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Having some issues uploading this to WP, fresh WP install, WC installed, I downloaded theme, unzipped file and went to upload uberstore wp zip and I keep getting “are you sure you want to do this?” error from WP I was able to upload the uberstore wp child zip just fine but it won’t allow me to upload the main file.

Hi there, that is relates to your server settings. Probably the zip file is too big. You can upload with a FTP software or contact your hosting to change server settings.

Hi, Nice theme!

Can the simple product page include a right sidebar? Is the font used in the demo included in the theme?


The fonts are included and can be changed from the theme options. You cannot use a sidebar on product pages.

Why do I keep getting this? Is this where I’m registering the theme?

I’m doing my third clean install of wordpress and this theme. It doesn’t work this time and I want my money back.

Its not a theme error, you need to talk to your hosting about PHP settings. Its a WordPress error.

You can also try the VC developer (WPBakery) support site: http://wpbakery.freshdesk.com/ However, I am pretty sure they are going to say the same thing.

Hello I need help. I keep getting this error message when i try to install the slider “Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.” and I left a ticket also. I’m also having a problem with the site looking like the demo site.

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ if you haven’t already.

Hello, This is a pre-purchase question : Is it possible to have a smaller slider on the homepage within the theme (height and width) ? If so, it is a paramater change, or a CSS change? Thanks in advance for your reply!

That is cool, thanks! I have another question, this time related to the visual composer : is it possible to add some banners in the right size of the slider? (thanks as well for your very quick reply, I appreciate)

Yes that is possible :)

great, thanks again :)

can we add category sidebar on homepage ???

Yes you can assign any sidebar to homepage.

Hello, thanks for this theme.

I’m having problems with the image slider on the portfolio page. I have created a gallery and added images, but they are not appearing in the image slider on the portfolio item. I have checked the source code, and the images are inserted but don’t seem to have an image source.

Also on product pages I’m using Linked Products so I can specify individually, this makes Related Products redundant. Am I able to hide or even specify Related Products myself and then lose Linked Products?

I have emailed you supporting links to look at.

Thanks again!


Hi Abi, please use http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ for support requests as we do not look at item comments that often.

Hi!, amazing theme! Is there a preconfigured option to make the header fixed for the scroll down? Finally, in your demo page for product variation http://themes.fuelthemes.net/uberstore/shop/skirts/pencil-skirt-with-biker-zip-pockets/ We can see price change over the selections but not the product image, so would this (images) can change with every variation (color, gender, etc)? Thanks in advance.

Good day!

Really enjoy your theme and would like to recieve some information prior buing:

1. Dont get it from previous question. Is there a preconfigured option to make the header menu fixed for the scroll down?

2. Is it possible to change size of pictures (to make it square for example) in options?

3. Is it possible to have quantity near the product in sidebar menu (like it is at Brands – American Apparel (2))

4. Is it possible to have filter for sidebar for defined category. For example, i clicked in menu “American Apparel” and only items of this brand will be shown in shop sidebar.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

1) Thats not possible at the moment.
2) Yes you can change product image sizes from WooCommerce settings.
3) Yes that is possible.
4) Yes that is possible.

Have a nice day, Ant

thank you for answer! hope you will implement fixed menu in future


On your Version 3 Home page, just below the Handbags section, are four counters, Customers, Houses Served, Transactions, and Feedbacks. Is this a plugin or a Theme function? Can the icons be switched with something else?



Yes this is a theme function, you can change icons, colors, text and time it takes to get to the final time.

One of our buyer’s website got accepted to Zurb ’s gallery! Check it out here:



In the footer there are sociamledia icons on the demo website. I can not find these in the Widgets? How to set socialmedia icons in the footer?

Hi grafiboom, please use http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ for your support requests.
Have a nice day, Ant

To all buyers having problems with slider imports, please use the attached file here: http://cl.ly/2S171o1O1q0h

How does one edit the Subfooter?

You can change its colors and select its options from Appearance -> Theme Options.


For some reason I had the woocommerce pages twice. And everything was set up for the example.com/cart-2 pages. I deleted those and kept the ‘real’ ones. Ever since Im not able to use the woocommerce menu because it keeps sending me to non existing pages.

Hope you have the answer.



Hi Mike, you need to navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout and select the new pages for cart, checkout, etc. Have a nice day, Ant

Hi, I am familiar with these setting and already changed it there. I think it was in my cache or something, somehow it was ok the next day.

Do have other question: I’d like to have a dropdown below my wish list just like my cart, except for: - quantity - subtotal price - view bag and checkout

Is this easy to manage?

Thanks again

I think that would require advanced customizations. Please open a support ticket, but its likely that you’ll need a professional to custom code a solution for you.

Hi, I would like translate “select options” button in your theme. But I dont find it in included .po file. Can You tell me, where I change it? Thx for your time. :)

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

When logged in there is a WordPress menu bar across the top of the pages (the account dashboard). It seems like everything that can be changed here, can also be changed from within the theme itself?

Can this bar be removed? Particularly all the WP stuff.


Yes, it can easily be removed via a simple code :)

Pre-Purchase Question: Will Uberstore’s header style be updated to support more styles like: 1) center logo + menu underneath AND / OR 2) split menu with logo in between ( http://lykkeligsomliten.no/ )?

If not, is the css capable of being adjusted to do so? Thanks so much for a great theme. If these options are added / possible will definitely be purchasing theme ASAP! :)

Hi there, we don’t have the option available, but I know that one of our customers already did that :)

1) do you have the customers link? 2) will you be adding more header styles at least an exquisite theme header style in near future? 3) update soon to make banner and featured blog post images clickable?

BUGS: 1) will you fix the home version 4 (grid style) bug where images and text load bundled in center when first visiting page? 2) all images across site seem to load slower than other themes, can this be fixed? 3) footer version 2 creates a very large end content / top footer gap on mobile.

1) Searched for it but couldn’t find it, but its very easy to do and we can provide the changes.
2) Thinking about it ;)
3) There are clickable banner options. However blog post images will remain same.

4) We ‘ll look into that thanks.
5) I think we are pretty fast and thats more server and image size related.
6) Fixed on the last update :)

Have a nice weekend, Ant


1) Website is working fine on desktop http://www.wcsdedesign.com/motogear but when i view it on mobile or iPad there is a gap between best seller and footer on every page.

2) Also on contact us page i added my store name in google map “ausmotogeat” but still i m getting pin of uberstore can u tell me how do i remove it

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com Surely, we can help you :)

does any of the product compare plugins work with this your theme please. Either from woocommerce or yith

Hi frank, we never checked. Anything you would like to recommend?

Thanks Frank, we’ll check it out and consider it as a feature for next release