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Hi all,

For anyone with support related question(s), please post your question(s) to the theme’s support forum.

In my effort to provide you with better support I’ve setup an independent Forum where all comments are searchable, you can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting, etc.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE


can different pages have different background and cool schemes or do you set the home page and all the other ages are based on that.


the background colors are based on per section-basis not on per page basis, however with some custom CSS you could also apply different background on per-page basis, I have a thread in the theme’s support forum explaining this method.


This template is cool, but I need only this template in box :( I dont like webpage on all width. I know… Im bad man :(

pleaseeeeeeeee give me box :D internq7 i send to U good vodka from Poland :P

Boxed layout?! Yeah, you can do “boxed” layout with “U-Design” no problem, I’ll just ask you to post your question in the support forum so we can refer you to the right discussions and information on how to achieve that. You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

P.S. is good!! ;)

Its good idea :D thx

Great theme, and I would have logged into the support forum, but haven’t bought yet. I just need to know if this theme includes shipping and a shopping cart and payment methods? I couldn’t find it (sorry if I mislooked?) I also want to know if you can have sub categories under each header, i.e. If you have shoes, you would be able to search by men shoes, women shoes, children shoes, important, designer, etc. Thank you!


thanks for the interest in the “U-Design” theme!

The way it works with shopping carts is you need to independently setup an e-commerce plugin or a third party service with your WordPress, feel free to email me if you need more info on this. You can send me an email through my Profile page.


Do you offer a trial version of this theme ? If you do where can i download it. Thanks


thanks for the interest!

The way ThemeForest is setup here, no trial versions are made available.


I have bought the theme and tried all possible suggestions from your forum even using winzip but i am having trouble. What i keep getting is this…

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.


thanks for the purchase!

Please refer to the FAQ here for installation instructions:


Hello, I have seen many wordpress templates and I think this one has most of the things I want, although I want to know something more before buying.

Please can be so kind to tell me the following:


I want to have my website in English and Spanish, so I want to ask HOW this works in your template?

As it is said that is already translated, so I want to know if the theme is already all translated and what I have to do only is translate the text I want to put in and also wonder how would I do it?


When you buy this template, does it come empty or it comes with any already made configuration (or file to convert it) to be shown as in the example demo with all the menus and pages that are shown or do you have to make and build it all by yourself?


This option to have the full sitemap list is very good, useful and interesting

How is made the sitemap feature that is available in the demo ?

Is this built automatically by the template or do you have to make it yourself, or how it works?

4 – FLUID 960 GRID SYSTEM ? As this is a 960 Grid system layout, I wonder if it would be possible to have also in some way a “Fluid 960 Grid System” and if you do not know what I mean you can see a great example here:

You can try to resize the window and see what happens and how the columms are reorganized according to this windows or screen size and resolution.

What I want is that if you have a big and wide monitor like mine 1980×1920 it could use most of the screen to adapt it to this size if possible but also resize to a 1280×1280 monitor for another possible user, BUT following the grid system and not freely fluid.

Here is a good article about this subject of choosing Fixed size (as in 960 GS that you use) versus Fluid and Responsive, and the alternative that is 960 grid system that is a good solution with control.

Resizing: Fixed, Fluid, or Responsive Layouts


Please, if the above is not perhaps possible, would there be some way to make full screen width portfolio or galleries with 3 or 4 columms in some possible way or with some kind of plugin, widget or shortcodes?


I have seen that there are some plugins to be able to put a video as background for the website instead of a normal image. Do you have any other client or person that have done this with your template?

I like much your theme and I want to buy it, so I will be waiting for your answers

Congratulations also for your great sucesss, I have seen that just today it has been sold more than 10 times!!

Kindest regards and thanks very much for your help.


Thank you for your interest in the “U-Design” theme!

1 ) If you are creating a multilingual site, than you will need a language plugin for WordPress to control the language selection.

Two very popular language plugins are:
- qTranslate

WPML is a pay plugin in, while qTranslate is free. The theme is compatible with either. For more info on how WordPress works for translations please refer to this WP codex page:

Also, as you may already know, the theme offers Spanish translation, so you won’t have to translate all strings from scratch.

2 ) Don’t forget a theme is just a “skin” to dress your WordPress site, you provide the content. If you’re looking for the demo site content, I have offered an XML import file in the support forum with instructions. However, if you’re building your site from scratch then you need to create your Menu, Pages, Post, Categories, upload your media (images, video, etc.), etc.

3 ) The sitemap comes with the theme, it is actually a Page Template which you can assign to any page. All the entries will be automatically output on that page, you don’t have to do anything else.

4 ) No, this theme was originally built on the 960-grid system that is fixed width, it’s not “fluid” or “responsive”, I’ll be however looking into making the theme “responsive” at some point, I don’t have a date to give you at this time.

5 ) Same as in 4 ) all pages, including the Portfolio pages are bound by the overall theme layout which is locked into the 960px width layout. If you’re looking for a plugin to give you the layout option you’d like to have you’ll have to do some research on that, I haven’t used any gallery or portfolio plugins recently so I’m not sure what plugin has what new features. Have a look at NextGen Gallery plugin, I think it’s very versatile.


WOW !! Thanks very much for fast and long answer, this is the kind of good support I like.

I will think about it and decide later, I will search for plugins for this theme.

By the way, some of the others theme templates that put that are “responsive” are ONLY DONWARD RESPONSIVE , NOT FLUID , I mean they take the idea that is “responsive” in the way they can be reduced right for smaller screens BUT for larger screens they have a FIXED size and is ALSO 960 or slightly larger BUT does not fill the screen of a 1980×1080 (I put it wrong above in previous post) and STILL there is a lot of unused.

This is why I thought the best is the Fluid 960 Grid system that can be reduced in any of the screen sizes EVEN on large ones more than 960 pixels.

If you have any further questions please feel free to also email me directly. You can send me an email through my Profile page.


My last question before buying is how to upload logos on the header areas to appear exactly as your sample is


the theme offers an upload for the logo option, nothing complicated should be pretty straight forward. :)


I have several webpages based on others template, but U-design is the best! Very easy configuration, documentation, and most importantly the best technical support. ChrisB, this man is a magician, and he help all in any situation! :)

Thanks for the feedback FoxterPL, glad you like the theme and support we provide. :)


The Best Support & Theme By Far!

Anyone looking to buy a theme should check this out! Its not only the best theme I have ever used but also has is my opinion the best support system you can get.

If you ever need help with anything just ask the question in the support forum and you never wait more than a couple of hours for a reply (mostly within 1-2 hours). The support forum is alive with active members who all chip in and help each other out, give great feedback and Andon and Chris make the most helpful and friendly team.

The theme it self is amazing with so many great features to help you achieve the results that you want!

I came across u-design in June 2011, and was a newbie to web design, CSS and HTML . With the support I have received from u-design I have managed to learn a great deal and have been able to help others that are new to Wordpress.

From what I have learned from these guys I have gone onto working with Wordpress full time and love what I do!

Over the past year I have been exploring other themes and support systems only to make the decision that all future work will be done with u-design as it is by far the cleanest, most flexible and reliable theme out there.

I wish Andon & Chris all the success in the future as its well deserved, and I look forward to seeing any new members in the support forum soon! :)

Thank you jonpedlow for the awesome comment, really happy you like the theme and support we provide and also glad to hear you were able to learn so much by using the theme!! :)


Hi, Is the U-design theme responsive?


Thank you for your interest in the theme!

The theme works and looks great in all popular mobiles.
I’m looking into making the theme “responsive” but for the moment I don’t have any future date to give you. Alternatively, there are services like and plugins like WPTouch that will give you a mobile version of any WordPress theme/site, so if that was of your concern there’s always a way around it.


Where can I download the example content xml file? or if its already in the zip file where in the zip file can I find it?


it’s in the support forum, you can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .


I am, by no means, a professional wordpress designer (in all actuality I’m quite the novice). I had a wordpress powered site with a theme written by a friend of mine and it became too difficult for me to update on my own so I wanted to try my hand at redesigning the website on my own. It was going to be time consuming but I figured it would be better than being unable to update and change the smallest things on my website.

I haven’t had the theme for long but I’ve been slowly but surely figuring it out (on a locally hosted dummy site). The documentation it comes with is very helpful on getting started. I’ve definitely had some trial and error with the initial set up (some SUPER basic questions [embarrassingly simple] didn’t have documented answers [probably because they were SO simple]) but I was able to figure out how to get things to work so far.

I was a bit concerned that I would not be able to figure out how to design and create the webpage I wanted but so far it’s been great.

I came into this process knowing some very basic HTML , being familiar with Wordpress, being able to follow reasonably good directions, and having some reasonable confidence in my technical savvy-ness and so far so good. You definitely don’t need to be a pro or an expert to understand how to use this theme—just some patience and willingness to have a trial and error process.

I haven’t yet used it much but I’m 100% sure I will use the support threads more (only big complaint is that I wish they had a NOVICE support thread because it was hard finding the most basic questions in the forums and it’s a little intimidating trying to ask SUPER simple questions amongst the techie talk).

Hi successjustclicks,

thanks for the feedback!! BTW , you could ask any type of question in the forum, there’s no such thing as a “stupid” or “simple” question, at some point we’ve all been new to WordPress :)


The social icons (at the top) aren’t side by side anymore like they were—what happened?


Thank you for choosing the “U-Design” theme!

Please post any support related questions to the theme’s support forum.

In my effort to provide you with better support I’ve setup an independent Forum where all comments are searchable, you can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting, etc.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .


Hi, I am sorry if this question sounds “noobie” as I am not too familiar with wordpress. I have been looking for a wordpress theme for a while now but haven’t been able to find one for my needs. Specifically, I would like my home page without any sliders/images.

While checking out the u-design theme I noticed that under “sliders” the #7 option is the “No Slider” option. My question is whether or not I can use this “no slider” template for my home page?

Thanks Mir


Thank you for the interest in the “U-Design” theme!

Yes, you could completely remove the home page slider and images, that way you could only have just text if that’s what you wish.


Everything jonpedlow said!

I can’t say enough good things about this theme and the support that comes along with it!

Thanks guys!

Thank you AryaStark! :)


Hey internq7 great theme man, I have to say this is the best one I ever bought on here. I wanted to know how much work would it take to make this a Responsive Theme? I know you are busy but would like to know so if I ask a coder I know Ill be getting the right answer :)

Also is there really a difference when someone builds a theme and they say its Retina Ready? :)

Thanks DigitalDigg, please email me to discuss. You can send me an email through my Profile page.

For the Retina Ready, here’s a good Article:
Basically, for iPad or iPhone on a cellular network – you need twice the bandwidth and twice the load time?


If anyone needs help CUSTOMIZING this theme on their website please contact me to discuss rates! I know sometimes you just need something extra and I’m here for you! Great theme, I highly suggest it as lots of my customers use it—and I mean A LOT !

We just took over a site for a client from a developer that is MIA – it was built with U-Design and we are having problems with the header. Can we get any help in the forum without having to buy the theme??


Please email me with your client’s purchase code for the the theme and I’ll give you further instructions. You can send me an email through my Profile page.


A friend ask me to work on his website….. It seems to not be adding slides…...


yes, of course, I’ll be more than happy to help you but ask your friend to register to the theme’s support forum with their purchase code and post your question there. He/she can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .