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Hi all,

For anyone with support related question(s), please post your question(s) to the theme’s support forum.

In my effort to provide you with better support I’ve setup an independent Forum where all comments are searchable, you can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting, etc.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE


This is far the best theme for anyone new to wordpress or best theme overall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this theme a while ago, and used it. Afterwards, I bought other themes to use for other clients. I am back here to comment on this theme because i can see why it’s the #1 selling theme! I’m also here to make this comment because it’s been so frustrating working with other themes. I was brand new to wordpress when I first bought this theme.

1. It’s by far the easiest theme to upload and change. 2. It has so many more features than other themes 3. The site seems smoother from page to page than other themes 4. seo – people can find the website fast 5. The theme can be used for any company since there are several ways to change how the theme looks! 6. The support was quick and fast. I didn’t have to ask much because all the info. was in the user guide. For some of the other themes, I had to use filezilla. It took me couple of hours to figure out what ftp or filezilla was at the beginning. With this theme, it’s just an easy upload. 7. It took me only few hours to create a site with tons of pages opposed to other themes where it took several hours to figure out how to use the theme.

Currently, I’m waiting for support on another theme and it’s taking forever. All i want to do is change the text color and I’m not getting a response from them. the usual html code isn’t working on that theme.

Get this theme if you are a newbie!!!! I highly highly recommend it.