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Hello. Thanks for great theme.

But, how or where can I change the “Patterns for Boxed Layout” ??

Thanks for help.

Hi we will get back to you on that.

Please change this line of code in “boxed.css”

Line No 4 : body { background:url(images/bg-pattern1.jpg) repeat; }

We have placed the patterns in the following directory MainTamplate/images/patterns.

You can use those patterns.

For Ex : body { background:url(images/patterns/pattern2.jpg) repeat; }

Looking for information on how to edit the footer… can’t seem to find it in the directions sent.

Hi we will get back to you on that.

Hi here is the link to edit the footer

damn… why didn’t I see that – I’m at work right now but I’ll change it as soon as I get home. Thanks!!!

Great theme. Please where can i change the tweet username so it can display my tweets?

Hi here is the link for the question..

Hello, where can I change the setting for my twitter? thank you

Hello, I want to know which file should I edit to change the setting for my twitter?

thank you

found, thanks I can change the text (eg about 9 days ago) to Portuguese how do I?

Congratulations and thank you!

Thanks for the NOTE…

I like this theme Is it possible to have a e-commerce site over it. Where login and item card are shown on front page.

yes, you can have a e-commerce site with this template. We are working on the Wordpress version, where we will include woocommerce and other ecommerce support…

I’m presently editing the template, but when I view it in IExplorer and Firefox some of the fonts (headings, menu etc.) on Explorere look all ‘choppy’ but they are fine on Firefox. How can I get them to look the same?


I think it fixed itself – must have been an explorer update. thx!

Thanks for the update…

Back to the footer. On the contact form in firefox it does not have the slider on the right in the comment box but on Explorer there is a slider bar. I do not want it. I likethe look of firefox. Here’s the site:

try opening it in explorere and firefox – is it my version of Explorer?

Also, When I hit “Send Mail” it’s not sending the e-mail to my account. I changed the semdmail.php file.

When is the release of Wordpress? Which model “Admin Templates” you show me your theme? Can this be? How much do you charge for isntalar an “Admin Templates” for your theme?

thank you Edson Cruz

You can send a link provided to see me. I’ll wait

The week is over. Where’s the version for wordpress

Its done! Working on Help Videos & Documentation…

Hi There, my site contains German character. and I have put this
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
But it didn’t work. The browser still shows meaningless letters..

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hi Again, please disregard my question. I have figured it out myself: I have moved this meta:

 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> 
on the most top of other meta, and it works… just for others who get same problem…


Thanks for the Note…

Any word on the minification?

Update for all in case you need it. If you are minifying (like me) all the js for this template, make sure you keep all code in order. Also, you will need to put in a semi-colon (;) at the end of the layerslider file

Thanks! will update too :)

What version jQuery do you use in your template?

jQuery 1.7.2


how can I add/change the favicon?

Since this is the HTML version you can upload a .icon files like “favicon.ico” the root folder.Contact again if you need further support…

Why didn’t you used HTML5 for this template?

We have a solid admin panel for the Wordpress version, where we follow HTML4…will update ASAP.

Hi mate, Great theme, can i ask is this theme working on IE10? i am trying to open the page (Slider touch page), the fullwith picture were not shown. only words flowing. when i try to debug using IE9, they are working fine. is there any way to have the slider touch showing the pics working in IE10?

We can fix this for you! The other sliders are responsible…except the touch slider….let us check with ie10.

I purchased the files but the download will not work. Tried on 2 computers.

Please share the email id, we can send the source files!

Where? this Release?

Hope Today…will share the URL!

We will release the theme next week… Our theme will have unique and an extesnsive admin panel…

where is, WORDPRESS

HTML Validation and few design improvements going on…will be on market today!

The footer. On the footer contact form in firefox it does not have the slider on the right side in the comment box but on Explorer there is a slider bar. I likethe look of firefox. Here’s the site:

Also, When I hit “Send Mail” it’s not sending the e-mail to my account. I changed the semdmail.php file.

I can’t get the contact form to work either. In the documentation it states: Note: Please review the following files to add/remove the files

js/sendmail.js - javascript files required to validate and sends the ajax call to submit the form.
php/sendmail.php - php file that sends mail

So am I adding or removing? I’m not sure what the instructions are saying…. (I changed the address in the sendmail.php and it doesn’t seem to work)

1. You have changed the text field names, kindly change that text field names to default (name2 => name, email2 => email, subject2 => subject, message2 => message)

2. Also form action is changed and incorrect.

Change to, <form class=”sendmail” action=”php/sendmail.php” method=”get”>

(Footer contact and contact us forms validation scripts are same. So don’t’ change names.)

To change email id, Open ultimate\php\sendmail.php,

Find line no: 12, Change the mail id as you wish. (eg: $address = ‘‘)

If you wish to use alternative email-id for footer form, let us know!

kindly share screenshot for the slider issue.


i have a question I see that the fonts are not smooth? Is there a possibility to get it smooth?

Yes! We have used google fonts, on some PCs it renders like not smooth. But you can change the font (500 + Google Fonts + All standard fonts)...

ok thanks, sorry for my twice posting the site was hanging

No issues…. you are welcome with as many questions as needed :)