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I have an issue…. Buttons shortcodes don’t work.

Anything I am doing wrong?


I am interested in purchasing this theme, but wanted to know earlier if the option is updated in a future theme, I mean.

Currently version, I installed on my server and set it up as I like, all Ok. At a time when new version appears this theme, whether through the wordpress admin page Updating the theme, I lose all the changes I had already configured?

Thank you very much in advance

Regards, Alex

If anyone else is planning on buying this theme, my advice is too take the plunge!

The documentation and information regarding how to edit the site is in itself a great investment, I have had troubled times on here due to non working or broken themes, this is the first template that has delivered, and also enabled me to fully complete my first clients site.

Yes, you will need to learn a little about CSS/HTML, but in the long run, your investment in learning will be a great one, and bring you much fortune.

This has to be the most epic theme on themeforest, seriously, and Kudos to the creator, its amazing how you have put this together and continue to widen your services.

Thanks a bunch.