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Still no solution as to why i cant have a live twitter feed in the body of the site?

we will send you an updated .js file.

Hello, I purchased your Ultimate template. Very nice. Question : In the HOMEPAGE BUSINESS, the photos of the FEATURED PORTFOLIO contains 2 links (one for a video, and the second for another page). When I suppress the video link, how to have the second link appearing in the middle of the image. Seems to be related to the class called image-overlay-link ? Thanks.

Hello! Nice work on this template. I have a debugging question. The menu bar at the top of the index page is overlapping the logo and search search boxes at the top. When I move the cursor, a shadow shape moves across the top. Naturally, I can’t have that moving across the logo. I’ve trying working with the z-indexed setting to no avail. This is happening across Firefox, IE9 and Chrome. Thanks for your help.

Can you please share the URL, so we too can check and fix!

No need. I mistakenly corrupted the header code. (Should have been wearing my glasses!) It’s fixed and that part runs fine. Thanks!

I found the place to modify : it’s on the style.css file, I changed the “right:30%” to “right:40%” for the Problem solved. ;)

Great! Thanks for making best efforts…

Hi again, I am progressing very well with your Ultimate Theme. Question : how works the search mechanism on the top right of the theme? I did not see any recommendation in the documentation. Do we need to modify something somewhere to make it work? Thanks for your responsiveness. :whistle:

For the HTML template, we have the search bar as a place holder only…there are many jQuery plugins available for html search.

Kindly contact us if you cant find a better solution!

Can you advise what is the best jQuery plugin for html search ? Thks

I put this design into my CMS and it’s putting a border around the entire website like a padding or margin or something. Any ideas what could be causing that? I can provide a screenshot if necessary. It looks fine as a static html page, so I’m thinking there’s a link to a js file that’s incorrect?

Disregard… link to my reset.css was incorrect.

Hope you fixed it! If you have any further issues, please share URL or screenshot.

The responsive feature works very well. I tested my site on a tablet (Android Nexus 7) as well as on my phone (Windows Phone 7). But on the reduced formats (e.g. viewing my site on the tablet) does not allow me to zoom the text with my two fingers as usually we do for zooming content on a tablet. Do you know the reason? Thanks.

Thanks for the appreciation! We will check and let you know…

Why you should buy this template?... Two words: CUSTOMER SUPPORT

I have asked some pretty stupid questions and needed extra work done and Ram provided everything in a timely manner and did not try to bill me – or upsell me or anything; also, his template is affordable. So, why would he sell an amazing template for a great price and offer awesome service? – repeat customers. Whenever I need a template I will automatically goto DThems first. period. Great template, great service – great job!

(no I was not asked to write this – in a world of people gouging each other and offering nothing in return, it’s nice to finally have a quality product which somene stands behind)


WOW! Thanks a million…

We are happy and proud to get a feedback like this from a client!

We will keep the passion to deserve this…

I join myself to temagami’s opinion on your GREAT SUPPORT! I can’t stop myself developing my website with your Ultimate template. I progress, and I found a little problem: In the footer, the “Email Us” form works perfectly, but in the Blog Single template, the “LEAVE A REPLY” does not work. When we fill the fields, and then click on the SUBMIT button, nothing happens. On the Email Us form, when you click on the SUBMIT button, the form retract nicely, and the email is sent. Anything missing with the LEAVE A REPLY form ? Thanks.

Thanks for the appreciation!

Leave a reply section is for blog comments, in few cases the admin have to approve the comments from the back-end. Kindly check the back-end for pending comments

this will help too

Hi There,

How to make the Subscribe Newsletter work? I have looked on documentation regarding this, but didn’t find it. Any suggestion?


Currently news letter section working as a place holder, where you can use mailvhimp or any newsletter providers script to work.

Find the attached, for making the section to work like a contact form. Ex: When some one submits the email id, you will be notified!

I will try it… Thank you…

it worked like a charm. Thank you very much….

for the page “portfolio-single.html” what size (dimension) should the image be for it to work with both the web and the responsive side (because when you put large too image and the image overlap with the “column one-third last”), and what files format should i use?

Thank you

Portfolio Single image size : 605px*481px

If you check the responsive by resizing the window just refresh it and check. The image won’t overlap with the “column one-third last”.


HI, I have few licence related questions.

If I wanted to use this template for commercial purpose, do I need to buy license for the Jquery that is being used for this template? Can you please explain which are the free license and which needs to be purchased as far as jquery is concerned.



You to purchase only the images, all other jQueries are licensed for distribution (We have purchased the licenses!)

If possible can you please specify the jQuery you are planning to use in your site?

Hello, thanks for your response. I guess the jquery.tabs, caraousal, ultimate-custom are the JS files i’m referring to. I’m working on a site for a client and will be using some of the concepts from this website – not the whole template. I can do html and css just the way I want but i’m not great with JQuery and hence I wanted to make sure its ok to use those and if not where I should purchase the licence. Its for a client and I need to be sure its ok to use those. I would greatly appreciate any advise at all.

Oh and in all my haste to ask question and forgot to mention what a great template it is. Honestly I learnt a lot from your template. Great work!

Yes, you can use the above files in the designs on commercial purpose!

Hi, your template looks fine to me! am interested in buying it. but i have two questions before: 1. comes the theme with an “php folder” which has all pages as php files and its includes (footer, header, etc.)? 2. i need to place a big image gallery on the site. are there any options to create one? i haben’t seen the “common” gallery features…

thanks in advance for your quick reply!


We haven’t included the php header or footer option in the HTML version…this is a nice idea, we will implement this on upcoming templates.

ok, would appreciate if you let me know, when you released it. if you include an image gallery as well and it’s not too late, i think am gonna buy it. cheers.


great theme!

How/where can I change the size of the “message” field from the contact form?

Thanks for help!

- To change the size of “Message” textarea for the contact form in pages, Please find and edit “textarea” (Line No : 123) styles in your “style.css”

- To change the size of “Message” textarea for the contact form in footer, Please find and edit “#footer .widget form textarea” (Line No : 889) styles in your “style.css”

Hi, how do change the Twitter feed to defaulting to yours? I’ve tried to change the username but it’s still not working?

I’ve just found your previous post – thank you. Great Theme!

Hello – quick question. The template breaks through a load balancer/firewall. I see the site, but looks like the style is all broken. What could be the problem?

We have to check it once from our side, so please share the URL of your website immediately.

Also let us know the firewall you mean to blocking is the General one, or it is just from your own (or private if any).

Have to say I love this theme….and so does a lot of others by the look of your sales figures.

One thing though that I noticed on the popup lightbox image is when someone cycles through from a photo to a video in the lightbox the thumbnails stay at the bottom of the video which is offputting for videos….is there an option to turn them off altogether?

Thanks for the appreciations…!

Yes, there is an option to turn off thumbnails in popup lightbox gallery.

<a class="image-overlay-zoom" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]" href="images/post-images/portfolio-full-image.jpg"> </a>

Once you find this code, use rel = “prettyPhoto” instead of rel=”prettyPhoto[gallery]” by replacing in this code.

Hello, how can we make the slider (fullwidth) linkable?

We cannot make the layer slider (fullwidth) linkable and could not add or give any links for its sliding images.