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Hi – I installed the masonry feature in page builder however it doesnt work like in Demo 4 – they just block and images have no spacing?

Can you help?

Okay so I got the blocks working but there is a grey background and no white spacing?

So I have installed the visual editor but the [product grid] doesn’t work see… https://www.evernote.com/shard/s243/sh/b39a9b66-0a88-49e2-b278-5c84d1a6364e/25855170224d78018a341256c7e186d0

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com Surely, we can help you :)


Is it possible to have a rev slider (like the one on the home page), instead of the header gallery for each portfolio page?



I can’t seem to find where you can change the background image for the boxed layout. Any suggestions?

Cancel that – just realised it’s the basic Appearance > Background setting. I was looking for something more complicated haha!

Glad you found it yourself :D

I loved this customer website: http://www.satelliteearthart.com/

Hello, any news regarding RTL support?

Hi yakir, we are thinking of including it in the later versions.


I have a question before I buy the template:

Is the template compatible with the German version of WooCommerce (http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-de/)?

For a quick response, thank you already.

greeting Thomas

Hi extrem, I am not familiar with the plugin, but if its compatible with WC 2.1, it is compatible with the theme :)

Having some issues importing the demo content.

Will it create the pages and products necessary to replicate the demo site?

Hi sam, yes it will. Please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

I Cant translate the “SHOWING ALL X PRODUCTS” and “No products found which match your selection.” on the shop page

My bad.. I was using de codestyle plugin..

Just tried to edit de .po and no success.. Can’t translate :

“You have no products in your shopping bag.” “SHOWING ALL 0 PRODUCTS” “No products found which match your selection.”

Under the wish list page can’t translate :

“Product” “Price”

Thats it for now

Hi Matheus, please use http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ for your support requests. Surely we can help you :)


I just rode that the sticky menu will be available in the future. May I ask when ?

I have a customer interested only if there is a sticky menu.

Thanks !

Hi Phil, we can’t give a certain date right now. Sorry about that.

Hi, after theme activation wp don’t working. Why?

theme dont workink:(

Hi roslaw, please use http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ for your support requests.

Hi everyone, we are uploading a new version which adds support for grouped products and extended product pages:

Extended page: http://themes.fuelthemes.net/uberstore/shop/bags-backpacks/herschel-supply-co-chevron-little/

Grouped product: http://themes.fuelthemes.net/uberstore/shop/shoes/leather-hi-top-sneakers/

Your theme is better and better with every update, unbelievable ! In the morning i asked theme author to add feature and in the evening its included in update. wow, just wow….

We’re always open for good suggestions :) Thanks for the kind words.

Latest update for Single Product is completely changing the game! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Now it’s PERFECT & The Only One :-)

Now you can simply put a marketing action around one chosen item and it will have so much space for adv. speech!

We are glad you liked the latest update kostya :)

Hi, Is there a problem with email and phone validation in shipping form? When you go to “Checkout” and you choose “Create Account” or “Checkout as Guest” option and you fill in these fields with invalid data you can go to the next step. There is no error message. When you want to “Place Order” than you’ll see error message. I think it’s too late and annoying for customers. Can you check it?

No, it doesn’t work. If you type in “phone” field, eg only letters and in “email” field your email without ”@” or dot you can still go to step 3 and than, when you click button “Place Order”, you’ll get an error. I checked it also on your demo and it also does not work properly.

Hi faflok, its WC validation, we just handle it on the frontend and prevent user from passing on to the next step. If WooCommerce does validate it, we can’t do anything. I am guessing WooCommerce does not have proper phone and email validation.

WC validate it. But their template Checkout page has only 1 step-page and maybe here is the problem with validation in your theme.

Hi! Just a presale question. Is possibe to make the “best seller” section in random mode? I mean, everytime a client enter on the website, can view different products. Thank you!

Hi annymal, we don’t have random products, but have latest products, best rated products, by category products.

Hi again! I think is more simple (or not :( ) I just wanna show random products on the home. Is possible?

Not at the moment, but we can add it in the next version if you purchase.

Hi The Visual composer does not display – it’s red on the plugins list and says it should be updated at $45.00?

Hi MaryP, please open a support ticket for your questions here: http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

Good day, New to wordpress- I am attempting to install the .zip file using the appearance tab, theme upload- each time I am getting a “wordpress failure notice” which is prompting to “try again.” I have with no difference, continuously getting the same error. I read the readme.pdf however the first few parts of the install instructions are vague and not “noob” friendly. Thanks for any and all help.

Hi milehighi, that happens when server settings do not allow large zip files. I suggest you install it using a FTP software. You just need to upload the uberstore-wp folder to themes folder.

Hi, how do I install Revolution Slider? Its not in the plugins database nor in the zipped file.

Hi Kreviar, go to Appearance -> Install plugins

Thank you! I have a problem with the pictures on the shop page, why do they appear small (http://phlobymariah.com/shop/black-x-black-leather-tee-wgold-zipper/) ?

Please read the documentation about WooCommerce image sizes. And please use http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ for your support requests.

on the homepage how do I add the “whats hot” “free shipping” type theme and “best sellers”? I am unsure if I need to enter a code or what, thank you so much for your time

Hi sdub, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

Hi, Before I buy. Is it possible to change fonts size on the products page and in the product grid?

Hi timelassart, I am sorry but thats not possible.

Hi, I bought this template yesterday and why I try to uploaud it via wordpress it brings me to this page: mywebsite.com/wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-theme

“Wordpress Failure Notice

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

then it brings me back to the upload page.

I don’t know what to do…


Hi Saliino, please upload your theme using FTP and use http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ for your support requests.