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Awesome and very clean Theme. Good luck :)

Uhuru, I love it. It’s swahili for freedom :)

That’s nice, we didn’t knew that ;) Our inspiration was Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, but we like swahili version aswell ;)

Having problems with installations. Which files go where? The instructions differ from the files I received. Which ones go into ‘package’ and which ones go to ‘sing_pages’? Thanks -

Yogi -

Thank you for ticket. Package fixed, everthing should be fine now.


Thanks that works.

Yogi -

Nice to see some nice looking themes making it on TF for C5.

Just wondering if you will include this on the Concrete5 site as well…

We’re not allowed to do that. We’re Exclusive Author for Themeforest.

A clean design, well done

Thank you so much!

This theme broke my Concrete5 installation. It dies on “Fatal error: Class ‘Environment’ not found in packages/uhuru_theme/controller.php on line 85”

Any ideas?

hello Lahdekorpi!

We had sent you a mail a few hours before this comment.


Sorry, I missed that. It went to the spam folder. Thanks for the quick reply, everything works now!

Found it.

Glad that we could help

Hi, Just stepping through the very detailed instructions and had an error. I also thought it would be useful to add to instructions that sample content should be installed when setting up the core Concrete software so that Tags don’t come up with an issue about Attributes.

When choosing the Responsive theme for the Sitewide Responsive Menu in a 5.6.2 install I get this error. " Fatal error: Call to a member function setBlockAreaObject() on a non-object in /users/username/Sites/sitename/concrete/tools/edit_block_popup.php on line 15"

Have you seen this before? It occurs with both the menu AND the search blocks.

(edited) The solution seems to be to NOT copy to clipboard as you suggest – but to create the menu and search from scratch. Might be good to tweak the instructions with this also.

I am really impressed with the documentation up until the setup of the blog page integration with Composer. Are there instructions on how to set the thumbnail and header image blocks to appear in the Composer page?

Thank you for your kind words! We’re still young studio and we have lot to learn, so such comments gives us great motivation for further work and lets us know what we’re doing good or wrong. I can tell, that we’re already working on update for Uhuru. We’ll fix known bugs and some features. Also we started to work on new theme so stay tuned! You can also follow us to be up to date with our work and if you liked Uhuru please rate it 5 stars :)

Apologies for the delay in responding. I give you 4 stars (which is very high for me). I am a hard marker. The reason that you didn’t get five was the gaps in the composer setup documentation, which I suspect you will have fixed in this recent update. (which would then get your 5 stars but I haven’t checked yet!).

In terms of future development – may I suggest that if you added the ability to create project pages using a composer template – this would rocket you to a 6 star rating (I know – not possible) and get a lot of attention as I have seen no off-the-shelf themes doing this yet.

I have recently created 2 sites with a co-developer and we developed 6 composer templates overall – the client is loving it. So that’s my tip for futrue development ideas.

Thank you for honest rating. Unfortunately Composer was out of scope for first update, for now it’s more like “feature request” than real issue and we wanted to focus first on known bugs, than new features. Nevertheless we’ll do our best to cover it within next update.

WOW great theme. Are there possibilities to import demo content like the preview page? Thanks for feedback.

Hello hsdm!

Thanks for kind words. Sure we can help you, but in this case please write us an email through profile page or contact us directly on support@dm-themes.com ;)


I like this topic. I plan to buy it. Is there a possibility that the background of the theme is dark (light letters)? Yes you can picture it to be in the background? Thank you for your response

Hello Radnicmilan!

Sure you can change the background color, you too can add background image…but in this case you must set your own CSS rules because theme wasn’t designed for this feature.

Best regards.

Thank you for the template!!! I cant emmbed videos from Vimeo beacuse only let from youtube is there any way to use Vimeo Iframe?

Thank you

Hello Carlosgmt.

Sure you can embed videos from Vimeo. Simply use HTML block and paste Vimeo code into it. Add it and enjoy your video!

Hi … I have purchased this theme but cant seem to draw through the portfolio thumb – i do not seem to have the attributes portfolio thumbnail / portfolio hover etc in attributes?

Other than that its a great theme!

Any ideas how i can get these attributes installed?


Hi myfunkymonkey!

Simply go to Page Attributes in Dashboard and add new “Image/File” attribute. For normal thumb set handle as “portfolio_thumb” and for hovered set handle as “portfolio_thumb_hover”. Names doesn’t matter ;)


Uhuru theme does not work in a mobile. I’m working with Concrte5 and FTP

Please, Help me!! Thanks

The username is carlosgmt and the url, can I send to a private mail?... or here? no problem?


Ok. It’s up to you. If you don’t want to post it here you can send it on hello@dm-themes.com

Thank you so much!

what is the point of having the psd’s? i want the site to look like those psds..

Follow the instructons in docs and you’ll get the result.

Is it possible to use the code directly or is it required to utilize the concrete software. Thanks!

Hello Tylerslater!

It is only conrete5 theme, but we will also release html version soon.


I kind of jumped the gun and purchased in hopes that I could use the HTML version. When do you plan on releasing the HTML version and would I be able to use that version? Or do I have to repurchase it all over again?

In this case we will try to release it ASAP, and then we can talk private about it ;)

I have purchased the theme and I must say I am very happy with it!! I just have one small problem / question: I created a blog list as described in your documentation. But now the blog enteries do not have the same date if I click on read more… The date from the blog page and the one on the blog list do not match for the same blog post… Is there a reason for this or how do I change this?

All the best Raphael


Yeah, that’s known bug. We’ll submit an update soon and this will be fxed also. If you need it now, please contact us at hello@dm-themes.com

Thanks for the quick reply!! Realy nice support! I will write you an email then.



I’ve purchased your template and imported it as a theme. It doesn’t look like the whole template is imported, I only get a slidebar page when I publish/preview, I’ve submitted a request to support@dm-themes.com, thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve installed this theme. When I go to extend functionality I get a lot of errors such as Fatal error: Class ‘Environment’ not found in /home/XXXXX/XXX/packages/uhuru_theme/controller.php on line 95 Please advise

Good day,

Sorry to bother you again, but I ran into a small problem… I implemented the blog feature as described in your documentation. I turned on the comment feature as well. My question is: How can I edit/delete a comment that has posted? I would like to be able to moderate the comments once they have been posted and made public…

Thanks in advance and thanks a lot for the date bug update!!! works like a charm!

Best Raphael

Long update time might be caused by cache. You might try to remove some test comment and than clear cache and see if this is the case.

AD1: this is probably due to fixed header height. I’ll see if it can be fluid or if it really needs to be fixed. Nevetheless I’ll give you a hint where you can quickly fix it.

AD2: these are also probably hardcoded. We were in hurry to get into MW contest so we could forget to change some things. I’ll take a look at this also and if I run into some translations problems I’d be glad if You could help me.

Please contact us at hello@dm-themes.com for easier support.

Thanks for the reply! If I find other stuff I will write you on the mentioned email address.

Again many thanks Raphael

Could you provide us with your site url? If you don’t want to post URL publicly send it on email please.