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Is there a possibility to have this awesome theme in wordpress version. I’m running a business multisite network (Not Blog farm) in wordpress and this is by far the tool that I was looking for. I’m willing to pay for it just let me know how much. Thank you!!

Sorry wordpress is not possible, this system works outside of wordpress as seen in the online demo. Best of luck finding a solution.


The pin function is missing in this theme.

I can see it in the bottom left of the online demo: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/index.php?p=home&demo_theme=whitelabel1

Please feel free to submit a support ticket with some temporary login details and we can sign in to investigate if needed: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/


Try to download the file that you uploaded here to check. I try a serval times. The Whitelabel1 themes does not contain the PIN function. And also i see now that the Switch to mobilsite is missing. :-(

Please feel free to submit a support ticket with some temporary login details and we can sign in to investigate: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/


I think your website (http://ultimateclientmanager.com) is currently down, I am unable to install the Theme- getting an internal server error.

How can I install the theme manually, where should I upload the file?


does this theme come with LESS or SASS?

Nope just plain old CSS in this one.


I am currently using the white label theme and am wondering how I go about changing the header section of the page so that I can have our system logo sit centered on top of the header_menu_holder as opposed to the default location. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Yes this should be possible with some custom css (in the box in Settings > Theme).

add this code

#header_logo {
text-align: center;
float: none;

see how that goes.

Just purchased the theme and love the layout. The one thing I cannot locate is how to change the default green color of the menu buttons on the left hand column. If anyone knows how to make this change, your assistance would be sincerely appreciated!

Hi dtbaker,

i am going to buy your “Ultimate Client Manager – Pro Edition” product also planned to buy this theme.. do you have other theme like this..


No other themes yet, we are building more they are just VERY hard and take along time.

it ok, this theme also fine for me.. thanks for reply!

Hi dtbaker.

Is there a glass PHP memory ceiling I should be aware of i.e. a minimum amount required?

Thanks and have a great day :)



Hi Doc, generating PDF’s seems to be the only ‘memory’ related issue we have seen. Especially large PDF invoices that span multiple pages. Some hosting account have had to set a memory limit of 256M or 512M in order to get a large PDF invoice to generate correctly. Thanks, dtbaker

Would love to see a live stats dashboard like this: http://kayako.reactivegrid.com/

for support, jobs completion rates, finance such as income, profits and upcoming payments and unpaid invoices.

Bet you would sell twice this product twice as much.

Thanks for the suggestions! Feel free to join the newsletter to receive updates on when new features such as this are released: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/newsletters/

Prompt your product supports the Russian language? It is possible to transfer?

Alert functions are not able to be deleted with the trash icon in this theme, all other themes work appropriately.

Thanks for letting me know! We’ll have a fix asap

Feature Request: Could you add a website cms to the script: UCM?? Would like to easily use the ucm as a backend admin.

Sorry this is not possible. Best of luck finding a solution!

with php anything is possible. We would pay for such thing to do.

Sorry I am not available for custom development jobs. Please try using WordPress for your website cms, it is very popular and easy to use.

Something weird is going on with my White label theme, after investigating i found out that the style sheet style.css gets imported after whitelables theme.css and keeps overriding some entries defined in theme.css. So as a temporary fix i had to manually add the entries from theme.css into Custom CSS for it to look right.

The issue was mostly the boarder colors.

Any idea whats going on? i deleted and re-downloaded the white label theme and the issue still persists.

Thanks for letting me know, I can check this out in the morning. If you would like to send through a support ticket with a before/after screenshot of the css border issues that will certainly speed up fixes. Thanks, dtbaker

Ill do that when i get some time, for now i added the whole theme.css to custom css and it works fine.

The dashboard is not working in this theme and remains a white screen with nothing on it or any navigation. Is this a bug?

It seems to be working ok here ( quick test in Google Chrome ). Please send in a support ticket and we can investigate further. The theme may not have installed correctly or something along those lines. Thanks, dtbaker

Hello, I made the purchase and followed all directions, however, your white label theme is not appearing, I have input and selected upgrade. It went through however, the, Normal UCM theme is appearing.

Please help and advise.

Best to send in a support ticket and we can login to investigate. The theme should appear under settings – theme after upgrade.


When I use Calendar feature in Whitelabel1 under Theme Setting, the pop-out window appears with bug, please check the following link for detail:



Nobody talk to me

You can help me please ?

I need a Way to track payrol to subcontractors

example would be

Date(date Selector)/job title /Hours Worked(text feild)/Total Amount(text feild)/ Is Paid?(check Box yes/no)

Then Keeps this info in a history tab for each person and add debit memos to the finance tab Example (jan 9 2015 – JOB TITLE – $-199.00)

Additional Info – if theres a add on the location would great

You might be able to build this yourself through the custom data feature, check out the example under settings

Hello! Mr. Baker! My trouble is view empty fields in Job List Page , on login staff member is assignment to job. Empty fields – is other jobs to other staff member assignment in my client management system. Sorry for my bad english translate (ggl inc.)