish the order. For me, it’s a disaster.

When I have updated the theme to the newest one I can see many bugs with communicates like: Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_shortcode_custom_css_class() in /home/users/metropolis/public_html/splot/sklep/wp-content/themes/uberstore-wp/inc/shortcodes/vc_row.php on line 97

Here is my shop – www.fiufiushop.com I’m really confused and feel disapointed. I can’t rely on that theme when doing my business. I don’t know what can i expect next day by my shop. Konrad Hulak

You just need to update the VC to the latest version.


I tried to check the demo site, but it was offline! Hope you could put it online, because i am really interested in checking your website out for an upcoming project!

Ciao Dennis

Its online ;)

Hi I have just updated your theme to the latest version but sadly the WP admin is now painfully slow and unusuable. I have tested on a clean install and have narrowed the problem down to WPBakery Visual Composer – is this plugin no longer compatible with your theme? Thanks

I think WP Bakery is making an update to the VC to fix this issue. Its not theme related. You can get the latest VC version with the next theme update.


Your demo site appears to have gone offline – can you let me know when this is back up again please?

Many thanks Hannah

Sorry, saw this late. Its up and running.