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Lethal theme. I have one question before purchase about pages, in the demo menu only portfolio pages are offered whereas I would want a specific page (not post) for different services I offer within different categories. Is there an option to simply have pages with sidebar?


I’m not sure if I understand your question, please clarify, are you asking about the top menu or about the Portfolio category section??

I mean that some themes dont have pages, just posts and portfolios. I need a theme that can offer me pages with sidebar that I can link to from nav bar or from images in a protfolio page.

my theme uses a Portfolio PAGE template to host the layout of the portoflio page, but the actual portfolio is generated with the help of Posts and Post categories, not pages, the page is merely a place holder of the Portfolio section.

And yes, you can link from the “Appearance -> Menus” to any page or post. If you use custom menu you can specify any link in the menu item. However, you cannot link to pages or posts from the Portfolio item thumbnail, the thumb is used to open a preview image or movie. If you would like to link you can use the portfolio item description to insert any link or button shortcode with whatever link you’d like, just like I did it here on the demo (check out the “Read more” buttons):



This is such a good theme to work with. It’s easy to use, the documentation is sweet and the support forum is great.

Great work.

Thanks UltramodGroup!!

hi, i want to rename the theme, i dont want to allow people to know the theme name but i get the message you have changed themename it will not work, why is this please?


please ask support related question on the theme’s support forum.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

Hope to see you there.


just bought the theme, great design…, but …

whatever I do I don’t get the sliders to work …., using the browse button always results in a http error

using a url to the file uploaded through ftp only works for the first image, there’s no sliding going on, not even in the default install …., and the slides is kinda what makes the design for a large part …, where can I’ve gone wrong??? please help

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

I will need to investigate, it’s possible you didn’t instal the theme properly or a server side permissions problem.

Please post any support related questions to the theme’s support forum.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

Hope to see you there.


also when I upload a logo…, it doesn’t show :(

Yes, it sounds like the theme is not installed properly!!

Hey great looking theme, have just pruchased and am getting to grips with it now, just 2 questions.

1. can you make an xml export available, this would greatly help me in the setup process. I’m sure everyone else who has purchasedd the theme would love this also :)

2. On the add slideshow images options i do not have a browse button so that I can upload images from my computer… do i need to install a plugin for this or upgrade my wordpress.. i am currently running 3.1.2

Again thanks again for a great looking theme, i’m sure this is going to do very well.

I have also made an XML file available at the support forum.


hey thanks reinstalled an all issues solved and also thanks for the XML .

5 Star theme with 5 star support :)

Thanks, glad you like it!

I bought your theme early, but didn’t get around to digging into it until now…5 stars my friend! Well thought out and relatively easy to use. This should do quite well for you I think.

Thanks BookCreative, glad you like it!! :)

Question: does your theme allows for different slideshows on different pages, or is there one default “homepage” slideshow? I’d like to, for example, show a slideshow of animals on one page but then a slideshow of boats on another (in the header area, like on the homepage).

Also, do your columns work within accordions and tabs?



yes, the columns work with accordions and tabs.

For the slider question, by default the sliders are only for the home page, but with some small code changes you can have different sliders on different pages, I have explained how to do that in step by step fashion in the theme’s support forum, you can have access to the forum once you purchase the theme.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did try earlier to access the forum, but it seems I can only see the replies if I purchase your theme. I’m a bit bummed, because I want to read how to do it (different sliders, different pages) BEFORE purchasing! Hope that makes sense.

So if you’d be willing to perhaps copy and paste the directions or give me a brief explanation, I’d sure appreciate it. I just don’t think I can purchase the theme without knowing how it’s done (I’m not a coding wiz, so my skills are limited when doing custom stuff—gotta see what I’m gonna have to tackle before tackling it). Sorry! But you know what, it looks like a great theme. Nice work!


Sure, send me an email.

You can send me an email through my Profile page. Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there.

sorry, thought question didn’t get posted… can’t delete this post…


I am a novice at WordPress and I purchased a theme that’s not working out..too complicated and the support is awful…no real documentation.

Your theme seems like the answers to my problem.

I am looking to provide my client with typical web pages, about us, news (archives of over 300 articles), events, media gallery, corporate sponsors, contact us…it’s a redesign of www.americanstrongman.com. Also a page to highlight the athletes, picture and short bio.

Can I substitue the blog page for news and portfolio for media gallery?

Will this theme work for what I need…

Thanks in advance! Ingenuity7

Hi and thank you for your interest in my theme!

I think U-Design theme will be a great tool in helping you built the site. The rest will be a question of how you would like to structure the content and tweak some formatting for certain pages to your liking.

Regarding your question whether you’d be able to substitute the blog page for news and portfolio for media gallery, I presume you mean to rename the “Blog” page to be called “News” and “Portfolio” to be called “Media Gallery”, that’s not going to be a problem at all. As a matter of fact it doesn’t matter what you call the page, what’s important is which page template you assign to it. So, you can create a new Page called “News” and assign a “Blog page” template to it, then the “News” page will become the Blog layout page you see in my demo.


Thank you so much for your quick response which is very appealing :-). Do you have video tutorials for the site that I can view to make sure I will be able to navigate my way around the CMS .

Thanks Ingenuity7


no videos, yet, I’ll most likely create a few, but the theme has good Documentation and support forum, as well as I have provided the code used to generate the 7 Home page layouts. The rest, I have tried to be as descriptive as possible within the theme’s options, so that you’ll be able to find your way around without seeking too much external help.


I would really like to be able to have the option to cb age the background color of the area where the menu is.

Would it be possible to make this available at some point? I think it would make the theme absolutely perfect!


this is not the theme’s design, it is supposed to have the menu aligned to the right.

And regarding the background, the Top area BG actually covers the menu BG as well.


I understand all are the themes designed, what I mentioned was that I would like to see it as on option on a future update. I think it would be very helpful to many people and make the theme a lot more functional and desirable.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I love your template ! I’ve a quick question. I would like add a meta description tag in the homepage. How can I do that without messing my header.php in wordpress ?

I use Yoast SEO Plugin to change title tags and meta description tags on other pages and posts. What would you suggest me to do ?


try to find an SEO plugin that allows you to do that, like “All in one SEO ” plugin.

If you have further support related questions, please post at the theme’s support forum.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

Hope to see you there.


Hi there – nice theme. Just bought this for personal use having bought dozens for my business. Top theme, good job.

Quick question: In you demo site you have twitter/social buttons in place of the search box. Can’t for the life of me see the option. Am I missing something?

thanks Ryan & Lou


For the demo site, I simply used a widget from the official twitter website, it’s very easy to customize the look & feel on the spot on their website. Then just copy and paste the js code into a text widget in my theme. Here’s the link: http://twitter.com/goodies/widget_search

You can choose different twitter goodies here: http://twitter.com/goodies/

If you have further questions, please post at the theme’s support forum. You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

Hope to see you there.


Great work, congrats on the sales. ;)

Thanks sike!!

Do you plan to regularly publish updates/new versions? I’m asking because I modified a couple of css files (common, superfish, etc.) and was wondering if there is a permanent file for custom css changes..?!

I bought the u-design and the purevision theme and what I would really love for both themes would be shortcodes for google charts and pricing tables – Maybe you could consider that for a future release?!

Thanks for the great themes! Thomas


I do updates as they come, I mean bugs could get discovered, also there are some feature requests that I ended up implementing, Google fonts need to be updated once a month or so, so I don’t have a fixed schedule, but perhaps once a month there might be an update.

I always include in the Changelog.txt file the files affected, and at the support forum I have provided instructions how to do updates without loosing your customizations.

Have you looked for Google Charts and Pricing tables plugins??

A really good and easy to use plugin for tables is this one:



Thanks for the info and the plugin link – I will subscribe to your support forum!


This is the EASIEST , smartest, most cutomizable theme I have ever worked with on themeforest.net

Thank you SO SO much for making it !

You’re a lifesaver :)

Thank you coachw!! Glad you like it!! :)

Hello :) I really like your them! Please let me know if 1 the video is avalable for the home slider 2 can i make carusel portfolio on the home page Thank you


thanks for your interest!

1 ) Only sliders “Piecemaker 2” and “Cycle 3” can have video in them.

2 ) What do you mean by ‘carusel’ portfolio?? Everything the theme does I’ve setup in the demo site, if you would like you can setup one of the Portfolio pages as home page.


Thank you for your answers.

About Carousel Portfolio. i mean like in this example http://themeforest.net/item/mazine-wordpress-theme-a-wp-ecommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/198602 under the slider is a carousel with small pictures from portfolio (products). Just see the link and let me know if this is posible.

My english it’s not perrfect so i hope you will understand. Thank you

Yes, I understand, you English is good.

Unfortunately, my theme doesn’t offer the same portfolio.


Hi.. I’ve found warning error in your comments.php

<?php comment_form_title( _( ‘Leave a Reply’, ‘udesign’ ), _( ‘Leave a Reply to %s’, ‘udesign’ ) ); ?> and it makes your blog post invalid.

It Should be closed with h5 and not h3. Hopefully you will make changes in your comments.php in your next updates.

Because sometimes I forgot to edit manually after updating any themes in the future.


What version of the theme are you running, this has been taken care of in version 1.1.0


It’s version 1.1.0

You’re right, I missed that one, I fixed the other one above it.

Yes, I’ll roll this in the next update.

Thanks for pointing that out.