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Looks like the twitter js file isn’t working? Can you confirm this?

This happens because of “Twitter 1.0 API” is getting retired. Soon after when Twitter solves this issue, we will update that in our Theme as well.

If anything goes wrong yet after the update means, We will be ready to work on customization for you then.

Perfect, thanks!

quick question guys, how do i reduce the padding either side of the navigation text? im trying to add 1 last nav button and its taking me to the next line :(

To reduce the padding of navigation text either side, please do the following,

-> Go to Line.No: 246 in your “style.css”

-> There you will have CSS of li a { }

-> That will help reducing the nav text padding as shown below,

Now you can add a nav button, and prevent it from taking to the next line.

awesome thanks

Hey, is there a new Twitter API yet? my recent tweets arent loading

We are still looking out the best solution for this twitter issue. And we will let you know once after we found the solution.

Meanwhile you can create and use the widgets offered from Twitter, to show you twitter feeds.

Kindly login to your Twitter account and you will find more details from,

Or there is another option to show your tweets using the PHP file we found. If interested please get back to us immediately.

thanks for the update

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Hello: I have a quick question regarding the tool tip feature. I want to implement the tool tip such that when someone hover, it shows the image instead of the text. That I am able to achieve. But is there a way to have it such that when you hover over different objects different image shows?

Thanks much.


Currently, we haven’t implemented such that option and there is no way to show images instead of the text on tooltip hovering.

So this will goes beyond the scope of customization and you should pay if you want us to work on it. If interested, please get back to us immediately..

ok, please email me what the charges are and we can take it from there.



how do i go about having the rollover effect on the social icons in the header the actual colours of the logo? like facebook on rollover turns facebook blue instead of white

Please find “social-icons.png” from your images directory. You can customize the social icons as you want from that image.

After that, please use the new (modified) icons and replace your existing ones. Thereby you can get the rollover effect on header social icons as required.

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

Hi question regarding the navigation. How can I change the css so that when the top navigation is hovered, all its child elements are displayed in a block as opposed to only displaying inline the one level at a time?




I am having a problem with the contact form – I notice that you cannot put the name jo as it requires more than two letters – but my main concern is that there isn’t a definate feeling when they click send – it sort of hangs around. The button doesn’t give the confidence it is sent and I find myself hitting the button several times – I thought it was just on my site – but have tried on your template here and it is the same – is there anyway to make it more obvious/fast/responsive to the click of the button – if I feel insecure about my message being sent I hate to think what pospective clients might think ! any help you can give? – sorry you may not recognize your website template as due to a change in my busines style I have substantially changed the look – but your underlying code is still there

To get rid of your problems with the contact form, please do the following,

1) Add below lines into your “style.css”
.ajax_failure { background:#ffcccc url(images/error-ico.png) 15px center no-repeat; border:1px solid #ff9999; color:#d01313; }

.ajax_success { background:#eafac0 url(images/success-ico.png) 15px center no-repeat; border:1px solid #b1cf67; color:#7ba411; }

.ajax_failure, .ajax_success { margin-bottom:20px; padding:15px 15px 15px 50px; clear:both; }
2) Then download and place the icons attached below, into your ”/images” folder..

3) And replace your “sendmail.js” located at ”/js/” folder with the one attached below,

Great, thank you all works wel, appreciated.

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

oops sorry forgot to put a link to the website which is


Hi, I’m having issues with the responsive menu part. It works fine but no matter what page, it mainly has “home” selected on top. Or it jumps to name of different page and display different page.

Can you please explain what the relation is and why this may be happening.



We didn’t get any issues (you’ve mentioned) in our side, when we checked out the menu with responsiveness.

If possible, please send us your website URL immediately.

So that, we can check and help you get an exact solution ASAP !

My company purchased this item and we were wondering if you have a CMS for this.

Yes, we have a Wordpress version of this template and you can find it from,

hello, there is a solution to the tweets??

Thank you for interest!

Please use the updated latest version, whereas we have fixed the Twitter feed (Recent Tweets) issues now.

Hi, i download the lastest version and not work!

Please mail us your Website URL and FTP login details through the right bottom form @

So that, we can check and fix your issues ASAP !

Note: Twitter feed only works in “Server”

Hi guys! GREAT theme, just struggling to get Twitter to work :( I’ve added all my own keys in twitter’s index.php but still envato’s tweets appear on my webpages, regardless of emptying cache, reloading browser pages, etc. Please advice. Thanks and regards, MJG

Hi, Thank you for your appreciation!

Please Goto ->open every page, find line no: 44 on that page (twitter script).

Change the value of “username” attribute.

Example: username: “mytwitterusername”

Kindly check the screenshot,

Note: If you really like our Theme and Support, Please don’t forget to Offer us the Item rating! 5/5 will be very much appreciated :-)

Hey, i notice you have updated the recent tweets – if i wanted to use this but not overwrite everything ive done what would i upload? thanks

Please follow the instructions given below:

1) Get into all your page template files and open them up.

2) Every page will have a Twitter script on Line.No:44

3) Change the value of “username” attribute thereby as following,

Eg: username: 'mytwitterusername'

Kindly check the screenshot,

jQuery(function($){ $(”.tweets”).tweet({ join_text: “auto”, username: “velocityrec”, count: 3, loading_text: “loading tweets…”

that is what i have for my twitter

Please change the twitter script on all your pages, as shown in the screenshot below,

Note: As from our last comment, you have missed the parameter “modpath”

If you find any issues, please let us know.

Hello, I have recently purchased this template for the Touch Slider, but for some reason it is not working in IE 10… can you please help.

Here is the link to the our dev site:

and we also posted it in a different location to see if it could be the theme that was conflicting, but it still didn’t work when we tried opening the original in-changed files.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kindly download the attached file “fmslideshow.min.js”. And, replace it with your existing “fmslideshow.min.js” file located in “js” directory.

If you like our template/ support, please motivate us by rating it. 5 stars will be very much appreciated :-)

Perfect. that worked, thanks!

I cannot find the NeoSans Bold font. If you would have included download links for the fonts I would give you a 5 star.

Thanks for your interest on our template !

We didn’t used that font in our template.

Anyways, here you can find and download it from,

Thanks! I know but I needed for the PSD editing


I purchased Ultimate – Multi Purpose Responsive HTML Template from themeforest. when I’m trying to install the theme it’s gives massage :

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Template is missing. documentaion Stylesheet is missing.

now what should i need to do for this. urgent please. thanbks

Thanks for purchasing our template anyway !

Hope you know that this is just a HTML template, and not a Wordpress Theme instead. So you cannot install and use it with Wordpress at all.

However, you can get the Wordpress theme (version) of this template here with the following link,

Hi - I’m having trouble with the contact form in the footer. When submitting the form, the page tries to load the sendmail.php file, and bypasses the validation. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

The site is in development and the page is here:


Hi – I had to remove it yesterday as I couldn’t get it to work. There is a conflict with the isotope js and the validation js. It’s because I’ve adapted your original template to suit my needs and I’ve removed the ‘sort’ functionality. The contact form works fine on the standalone contact page. I’ll just leave it as it is, i appreciate the really fast response. Thanks.

We have just hidden the isotope script in the custom.js file now.

Kindly replace your existing “custom.js” file with the attached one.

Note: Please take a backup of your existing one, before updating.

Thank you!

Hi- I have been looking around this site for ages to find a new template for my company’s web site & I found your one ! I had to buy it right away and during the Xmas holidays I will work away with it. I am sure I will need your help some where down the line- so thanks for a real professional template.

1st Question: I can not find the Images that you have used on the template

Weird ! thought the support for this template was much better

Sorry anyway ! We can’t provide or include the images in the demo data as we’ve used in our theme.

Instead, you should have to purchase the those images for your own to proceed using with.

Great template, On the “horizontal tabs” can you help me w/ the js to do customized colored tabs, ie, each product has a particular branding color? My client would like to see this customization. Any advice with how to accomplish this?

You can possibly have the custom colored tabs simply by writing the custom styles with different class names added for each colors.

Hi - I have noticed a problem with the gallery sections on the templates. If you look at this page on my site: the page works fine until you view the site on touch enabled devices. If you rollover the image of the sliding gate on a desktop PC, you see the icon which allows you to click and open the popup gallery. On iphone etc because there is no rollover state over the image, you cannot click to open the gallery. I have checked this on your original files and the problem is the same. Is there a way around this? Great theme by the way!

Kindly add the below code into your Child theme’s “style.css”, and you’ll get rid of this issue thereby.
.thumb .image-overlay { visibility:hidden; opacity: 0; transition: all 1s ease-out; -webkit-transition: all 1s ease-out; -moz-transition: all 1s ease-out; -o-transition: all 1s ease-out; }

.thumb:hover .image-overlay { visibility:visible; opacity: 1; }

.thumb:active .image-overlay { -webkit-transition: opacity 1s ease-out; }
Or if you’re still getting any difficulties on your end, please get us back and let us know immediately.

Wahey! Thanks for that it’s done the trick. Brilliant.

If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating ! We’re just expecting a good rating (5/5 stars) from you, which would be much appreciated and we’ll be very happy to help you all then.