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Halo i have a question I see that the fonts are not smooth? Is there a possibility to get it more smooth?

The Google Fonts, Behaves like this on few PCs… You have the freedom to change fonts too…

i have a further question bevor i buy, in the main menu navigation the items are not highlighted only the under menus in the drop down. Is there a posssibility to change the active items to highlight? Are this highligted items made with java script?

ok i bought your template if you let me know how to do that it will be fine. When I cannot manage it self you can do it for me . Thanks

Kindly to add a class named “current_page_item” in parent li…

It is a pity that it must be done manuelly for every single page. I must use the navigation as a include element. A solution like: would be perfect

I just purchased the template. VERY NICE!

Thanks for the Appreciation…looking forward to have long term relationship…where you should buy more of our templates :)

Just purchased the template.

The “Contact Us” menu ends up beneath the home-icon and “slider” menu. The resolution of my screen is 2048×1152, which seems to be more than enough space. Browser is IE9.

Do you know why the menus wouldn’t all appear in the same row, and how to fix it ?

Since we dont have the screen with the same resolution, We have tested on this tool

There is no issues, can you please send us a screenshot.


Is there a way to make this template work in a wordpress (self hosted) installation, or do you have a Wordpress version?


Wordpress will be available by Monday on TF.

I do not believe you said this week wordpress version

I do not believe you said this last week

Amazing template! Professional, stylish, universal. Thanks!

Thanks, we are really happy!

version wordpress ? when ? today ? yesterday ? last week ?

Its in the review q… Dont know today!

Hi This theme looks great! Before I buy I have 2 questions

1- is it HTML 5 and CSS3 ? 2- Instead of Search Bar I need to add a telephone number, can you help me after I buy?


Hi I sent you an email again, I think you may have a problem with your contact from, or have you checked the junk email box? This is my 4th email in 2 days…

Hi, We have sent the files to your email id…kindly check once!

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and the changes looks great!

When you will really launch the version for Wordpress. Speak the truth, please. When will be available for sale at TF. Thank you Edson Cruz

Instead of “search bar” I need to add 2 fields, 1: City and 2: category.

If I buy your model, you change or sends the change to me? Or you help me change after I buy?


We will help after the purchase! Its a simple change only…

The WordPress version is live, sorry not updated this thread!


When i try to put a twitter feed up on the site it just shows the Tweets by @.....

Can you please share the URL of the site…

its just tagged onto the back of an existing site

Hello, thanks for amazing theme! I’m fully satisfied with it – it must cost larger than $16 :)

But i found one significant bug – “PrettyPhoto” script does not work on iPad-iPhone.

Please, fix it.

Thanks for the appreciation…we will check the issue in iphone.

We made new class and solved problem (there is no “mouse over” at iOS, only “click” (finger tap)).



Let me say I love this template and the support you offer. Great job. One last question… I don’t see any instructions in the documentation on the newsletter. How does it work? I guess it would be eeasier for it simply to e-mail the address to site webmaster. So, what should this code look like?

<form action=”#” method=”get” class=”subscribe-form”> <input name=”email” type=”text” onblur=”this.value=(this.value==’‘) ? ‘Enter your email address here…’ : this.value;” onfocus=”this.value=(this.value==’Enter your email address here…’) ? ’’ : this.value;” value=”Enter your email address here…” /> <input name=”” type=”submit” value=”Subscribe Now” /> </form>

Its just a place holder, where you can use any newsletter plugins like mail chimp, aweber etc…

Hi. Great template. I was wondering if you could help. How would I get the portfolio page to sort on a different data-filter? (i.e. Instead of “all”)? Essentially, I’m trying to get the portfolio to open with a different data filter sorted in the sorting-container div. Is this possible

Hi, I have a problem with the social icons and the telephone number when I scale down the browser, is it possible to help me to fix it ?

I sent you an email form my other account


Kindly share the URL, hope we got it in email!

great, thank you

I sent you another email, I added the URL


Nice theme!

Can’t get the contact form to work. Nothing happens.

I made the appropriate change in sendmail.php.

After submitting a test email, it displayed several warnings associated with session_start() where the form had been.

Please share the URL…

Just sent it to you. thx!