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thanks for the reply. I bought the theme mainly because you seem to support your clients and it has a lot of options i can mess with..

time to test this on my server :D

How do I add my own image to the page peel? It currently shows RSS information and I want it to be a tease foe the specials offered on the page that is clickable.

I read through the documentation and searched through the forum and didn’t see anything regarding this.

Bummer, my first purchase of one of your themes and I can’t change the theme directory.

Deal breaker for me, I won’t ask for a refund or anything, I’ll just move on…hope you reconsider this sort of thing in the future.

This is the first of 30+ themes I’ve bought that I can’t change the install directory. So sad, great theme but I can’t use it now. Regards.

Please help me - I will be forced to demand a return very very shortly. I cannot access my theme - I get this error:

The uploaded file could not be moved to /hermes/bosweb25b/b908/ipg.justinwagner2012com/Wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/07.

I REALLY need to get to work on this. What should I do? Again: please respond!