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Sorry but the instructions are dreadful – no explanation of what files to install and no index file included. So far a complete waste of money!

There is nothing to install dear. so what kind of installation are you expecting to be documented? This is just an HTML Template not Wordpress. Just customize it in any code editing software and upload directly to your server. Is that simple?

Subscripe form doesn’t working right now. There is an error “You must specify a apikey value”. I really inserted apikey in Subscribe.php.

May be the problem in different Mailchimp API?

Hi, Can you make sure you given the correct datacenter? is it us7 ?

The 2.0 link is https://<dc>

where DC is your datacenter. say your API Key is myapikey-us2. You are in us2 data center

my data center is us3. So I put the link

Can you try creating new API key?

Please send me your website link to

Hi, wonderfull job.

Just one question, the video dont play, the video.mp4 and video.webm its ok,

What is wrong?


Hello, Please add *.ogg format also. After that send me an email to

I will help further.

Hello.. i just bought your landing page theme.. BUT its not working.

1.i’ve updated my api and list ID. My api has a _us3 so i’ve added it here: The 2.0 link is Instead of https.. i change it to because your code did not have an “s”

2. I updated my email address for the contact form and that too IS NOT WORKING

The URL is


Sorry. But I didn’t received a reply yet.

i responded back to your email.. but here it is…For the subscribe .. When i checked mail chimp.. the person email was not added to the list. Its not capturing the person information.

As for the contact, i just did a test and got the same error message.

Can you send it again to ? I need more info regarding this.

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Thanks ~Surjith

Hi, i have a problem with contact form. The url is this: . When I try to submit the form, the data go to the query string and don’t send the message…. thanks for the support. Thanks milion. G.


I can’t see any form there. Could you please send me a support ticket with the Test Website URL via ?

I’d be glad to help.