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This is really excellent. Bookmarking.

Thanks !!!

Must you use Wordpress to use this site? I want it, but I don’t use Wordpress….....at least not so far.

Nice work!

Yes, this one is for WordPress. Regards

Yet another awesome theme!

I will get this as soon as I get home!

One suggestion, to have an option to change the nav bar BG and repeat in the theme options panel.

If I purchase this theme how much would it cost to have that option coded in?


with this theme you can upload an image and repeat it all the areas: top, header, main content, ... etc.

So, if you use a bg image or a pattern for the top area it will go behind the top navigation as well.


What is the difference between this theme and the previous theme you have submitted?


I just explained some differences to the previous comment.

Thanks for your interest.


I like this one better than the last one,... I like the added extras to this theme. I haven’t purchase none of your themes before but you earn my business on this one. Bookmark for now will buy in the next few minutes.

Great job on this one :)

Hi Ace47,

I thought that people might like this look better. The theme is packed with features, and you have so many ways to customize the look & feel from the backend.


You absolutely correct I notice that and then some.. Keep up the great work.

Cheers :)

Thanks for the purchase!! You were the first one ;)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Great theme! Love it! :-) Considering to buy!

I hope it is easy to edit the header section.

Thank you!


thank you for your interest! Yes you can change the top, header, content, bottom, footer area. For the top area where the logo, search box, menu are you can easily change the HEIGHT to whatever you’d like to accommodate your logo, you can also change the background color or use an image, here’s some of the backend options:


I didn’t look at the author, I just went straight to the preview and was WOW ’ed! Then I looked at the author and it all made sense! Once again, you’ve thought of every possible option – great work!

Thank you so much Robert, this has even more features, I know you’ve used my previous theme(s), I appreciate your support.


Will be purchasing this tommorow when I see my client.

You have thought about all the important and vital elements for a portfolio site, I have been looking for this type of template for the last week and am glad to see it pop up.

One thing in my eyes would complete the job, and that is an email icon next to the contact info at the top right, plus some link icons too, that would be ideal.

Will I be able to create a quote style box just below the slider so I can have a book here button in a styled box?

Also can I have an accordian slider with a video add on?



thanks for your interest!

the email icon next to the phone number should be easy to add, I can show you how when time comes.

The area just below the slider is a widget area, so you can drop in any widget in there, in the demo I have a Text widget with some HTML , you will also be able to insert some shortcodes, e.g. a message box with/or button.

This theme doesn’t offer an Accordion slider for now.


Sorry to be a pain, but my client has purchased 2 themes already before I noticed some finer details I could not edit because of the style of the template.

But I would like to know if this comes with an XML file too. This would be awesome!


OK, I got inpatient, and purchased the template, I couldnt help it I was so excited lol

Please sir provide an XML file, this would save a heck of time, and I have assured my client who has been waiting a while I would complete it by next thursday, thanks in advance.


I haven’t had a chance to create one yet, or I might do a mysql dump file. I have some copyrighted images on the demo site that I don’t have the rights to distribute and WP doesn’t give me the option when I do the Export XML to explude those, so I’ll have to do the clear up, and I just haven’t had the time.

However, I have provided the Home page layouts code here:



Thanks for the heads up and I really love this template already, installed really easily and really admire all the admin options to edit just about everything without the need to read the code.

I hope you can get the time together to do an XML file, as for the pics, I wont be using any of them anyway.

But if you get an XML file together, that would be great.

Really cool template, top class support already and I have only just purchased.

Thanks and apologies for the many comments, I was kinda excited when I saw this, Its like porn for me haha


I’m glad you like it. Don’t hesitate to also email me if you have any other questions. You can send me an email through my Profile page. Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there.


Awesome! I hope my client loves this…:)

I hope so too :)

The theme is very flexible and it should be super easy to match your clients branding colors/logo.


Incredible work. I have purchased this theme an hour ago and am now playing with the settings. It’s very flexible, i like it! Will use this theme for my company :-)

Just one word: WOW ! :-) Bookmarked for future projects – sample content would be a great idea for such an extensive theme!

Thanks, I’m working on it…


Really nice!!

Does it work with the wootumblog plugin?



I haven’t tested it with wootumblog plugin, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, perhaps someone else can confirm that here if they tried it already.


I tested the plugin in the meantime and with its documentation I managed to add the tumblog features to the single.php.

Unfortunately on the page-Blog.php it doesn’t work. For the plugin to work you need to add

this line of code

<?php woo_tumblog_content(); ?>


<?php the_excerpt(); ?> and above <?php the_content(); ?>:

I did add it above

<?php if ( $udesign_options[‘show_excerpt’] == ‘yes’ ) { the_excerpt(); //display the excerpt } else { the_content(’’); //display the default content, the empty string (’’) is to remove the default “more” link } if ( $udesign_options[‘blog_button_text’] ) : ?>

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[read_more text=”’.$udesign_options[‘blog_button_text’].’” title=”’.$udesign_options[‘blog_button_text’].’” url=”’.get_permalink().’” align=”left”]’); ?> <?php endif; ?> <!- end entry ->

in the page-Blog.php but nothing changed on the blog page…

If someone has an idea how do get this to work or did implement the plugin successfully I would really appreciate any support regarding the implementation into the u-design theme!

Thanks in advance Thomas


Thank you for purchasing my theme!

you may also post at the theme’s support forum.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

Hope to see you there.


Very clean design, I like it! Do you have plans to make just an HTML version of this? I don’t use WordPress and PHP . If you do, you have my business for sure :)

Thanks for your interest!! I wasn’t sure whether people would like an HTML version of the theme because this theme’s flexibility and power relies heavily on its backend options which is coupled with WordPress’s backend, see the options here:


But if there’s interest, sure, I might do a quick conversion.


I’d absolutely love to buy the HTML version. I’m a ColdFusion programmer and build custom online applications, so I have no interest for WordPress :)


You have done it again and even stepped it up a notch. You really have a knack for making very intuitive flexible wordpress themes that can be used for so many purposes. I bought your last theme and will definitely be buying this one by the end of the day. This one in my book is a must have. Again, great great work.

Hi Damien and thank you.

Yes, I remember you, as a matter of fact I have your Testimonial in the PureVISION theme left sidebar in the demo ;)


Very nice theme! I’m very new to Wordpress and coding in general and don’t have much time to customize. I’d like to find someone who can set up theme the way I want. Any recommendations?

Thank you!


Please email through my Profile page. Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there.


Just want to say ” I like your monkey in this theme ” :-)

I came to conclusion to buy your theme. But do you think if I should wait for update version of this theme to ensure that all necessary bugs are fixed? or is it completely bug free?

Down the road, whenever I upgrade the theme, then is it easy to do it and keep the custom changes in the theme? Just wondering all this

I hope you do not mind my asking all these questions.

Thank you! :-)

Lol :-) But I must say, your tiny monkey is so cute!

Appreciate your quick response and I am now more confident to buy it asap! :-)

Well, going to press ” Buy ” button for this theme in couple of days, as I just want to finish up my current project so my mind do not divert! lol :D

Your theme is so beautiful and if I get it today then mind will divert towards your theme! :-) So I will focus on my current pending work to finish then move forward with this new lovely theme!

Thank you! -:)

That’s a good idea, because once you start working with my theme you won’t want to go back to any other theme ;)

ya! :-)

I found your little monkey on istock! :-)

Why does the cursor change to a text icon instead of a hand icon on some of your menu’s? And by the way I am starting to see this a lot on other web sites too, I find it a very annoying and distracting “bug” that takes credibility away from a design.

Specifically, if I go here:


and hover my mouse over the main Sliders, Styles and Portfolio menu’s the cursor changes to a text icon instead of hand icon.

I tested this in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari on Windows 7 and they all behave the same.

One more thing – I love this design, it’s awesome!

Great, thanks!!

Update: The cursor has been fixed now!! Regards

Great Theme! Will you be doing an HTML version? Release date? Keep up the terrific work….

Thanks for your interest!

I’m planning on releasing an HTML version, I wasn’t planning to initially but I see a few people now want it so I’ll do it. It might take me over a week to finish it though because of my busy schedule. Send me an email through my Profile page. Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there. I’ll email you when it’s released.