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Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks …

Looks like just what I’m looking for. The only thing I need is the ability to add videos as part of my product photo gallery. Does your theme support this? If not, do you know how I could do it?

Hi tjmaxwell,

Thanks for showing interest in our theme! Actually we didn’t included Widget feature to allow video in the product details section & but if you wish to show the video in one of tab & Description in other tab means, Plz follow the HTML structure while adding product description…
<div class="tabs-frame-content" style="display: block;">

<div class="tabs-frame-content">

Hi, Do you have a HTML version of the theme. I would like to integrate it into one of my custom eCommerce stores.

Regards, Tushar

Welcome Tushar,

We haven’t done HTML separately for Shopify version , you can download our HTML[WP] version from the following link & and do some tweaks as needed.


On the verge of purchasing this, just was wondering can you change the layout of the banner of the main page and when your cursor goes over the picture can you change the properties of it. for example on the main page when you move your cursor over the picture it gives you two options can you disable those options or are they built in?

will you be able to incorporate it later on its just that the banner is way to big and too long. also i did end up purchasing it to because i had to get started on my website. it was hard not to be patient lol. but one problem i have at the moment is trying to change the logo to my logo but when i do it either moves the icons of the facebook and youtube below or the logo is up to high, is there a way to center it or align it further to the left and what not. Sorry first time user of shopify.

Thanks for purchasing our theme! And there is no inbuilt feature to align the logo as you asked , But we can help you in the customization of your theme. Kindly forward the store login details to our mail ID. manager@iamdesigning.com.

ok i will email you

Hi, I want to download but not as I do not see the button to download the product is Ultimate

Hi Erick,

Can you look for the purchase button. You can download once you purchase this item.

Looking forward for your purchase soon.


Ultimate | Responsive Shopify Theme

What about images? Can images be add to the different columns that aren’t products or sliders?

Hi aduthie,

Yes you can add images by hard-coding in the required section…

Hello, I bought this theme.

just a quick question. The “Contact Us” page is not there.

I went to Navigation/Links/ContactUs/page/ ” ? ” / Under Select page – the Contac page is not there as your demo page.

Can you please advice,

Thank you

HI ruffgsr,

You need to go to pages in admin section & set the page.contact template for the contact us page….

Beautiful theme in the preview. Can the product images be displayed in a lightbox rather than the zoom option? Some of our products have lots of images so a lightbox with “next” and “previous” type of function would be good.

We haven’t added lightbox option with current theme as inbuilt feature ,but if you want we can customize it once you purchase it

To work with Ultimate, I need link the registers to a own database or everything is stored in shopify?

Hi diegotv9,

Thanks for your interest! All information will be stored in the Shopify database not with custom DB. you can check the registered data at the customer section of shopify admin side.

Hi. Ive bought the theme but the psd is missing. Could you include these?

We haven’t included the PSD files with this theme! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I really like your Shopify theme for my new online store, one question what do I get in the package to upload to Shopify? No PSD files?

Thanks for showing interest to buy our theme, The package will not have PSD/HTML files. You will get only Shopify theme & and its documentation.


Ive installed the theme and answers to the following question I could not find in the documentation:

- how to add the sales icon like on the product Ausce feugiat http://themeforest.net/item/ultimate-responsive-shopify-theme/full_screen_preview/5293977 - what are the (short) codes for the html elements http://ultimate-theme.myshopify.com/pages/html-elements - the list types sorted and unsorted are not working on pages. how to activate them? reset.css makes them disappear


Hi Marc19a,

1)A sales Icon will be enabled once you added compare price to the products & enabled “Show sale tag” option in theme settings.

2)We have used background images for various color icons appear in the HTML Elements ->list , Just user the respective classes for the same…

we are not sure about your qui regards “reset.css makes them disappear”.

3)Custom styled checkout page just will have same color schemes & look and feel of all other pages. There will not be any settings options for that specifically. If you wish to edit ,just make the required changes in checkout.css.liquid.


Hi again,

And where are the settings for the custom styled checkout page referred to in the theme features?


Hi Guys – is there something wonky with this theme (ultimate_v3)?

script.js.liquid has:

   add to cart animation

sitting on line 14 & 15 – I imagine the “add to cart animation” bit should be commented ?


var buttonAreaWidth = $("#cart-target").outerWidth();
var buttonAreaHeight = $("#cart-target").outerHeight();

On lines 35-39 it’s looking for an element with the #cart-target id – no such element appears on the product page as far as I can see ?

further :

 $("a.zoom").fancybox({ ...

fancybox is referred to on line 135 and I don’t think you include (or use ?) the jquery.fancybox plugin ? ..

I am not sure but I wonder if any or all of the above cause the pricing information for the product not to be updated (on the product view) when you pick a different priced Variant in Shopify.

All in all – it’s a little disappointing really =( ..

Oh also in product.liquid

in your variant javascript function you have a typo (rice vs price) – but it’s actually the wrong selector anyway (no such id element exists) .. the correct lines are, I believe, (note the ”.Total_price” selector).

       jQuery('.Total_Price').html(Shopify.formatMoney(variant.price, "{{ shop.money_format }}") + " <del>" + Shopify.formatMoney(variant.compare_at_price, "{{ shop.money_format }}") + "</del>");         
     } else {
       jQuery('.Total_Price').html(Shopify.formatMoney(variant.price, "{{ shop.money_format }}"));        

We have initially added add to cart animation , and the removed at final. So there is no need of those scripts. And for the variant selector , its fixed.

I purchased this theme about a week ago now. Boy am i glade i did. When i first installed it my sales increased by over 200%, and they are still going up each day. I am very happy. Then i wanted to customize this theme for my shopify store and i contacted RAM, the coder on this theme and he not only responded quickly but he did all the custom changes for me the same day, FREE. This team spent hours on my requests that are not even listed in the theme to make me happy. They have amazing support, true professional and the most helpful staff of coders on the planet. My site is amazing now on a smart phone, looks just as good on a iPad, and terrific on a desktop. You can not ask for more.

If you are in the market to increase you websites design and get a theme with incredible support and have it work on all devices then buy this theme right now.

I am not a coder and new to shopify but installing the theme took 2 minutes and worked perfect right out of the box. The admin panel is great and loaded with tons of features. The design is strong, i can say that due to my huge increase in sales.

I am now a customer for life, thanks ram for an awesome theme, all the great support and your time. You guys really did a great job on this theme. Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to any themes you put out so i can increase visitors and sales on my other sites.

Thanks a lot for the appreciations! Spread the word if you have chance.

hello, i recently bought the theme , and have two little query .

1.Can I resize the home page banner ? if yes which one is the file 2. I tried to format the blog but it do not accept any formatting not even image insert or bold italic. is it me or blog post can’t be formatted ?

HI shaikhemran,

Thanks for purchasing our theme,

1)Actually by default the post content would have the script in blog.liquid as
{{ article.content | strip_html | truncatewords: 100 }}
If you like to enable inline style(like adding bold, color etc..) you need to change the above to

{{ article.content | truncatewords: 100 }}

Just remove ” strip_html |”

follow the same in article.liquid too.

2)Banner re-size,

We have embed layer slider here, so you can’t re-size it , if needed you can replace same size banner, OR if you think its re-sizing is mandatory, you have to work on other animated elements using CSS.

Thank you , solved it

I bought your theme a couple days ago and I like it but I have a question. How do you enable the 4th slide? I checked it and added a picture (Which shows while editing) but when you go to the home page and refresh it still only shows 3 active slides (No forth button just 3).


Thanks for purchasing our theme, For adding additional slider just duplicate the

div part of slide 1/2/3 as per the animation you needed. And change it’s index to 4. Then upload the 4th slider image from admin->Theme Settings->Slideshow banner

If you need any assistance reach us :- ram@iamdesigning.com


Please help me how to enable the sub menu ?and why I don’t see register link near by login ? even after enabling register at shopify console also and last question how can i show more then 6 item on home page. sorry for the trouble :)

I have solved the registered link problem , but I do not find logout link and even after login the login boxes are coming at righthand side on product page

Kindly replace this line in your header.liquid (line number 12-16)

Pls find the code here


I get the logout link under my account page, it should just replace the login to logout !!and why I get a login box on right side even after i am logged in ?