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Hi there,

Would that be difficult to add in the search function? Or is already built in?

Cheers Karo

Hi, it’s already built into the slate theme, not in Ultimate, but it shouldn’t be a very big problem. You can copy the search-form.php file and functions to activate it from slate theme, but if you are not experienced developer, this might cause you a little trouble. I’ll consider this implementation in next update ;)

Hi this looks nice! One quiestion: when i use WP Touch i see shortcodes on my mobile. Can you assure me that this wil not be seen with this theme?

Regards, Donna

Hi, this problem can’t be unfortunately solved in any mobile theme. To fix that you would have to create the same shortcodes as on desktop theme. Some of the shortcodes may work but a lot of them won’t.

this looks nice! ive a quick question. i have a different wordpress theme but would like to keep it as desktop version. is it possible to purchase this mobile theme just for a mobile version?

Hi, yes, this is possible through external plugin called Device Switcher. There’s brief description on this problem in Theme documentation.

hi.. i wanna change the logo widht/height.. is it possible to make it in the custom css?

Hi, you have to upload image in resolution of 360?×?31, so you can make full use of the width or make just a little icon and leave the rest of the image transparent.

:D of course it is 360×31px.. in your demo it seems just llike my site.. do you have ticket site? i wanna discuss in there not here

Great, really great.

In addition, will you add previous/next post when viewing single article or page? We would love it.

Hi, this can be add through a simple function, if you want to iimplement this to your theme, just let me know at http://jansimecek.ticksy.com

is it possible to have the top menu bar stick at top as you scroll. So that the menu bar is always there to swipe open menu without having to scroll all the way to top again if pages are longer then view?

Hi, yes, this can be easily enabled through the theme options (Just one click on checkbox). However not every Mobile OSs support postion fixed properly (e.g. Android 1.6-2.3) so it may cause some problems here. But as the time goes these Mobile OSs are beeing slowly replace by their newer version which supports these css. So I would say that you can safely use this option.

Is it possible to display another website URL within the mobile layouts?


Hi, you mean something like mobile.yoursite.com ? or just place a link to another website on a mobile homepage ?

Thank you for the reply. Here is a link to preview what we are looking for: http://www.responsinator.com/

We want to add a URL from any website and show it within the various devices. If your plugin can achieve this, or you can create something like this, we will pay $200 US right now.

Please let me know.

Hi, I still don’t understand what you are looking for. You want to display those sites exactly like the responsinator site, but in case of the grey frames, you want to use design of this theme ?

Hi there,

Firstly i just want to say the theme is great.

I have one question. i have installed the theme it is all working well except when i load more blog entries and scroll the themes starts to glitch. http://companyplus.com.au

Is there a way to fix it?

Hi, does the glitch stops after the posts are loaded and the animation finished ?

The glitch only occurs after you press the load more icon, and after the posts are loaded and the animation is finished.

Hi, that seems like there’s something wrong with the browser, are you using any special android browser for this? If you are using android, could you tell me what version? Thank you very much.


Purchased your theme and a nice one, however side menu does not show on Firefox 17.01 or Chrome ver Version 24.0.1312.52 m

Please let me know fix ASAP, because I have a project that I need this to be working for ASAP.

Thanks in advance!

Hi I’ve just fixed this problem and I am uploading the updated files right now. However it might take few hours until it’s completed so please send me an e-mail and I’ll send you fixed files.

Hey thanks for the quick response and fix!

You’re welcome ;)

Is this theme ready if I want to use it along with my desktop theme? I want Ultimate to show up on mobile devices but not on desktop computers.

Hi, yes using the device switcher plugin you can achieve this feature ;)

on your 3 column page is more like my page.. 1 row and column… http://jansimecek.com/themes/slate_wp/GREEN/?page_id=186 here you are.. BTW : my FF is 18.0.1

Firefox is really starting to piss me off lately :D weird is that after resizing browser it works… I’ll try to find solution for this ;)

Would it be possible to add a Password Option to the Themes Options?

Basically I will be using this theme for a work related database so do not want it to be public.

It would be great if there was an option to enable so that when you visit the site you get presented with a password box (themed to match the rest of the site)

Hi, unfortunately not at the moment, but themeoptions can be used only if you have admin rights, so you can decline acces for your co-workers by removing their admin rights ;)

Hi, this is really great mobile theme. i have a question here, how can i create a template for homepage? I want my homepage got different layout and I found that the blog and homepage are using same template, index.php. If i modify the index.php, it would affect both pages.

Hi, the best thing will be to create custom homepage.php, copy content from page-blog.php and start with that ;)

I’m having issues viewing this theme in explorer. The top menu will not show up, it shows up fine in safari and chrome.

Hi, what IE version are you using ?

I’m having issues viewing this theme in explorer. The top menu will not show up, it shows up fine in safari and chrome.

Hi, what IE version are you using ?

The search button is not showing up when viewing on chrome. The button is there as it is clickable, but I cannot see it.

Hi, I don’t have this problem, try to delete your cache and cookies.

Looks nice and I’m considering buying but I’m seeing a lot of “flashes” on my screen as I browse on mobile. What’s happening and how can this be fixed? This happens whenever I scroll to the top on the post listing page and I get a flash when I click on a menu item.

Hi, what mobile OS and which version are you using? On google chrome – iOS/Android these problems may occur, this is due to the webkit bugs.

Yes, I see this on Chrome desktop as well as iOS.

Hi, the theme should be updated in few hours, and you shouldn’t see any more blinking ;)

Hey, I am using two themes using the theme switcher plugin, but I have youtube videos in my posts that don’t resize and go off the page when I view my post in this theme on my mobile. Is there a way to auto resize the youtube videos for a mobile friendly look.

For example paste this link into your post and then view it through the theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaNH56Vpg-A

I would like it so that the video isn’t off the page. Any way of doing that?


That’s strange, sorry for late reply, could you send me an URL so I could have a look what’s wrong? Also in case you are using any plugins for this kind of stuff, it might not work correctly with the theme

I found out why. I had the jetpack plugin ‘Shortcode Embeds’ activated. That was making the videos not resize.

But I have another question. How can I edit the comment form? I have tried editing the comments-form but it doesnt have any effect? Thanks

Hi, how exactly you want to edit it ? in comments.php you can find all functions and texts used in comment form.

apologies, i seem to have emailed instead of writing here :). Will this theme work along with my desktop theme if I add it as a theme in my WordPress Mobile Pack?

Hi, yes, you add it as mobile theme in wordpress mobile pack ;)

(or device switcher)

Does this theme have the ability to have social share buttons within the posts? So if someone wanted to share the blog post they could on the mobile?


Hi, unfortunately no, at least at the moment.