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Cannot change the following background colors:

Cart header background

Slider background.

Search background.

Where can this be done?

I also, cannot change the phone number at in the cart header through Shopify. I shouldn’t have to search through code to change this after paying $20.


rsriram Author Team


1) Kindly, Send the store login details with the colors that you wish to update through the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/buddhathemes We will make it.

2) Please Refer this screenshot to change your phone number


Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Hi, I have just purchased this theme. However, the font will not change through customization. Also on inspection when I first installed the theme, there are over 1000 errors and 1 warning!

I have not even touched the code so can you please help me with this asap please. It is not acceptable to have so many errors on my site! Looking forward to your reply asap, Thanks.

Hi, I have more problems I am encountering with this theme, so would really appreciate your help with them too.

1. In my pages, I have certain words in different colours, bold, larger headings etc, these do not show in the theme.

2. The shadow below the header vanished when I uploaded my image, I would like it back please.

3. Product reviews do not work, I tried installing the code manually and they still don’t work

4. In the live preview, you have a shop that is wide width, without the sidebar, in my theme, this is not possible. I would like everything wide width like described please.

5. The sidebar on the products is disrupting the product text, I need to remove this please.

6. I have made my header background white, now you can’t see the social icons when you hover on them. I need to change the colours of them but it’s not possible anywhere?

Sorry for the long list but I bought the theme because it looked good when all this stuff worked.

Thank you! :)


Kindly, Send the store login details to give clear solutions that you wish to update through the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/buddhathemes We will make it.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.


Interested in this Shopify Theme but had a question regarding color swatches. Is it possible to set a custom color swatch like the image in red below?


The images on the bottom will switch to the colors in the color swatch when chosen.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!

Hi John.,

Sorry this featured not included with current version ,if you need it as mandatory we may help you to get such feature as additional one after purchasing with some extra cost,.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.


mohankc Purchased

Hi there, I recently bought this theme. I am not very technical minded and having problem with installing blog section. I can’t see the blog section. I tried to create manual blog page but it does not look like on your demo.please help.

Hi Mohan,

Thanks for purchasing our theme! Kindly send your shopify store login details to the mail address support@wedesignthemes.com or create the staff account to the same mail id. we will look into this.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.