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It is a great template.

What would make it perfect for me though is a sticky menu at the top when the page scrolls.

Any plans to add this?

Thanks! We will be happy to add the sticky navigation, once if you have made a purchase with our template. And we will make the sticky navigation to work for you then.

Hi, really like this template, very stable in all browsers and easy to work with, thanks, – just one question is it possible to make the Nevo slider full width?


- To make the Nivo slider fullwidth, please find and remove the “container” div, which is below in the “home-slider-bg” div.

- To align the left and right arrows for the fullwidth slider, please find and change the below CSS lines from css/nivo-slider.css.

.theme-default a.nivo-prevNav { left:-25px; }
.theme-default a.nivo-nextNav { right:-25px; }
It needs to be updated into,
.theme-default a.nivo-prevNav { left:25px; }
.theme-default a.nivo-nextNav { right:25px; }

Brilliant – works a treat – thank you .

Is there a way to make the cients-skin-Carousel run automatically/continiously – also just a small point on both my xp and windows 7 computers with safari browser the greyscale to colour effect doesn’t seem to work on the client carousel – I am wondering if it is my end but just thought I would mention it


Add this to your head under the
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.jcarousel.min.js"></script>
Add this
<script type="text/javascript">
function mycarousel_initCallback(carousel)
    // Disable autoscrolling if the user clicks the prev or next button.
    carousel.buttonNext.bind('click', function() {
    carousel.buttonPrev.bind('click', function() {
    // Pause autoscrolling if the user moves with the cursor over the clip.
    carousel.clip.hover(function() {
    }, function() {
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        auto: 12,
        wrap: 'last',
        initCallback: mycarousel_initCallback

Adjust accordingly to your class ie .testimonial-carousel in the brackets above ( if you have edited the class )

I managed to get it in the sidebar as I have the isotope.js running on my main page Had to do some css edits and it worked fine But if you just want it to cycle in the footer the above code should work

cheers Ps had to work out this sites html tags

Hi. I’ve got an odd problem. My jpg’s are not displaying color in Firefox or Chrome. (for instance, I’m changing out the stock executive photos on the “about us” page and when I do, they always display black and white-not color) IE 9 they are fine.

I’m using updated versions of both Firefox and Chrome, as well as IE 9. Any ideas?

Link to your site would help? I am using this and have changed all images and they are all in colour. Can you add a Link>?

Thank you ismadman, much appreciated, have got it to scroll with your js code, great.

We didn’t set the auto-play scrolling slide for “Our Clients” jcarousel in default options. However if you need that option means, we will be ready to customize it for you.

If interested, please let us get your website URL with FTP login credentials through the right bottom form located in,

(Note: We will check about the greyscale image issue in safari, and fix it in the future updates.)

Jcarousel has been updated. I tried to manually update but it’s not working. They are using jquery 1.9…. now . Any chance of getting a way to use the new version as the old version ( Apparently ) has a vulnerability. Cheers Kev ps. Awesome Template!

Hey ismadman,

Thanks a lot for your effort on sharing this, and it is much appreciated.

This will be sure to help many of our clients.Thanks again and keep coming with us.

This is an addendum to my post from 3 days ago. The images ARE in color in Firefox/Chrome (IE 9 is not affected), but they have a some kind of rollover shading where they are in color only when a mouse rollover happens. That’s not too good for my purposes as it makes the page look really dry and bad-especially when it is pictures of executives! :) Where do I need to go in the code to turn that function off? Thanks for your help!

If possible, can you please send us the screenshots (or any other references) on your issues?...

How can i make the slides clickable so they go to a URL?

You can make the slides clickable only by using any buttons within the caption text (or descriptive content) field, over the sliding images.

Note: You cannot add links for the sliding images directly.

This will work! Thanks!!!

At your request, here is what I was talking about with images not being in color in Firefox or Chrome, but IE 9 is unaffected. The first image is from IE 9-all jpg’s are in full color no rollover necessary…
 photo DevelopmentalSite3_zps6a7b91dd.jpg

The second image is from Firefox-all jpg’s are displaying in grayscale…
 photo DevelopmentalSite1_zpse9c4ae9c.jpg

The last image is from Firefox-when a picture is rolled over it displays a color image. The question is-how do I turn this feature off?
 photo DevelopmentalSite2_zps104b485d.jpg


To turn off the features rollover shading, grayscale to color changing effects from “Our Team” images,

-> Find Line No: 640 and 642 from your ‘style.css’ -> And please hide those lines to update then.

Hi Dear designthemes. “Do u have an RTL version of this wonderful template? Thanks in advance…”

No, we don’t have the RTL version of this template. Thanks for your interest anyway !

Dear ismadman, Thanks for you brilliant theme. How can I set the ‘portfolio-carousel’ to auto-scroll in infinite loop? One more thing that is it possible to set different loop/play time to ‘portfolio-carousel’ and ‘clients-carousel’? In other words is it possible to control the properties of ‘portfolio-carousel’ and ‘client-carousel’ separately?

First we really thank ismadman for the help of referring auto-play scrolling feature with carousel, and thanks again for initiating this.

You can set the ‘portfolio-carousel’ to auto-scroll in infinite loop, by using the same method as ismadman reffered and by making some simple modifications with that.

-> Please go to ‘js’ directory and open ‘ultimate-custom.js’ (js/ultimate-custom.js)

-> Here you can find the below lines we used for carousels,
/Portfolio Carousel/
$('ul.portfolio-carousel').jcarousel({ scroll: 1 });

/Clients Carousel/
$('ul.clients-carousel').jcarousel({ scroll: 1 });
Well if you have good enough knowledge with Javascript & CSS3 means, you can use different loop/play time for ‘portfolio-carousel’ and ‘clients-carousel’ simply by adding or editing the appropriate properties herewith these sections of coding.

So you can possibly control the properties of ‘portfolio-carousel’ and ‘clients-carousel’ separately as well.

Note: If you want to know the set of properties that you may need to be use on your carousels, kindly have a look at the following,

hey, i’d like to use a white background is it possible to do this?

I’ve changed the colour – however how do i change the rollover effect on the social icons?

You can change the roll over effect by editing the below line in style.css. If you do not need the animation please remove the transitions.

Line No 218 : .social-icons a

Ta ill try it now


Let me start by saying LOVE this template. Great work.

Now for my quick issue…first the setup: 1. running iPAD v6.0.1 (10A523) 2. broswer – tried on Safari and Chrome (ver 26.0.1410.53) 3. issue happens on my site and your live preview

Issue Descriptions: 1. no pinch to zoom available 2. prettyphoto doesn’t work (however, I went to prettyPhoto website and their demo works)

Any help or feedback on these 2 items would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot for such loving appreciation ! We have tested our site using,

1.We have used “viewport” for pinch to zoom, and it should work on iPad.

2.Also the prettyPhoto effect is working fine in our side (preview) as well.

If possible, kindly send any reference like screenshot or website URL to us.

So that we can check out for the issues, and get into work for you.

Hi guys! I’ve just purchased this theme and noticed that my downloaded version is still dated 2013/01/08 :-( while your page shows that there has been an update on 20 February 2013. Did this update not materialized or what? Please let me know ASAP as I do not want to start working on an old version. Thanks a million, looking forward to your reply. Regards MJG

Hi, Thanks for purchasing this theme. You are using latest version of the template. The date that is described above as latest date is the one where we would have changed the preview image or the screenshots or changed the description.


I purchased this theme sometimes ago and I’m working on a small site. I have a question regarding the horizontal tabbed panels. Can I user multiple instance of the horizontal tabbed panels, each tabbed panels having different css properties. If so, what change do I need to make – I would appreciate your help.


Yes, you can possibly use multiple instances of horizontal tabs in your page. And you can add the different CSS styles for them, by adding a new class in your main div.

Hello. I’m having a few issues that I’m looking for help resolve. The URL is

First .. When I view the page using my ipad it shows the iPhone version. The sample online doesn’t. I’m not sure why mine won’t.

Second .. I added some text to the right of my logo. When the page resizes for an iPhone the text stays to the right and requires the use to scroll vertically. I’d like to have the text show beneath to logo like it should.

Thanks on advance for any and all help!

Hi Jeff,

Hope you’ve got the update for the second issue mentioned here. And we can help you resolve the first issue, but we need your Wordpress and FTP login credentials.

So please share us your credentials using the right bottom form located at,


What update are you referring to? Can you send me an email address that I can communicate use to communicate with you?

Also, if you look at the site using ipod you’ll see that the content is rather narrow. I made some previous changes per your direction that may have effected it.

Thanks for all the help in resolving these issues.

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

When i select the portafolio menu option in chrome navigator, then mouse over the menu bar, the bg of submenus dont disappear.