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for Design Quality

Very good theme. Still up and running to this day, great quality!

for Customer Support

Little bugs but reactive support so, good theme !


Author response

Thanks, let us know how we can increase your rating to 5 stars.

for Bugs

Finally had to get rid of this theme.
1. Every few updates, there are major bugs. I had to write some custom code to get basic things fixed from the first day I purchased this plugin.

2. Major issues with Woocommerce every time there's an update. When you've got an ecommerce website with consistent orders, you can't go 3 days without support replying to your request to fix a bug.

Finally ended up spending the weekend to move an ecommerce website over to the X theme because even though I renewed support a few weeks ago, it's not 3-4 days later, and still not responses to my support ticket about a Woocommerce compatibility issue. The issue doesn't exist on the X theme, which is incredibly more stable than this UberStore theme ever has been unfortunately.

This theme had so much potential when I first purchased it a year or two ago, but consistent issues, and no support response for days have caused me to give up on it.

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