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Nice one! Good Job!

Hi, thank you very much ;)

I think, really, Ultimate is the best mobile theme in themeforest, fairly successful.Congrats.

Thank you very much ;) greatly appreciated.

Nice…but when viewed on a desktop it looks terrible. I really wish developers would code these so that they display at a fixed width IF viewed on a desktop. I would buy in a heartbeat.

Hi, thanks ;) this can be easily achieved by adding this to your css:
@media (min-width: 767px) {
    max-width: 320px;
But I’ll include that in theme options in next update ;)

Is there any chance you could add this to the theme preview to see what it looks like? This might actually encourage others to purchase the theme if they see it looks reasonable on desktops…

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, no problem ;) tommorow I’ll post an update

Look great, good luck with sales! ;)

Thanks ;)

nice but your images are off center…using mac and chrome

Hi, thanks ;), if you mean this http://cl.ly/L3Ms than that’s just on the preview ;) the iframe is moved 24px to the side because windows displays sidebar next to it and it looks ugly, on the mac when you use natural scrolling it is stretched to the side and 24px on the right are behind the iphone screen ;)... but I think I’ll change that right now :D

Hi There it looks great! How can we implement it beside an desktop theme? And what do you mean with “Ready to build custom webApp (Loading splash screens, Custom Icons)”? Is the splash screen motivating to put a link on desktop already included?

Thanks for your clarification. TF


the implementation is really simple, download this theme and Device Switcher plugin, and in this plugin you can define which theme’s you want to use for desktop and mobile. Choose this theme for mobile and it should work ;). There are also few tweaks to make this work great… for example: in theme options you can use Custom navigation for mobile phone, and show different pages on your mobile device if you want to make gallery template that your desktop theme doesn’t support or you just want less info on some pages on mobile.

The webApp settings are Options in theme options, where you can upload Apple Touch icons and Splashscreens, which will show on Apple Mobile devices when you add this site to the homescreen (Splash Screen while launching the app and icon instead of the default one ;))

Super thème, très complet! / Super theme, really great!

Thank you very much ;)

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HI ,

Can you do when users Go to desktop it change look or it give page to go to mobile ? or something ?


Hi, yes you can use this theme along with your desktop theme, To do that use the Device Switcher plugin (tutorial in the documentation) and there you can choose which themes you want to show on desktop or mobile devices ;)

Hi, i am not a programmer, will it be really easy to use for a novice person with no HTML experience. thanks, tc

Hi, because it is a wordpress theme, you should’t have any problems using it. However if you are not familiar with wordpress I suggest to read few lines about it, but it’s all user friendly with great interface with no need for any coding experience ;)


this is the best mobile theme.. before buy it i have one question.. If i have in wordpress categories, how this theme display it ? can i adding custom pages or categories of posts in left menu ?



Hi, first of all thanks ;) if you expand the left menu and click on the blog (dropdown menu will appear) and then you select something, this is how the category template will look like, it can also use the blog with thumbnails format but default is to the homepage layout. You can also add the categories to the menu through the Menu settings in Appearance in wordpress. If you don’t like the ,,Archive for …” title in category template, this can be easily removed by deleting 6 lines of code in index.php (I could hellp you with that) ;)

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask ;)

1 – i have uploaded the files to my server, however, your documentation does not explain HOW TO ACTIVATE the THEME .

Hi, at the top of the documentation you can find installation instructions, after uploading/installing this theme just go into Appearance and activate it. If you want to use it along with your Desktop theme, then scroll to the bottom of the document and there you will find ,,Redirecting from mobile to desktop theme” Section. There’s a tutorial how to use Theme switcher plugin. If you don’t understand any of those steps, let me know where are you stuck and I’ll help you out.

Thanks but WHAT PROGRAM do you use to ACTIVATE the program, i don’t understand how TO ACTIVATE the program – in other words i don’t see a program/app that is call ACTIVATE .

Hi, well this is not a program, it’s a wordpress theme, do you have wordpress installed on your website ?

Yes, got it installed ! A few minor questions please.

1 – I would like a WHITE background and black text font? 2 – The Twitter, @ email buttons do NOT appear. 3 – I did install the Device Theme Switcher, however, the Desktop version still looks like the mobile version.

Thanks, Tc P.S. may i suggest you get SnagIt and add more screenshots to your documentation and do a spell check as there are number of typos.

1. Add this to your css, you can use the code integration section in Ultimate Options
#contentWrapper {
  background: white;
and for text, find and replace this #8c8680 color in your style.css

2. you have to enable these through the Ultimate Options in General Section

3. You have to activate your desktop theme as your main theme and then in device switcher set the mobile theme to the Ultimate one.

Sorry about the documentation, I’ll do better next time ;)

Hi, appreciate an answer to my questions?

Hi, sorry I have it too much this week.. but I am getting to it just now.

thanks for your help

1 – i am still not seeing Twitter, @ buttons, is the blue on or off. 2 – there are many places to change the color and added in the code you mentioned but it is still not white.

i am sorry to be a pain but i am going to teach a WP class and would like to recommend a theme like yours and thus be able to answer questions from the students.

if you prefer to work offline please email me at cross@gocross.com

regards, tc

Hi, could you try to add this to your css? (you can use code integration in theme options)
.shareDialogIconList li.activeState{
  background: red; (change this to your custom highlight color)

My 5-minute review of this theme:

Good theme, especially the implementation of the menu animation and sharing capability in the right upper corner.

Here are some improvements the developer should consider to make this a great theme:

The gallery must use up all available space, currently 2-column gallery is shown aligned to left, it should be centered/justified, with images displayed edge-to-edge. Same goes for 3/4-column gallery approaches.

When user taps on a image in a gallery there’s a dark flash between sliding to the next image, as if image doesn’t preload/cache into the browser.

Good theme, NOT great until above mentioned is improved.

Thanks for the review, I’ll have a look at these points ;)

Hi, I want to know weather it will include, regular layout if people access through computer desktops.


Hi, yes you can achieve this functionality through Device Switcher plugin, There’s tutorial in the documentation how to set this up. But basically you just activate your Desktop theme as your main theme and in the Device Switcher Settings, you’ll choose ultimate theme for mobile devices ;)

Hi, this is a great theme, I’m loving it! Could you please tell me how you managed to do a dropdown element in the menu just like in the demo? I’d like to have a dropdown with links to my other sites; could you please show me how to do so?

Hi, I am glad you are happy with the theme ;). To get the dropdown menu go to wordpress admin menu -> Appearance -> Menus and arrange your menu like this http://cl.ly/LRi5