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Hi There,

I love this them its perfect for a project I’m working on. I wanted to know if theme capable to handle videos?



The Visual Composer seems to be out of date and causes major problems when I install.

In addition I can’t install the files in “slider-export” and get the following: importing slider settings and data… Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled. Go Back

The documentation on this theme is not clear and skips a lot of important elements. I have used wordpress a fair amount and things I missed were not things I would have simply assumed needed to be done and in what order.

In addition, i get a long list of errors when trying to upload the demo content.

Get extremely frustrated.

Hi ziegz, no need to worry. We can supply you with the latest version of VC if you open a support ticket. However if there are errors with the VC, you need to reach out to plugin developer.

About other errors, we would love to help you on our support forum.

Have a nice weekend, Ant


Great theme! I just installed it on a fresh WP 3.8.1 install (WC 2.1.5), however get this error when I activate the theme:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in **/wp-content/themes/uberstore-wp/inc/misc.php on line 55

The error goes away and the site displays when I comment out the function in the inc\misc.php file:

function admin_bar_css() { if (is_user_logged_in()) { add_action(‘wp_head’, function() { echo ‘ <style type=”text/css”> @media screen and (max-width: 600px) { #wpadminbar {position:fixed !important;} } </style> ’; }); } }

Will it break any part of the functionality if I leave this section commented out, or do you know how I can fix it?

Thank you!

It’s just a small UX feature for the admin bar in mobile views. It does not alter anything for the users. You can remove it at will :)

Excellent. Sounds good, thank you for the fast response.

Hello, i like your theme and i would like to purchase it but can i read theme support file before i will purchase your theme ? i would like to make sure that everything is well explained ?

A also found small error on your demo web site. After adding product to my cart, i go to checkout: On step 1, i pressing Create Account under NEW CUSTOMERS section. Then i fill my password there and instead of asking me my details for shipping in Step 2 , i go directly to step 3 to select the payment option. After than i receive errors that i didn’t fill fields which are required.

First Name is a required field. Last Name is a required field. Address is a required field. Town / City is a required field. State / County is a required field. Email Address is a required field. Phone is a required field.

We are always open for suggestions which make our themes better, we ‘ll get back with more updates. No Problemo :)

add me to your Skype ) cosmic1255 i will give you a lot of suggestions )

Thanks, will add!


In the variable product pages I found that the base price automatically updates on selecting the options rather than an updated price sliding down along with the add to cart button, Is it a tweak or a plugin ??

one of the very best theme I’ve ever come across, cheers.. :)

Can you atleast tell me the procedure and supply me with the required codes, I will pay for the codes. possible ??

I am sorry gmyoganand, I talked with my partner, and we don’t want to give out code written for customers of the theme :(

No problem and thanks.. :)


To make it more adjustable for your theme users, can you make an option to choose the theme colors in your theme option panel? I’ve changed the .css but it’s a real hassle.

Anyway, short question: Where can I change the blue hue that’s on the google maps page that comes with the ‘contact template’? Which .php file is it?


We have added options to change header and footer colors, however since the theme is mainly black and white, we left it for our users. We are open for suggestions, so if you think a specific areas need color changing from the theme options, let us know.

The map tint is controlled from app.js in /assets/js. You can search for ”#contact-map” in that file.

PS: Please direct your support questions in our support forum : http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ That way you can get faster responses.

Thanks for getting that fix out so quickly (for the grouped product table). Support has been really good so far!

No problem, Tali :)

Hi please, It’s possible implement a Ajax Cart after I buy?

We already have an Ajax Cart! Just click on “Add to Cart” under any product and it will be added to the cart on top.

Really beautiful theme you made! We are thinking about buying but a few things are holding us back. When you click on images in the shopping cart, the enlarged image cannot be closed by clicking on the X. You can click off screen or hit esc but this might frustrate customers. In Fire Fox banners show up as 1.5 times in height than what they should be (wallpapered) they show up great on mobile (s3 android) and chrome/ie. Most people still use firefox.

We are waiting for a fix from the lightbox plugin author, its in the things to be fixed list :) We do not see any differences on OSX Firefox. If you could give us some screenshots, we would love to look into it.

I updated Firefox to latest version and its good now. The same problem did occur on ipad chrome though, maybe older browser version also

Thanks, will check that :)

Hey guys,

This theme looks fantastic. Wondering how hard it would be to utilize with Easy Digital Download (https://easydigitaldownloads.com/).

Let me know if this would be an easy fix or require an entire restructure of the theme. I can hire a developer to fix minor styling issues and slight adjustments, just concerned if it will be a major challenge.



It would probably mean restructure, because the theme is WooCommerce compatible, and it has built-in digital downloads feature. If you choose to use a WooCommerce plugin that has advanced digital downloads feature, it will work with this theme :)

Ok, will most likely look into WooCommerce then, was pretty dead set on Easy Digital Downloads, but if WooCommerce has it built in I think that should suffice. Thanks!

Thank you, too Mike :)

Thinking about purchasing, can you guys tell me few pre-purchase questions? I would like to know if i can place blog post in the middle of the page, no sidebar, full width? And also if its possible to have video in the home slider area? Thank you so much, love the theme!


Replied to your support question :)

never mind guys, i got the solution at your support forum! thank you anyways ;)

No problem Miranda, let us know if you run into any other issues. We ‘ll be happy to help.

Great theme and even better support! 5 stars!

Thanks for the review Pascal :)

This theme will support Arabic language or not?

Hi Kamrany, I am sorry, its not available at this time.

Hi! Love your theme! One question though, is the product page customizable? Meaning can I change the sizes of the photos, description box, fonts? Everything looks too big for me. Thanks :)

Not from the theme options, but we’ll be happy to help in the support forum :)

Dear, First of all thanks for sharing such a nice theme with us and I am really interested to purchase it. Kindly check the URL: http://prntscr.com/326efq This is part of the theme if I use WPML plugin and visitor select any language then it becomes also translated ? because as I know we can translate the page contents but as I can see the attached part of checkout is the part of theme which will stays on ever page which is good but all I need to know when visitor change the language this part becomes translated if yes then where should we need to write the other language because it’s generally given on page options. Hope you got my point. waiting for your reply. Regards, Muzaffar Younus

thanks for the reply dear….WPML includes language switcher which is good enough for us ….all we need to know is page contents becomes translated from page sections in wordpress (WPML) then how your theme contents e.g. header text, footer text, which are not the part of page it will normally in theme’s option as I attached a link in last message shopping cart details which is a part of theme and not related with any page … is this also becomes translated if someone switch the language ?

Yes, the theme options do have WPML support :)

Nice looking theme. I have a few pre-purchase questions if you don’t mind.

1) Is there a one-page checkout option?

2) Can images be added to the accordion menu on the single product pages?

3) Can a sidebar be added to single product pages?

4) For the category widget on the Shop page can an accordion/toggle be used to show sub-categories?

5) Is this footer possible with this theme? http://goo.gl/ekcn9v

6) In FF (v28) the drop down menu options aren’t centered (see screenshot at link). Can this be fixed? http://goo.gl/SXDsc6

7) In a future update would it be possible to add a pop-up window for items that are added to the cart instead of just a notification box? (see screenshot for example) http://goo.gl/fOfXEW



You are the first one to mention it, if more people ask for it, we can add FB support.

Are there additional tabs that can be used on the single product pages besides Description, Additional Information, and Reviews?

Those are default WooCommerce tabs, you can add additional tabs using variety of plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-custom-product-tabs-lite/


shouldn’t I be able to see an item in the Wish List after I clicked on a heart symbol (next to one item)? Or does the Wishlist function just work after you Register / Login to the site?


Hi kaxer, yes you should, but we have very strict caching for our demo website so it runs fast, and the pages do not update as frequently :)

Hi kaxer, yes you should, but we have very strict caching for our demo website so it runs fast, and the pages do not update as frequently :)

Hello, is the product page also customizable? I am doing a subpage and i need only make one page that is single product page. There will be lots of different variations and for that reason i want good page building possibilities!

Sorry about that, but the product pages are not customizable, however you can use the Visual Composer on item descriptions.

Hi, Great theme! I would like to have the demo content, as on your live demo. Is it possible? Because I have installed wordpress, woocommerce and then the theme. Activated it and put the Demo Content in Theme Options, but it just installed 6 pages, no products, no homepage, etc… Do you have a xml file for demo content? Thanks Cheers

I found the demo content xml, but it failed and nothing was imported…

Hi edolone, I would suggest using the built-in one-click install. If you need help with it, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

Hi, I have 2 questions. 1. What version’s number for Zurb-foundation CSS-framework used in this theme?; 2. How can you adapt (adjust) Visual Composer for using with the mentioned Zurb-foundation CSS-framework? As I know, the Visual Composer is used with Bootstrap grids. Looking forward for you reply. Thanks in advance.

Hi speedvector, its version Zurb Foundation 3 and yes we adapted it using Zurb, but we cannot reveal how we did it ;)