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Ive made changes in the theme using the theme editor.

After uploading the latest version of this theme, will the changes be overwritten by this update?



If you have done any customization of the previous version it will be overwritten by new version surely.

Thank you for the theme. I would like to make one request please. Add the skin colors used in your ultimate wordpress theme to this one.

Regards, Jeremy

HI Jeremy,

Thanks for your suggestion, Unfortunate we don’t have plan to introduce skin options with our shopify theme right now, May be at future!

Just a quick question before purchasing. Can I use Google Web fonts with this theme? This is the one theme that is closest in style to our main website, but I need to be able to use the Google Web font “Kameron” in the nav and all headers. Please let me know asap. Thank you!

Yes you can use google font, But we haven;t added this font as inbuilt with the current theme , so you need to add the following code after line no 107 in settings.html

 <option value='Google+Kameron'>Kameron</option>

And them you need to select “Kameron” as base font in theme settings.

after that you can apply font family as per your need in CSS


We are happy to help you in-case if you find any difficulties in customizing our theme.

Hello, why I get a login box on right side even after i am logged in ?


Hi shaikhemran,

Kindly download our latest version! Or you can replace the existing “collection-sidebar.liquid” script with the attached one..

Thanks for the replay, can you help me on last thing ? plz tell me which file to look for sub menu creation ?


I purchased your theme a few days ago and I need some help.

Where do you go to edit these words on the front page , I have looked for them everywhere but can’t deem to be able to find them:

You made it! Congratulations on starting your own online store! This is your shop’s frontpage, and it’s the first thing your customers will see when they arrive. You’ll be able to organize and style this page however you like. You can start adding products to your shop by heading into the Admin Area -

Also how do I make another Box appear on other slides like the one on slide 2 and how do you chance the text size color in slide 3 or the other slides for that matter. I emailed support this same question but I need answer ASAP.

Thank you, walkerhunter

Hi walkerhunter,

Thanks for purchasing our theme, It seems you haven’t add any products and configured settings. Actually that text comes from default shopify page “Welcome” ,you can change it in the “Pages” section of your admin panel.

Also for changing text color & boxes etc you need to work on CSS only, we haven’t provided any option for that as inbuilt feature of this theme. But we can help you in the customization phase if you needed.

Hi, I tried every thing but could not figure out how to enable the sub menu . please help me here

Hi, Kindly send your store login details to manager@iamdesigning.com, we will help on this!

I sent a mail

This is the best theme I came across , It suits my every requirement and do not cost me much. and the best part is the coder support, they helped me a lot.

Best of luck :)

Just wanted to recommend this theme to those who are thinking about it.

I bought this theme a few months ago, and I’m very happy with it. It’s a nice looking theme, and the customer service i received was outstanding.

I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate all the help they provided to me.

Thanks guys! Keep up the nice work.

Thanks lot ruffgsr! Surely we will try to deserve it all times!

Looking at this theme to open up my first shopify store, but I wanted to know if the mouse over on products on the main page can be changed how they work?

I’m not too crazy with the default way when you hover over an item it shows a overlay of a link and a popup.

can this be changed?

also, under the demo’s “Shop” there are four different types of layouts, tho they seem to be the very same.

Category I with sidebar & Category II with sidebar look like the same layouts..

same with

Category I full width looks the very same as Category II full width.

please advise…

Sorry for the delayed Reply.

Thanks for showing interest on buying our theme.

1)Yes this overlay effect can editable [We can help you on this]

2)Actually we have added additional 2 menus [ Category II with sidebar & full-with ]just for extend the height of the sub- menu section. Default layout will have only two layouts one with side bar and another one is without sidebar.


The following issues remain:

1. on http://www.crazycandies.co.nz/collections/assorted the browse by collection is not showing all collections. How to get all collections in this drop down menu? 2. The menu item Color is active when you open the homepage. The home menu item should be active. how to change this?

Kind regards,


Hi Marc,

1)Kindly share your store login details , so that we can check whats the issue behind the scene. bcoz its working fine in our demo URL as well as with other clients who purchased the same theme.

2)There may be an issue with linked list that you created with “main-menu” bcoz class ‘current_page_item” have been called anchor of Home & also with li of COLOR but it will not look like this in demo theme. Plz send the credentials to manager@iamdesigning.com, So that we can investigate these issues…

I’m having some issues finding how to edit the “review” section. It also seems to be tied to every product on the site. Any help would be appreciated.

Actually right now “review Section” act as like a placeholder , you need to add your third party review apps script in the following section
<div class="tabs-frame-content">

[Apps code will goes here!....]

Could you tell me why the products are not lining up correctly and creating gaps between the products Here is the link http://www.testfielddrugtestingkits.com/collections/urine-drug-test-kits

I have made sure all images are the same size, could do with the images being lined up at the bottom, would appreciate any help or solution


Thanks for purchasing our theme!

Its because of your product title is too length , You can make it perfect my adding min-height: 400px; to the class

.content_fullwidth ul.products li   
on ultimate.css [line no 1634]

If you are not familiar with doing this , just forward the store login details to the mail ID manager@iamdesigning.com, we will make it perfect.

many thanks..worked a treat! Very nice theme BTW

Hi – Great theme! Just wondered how to go about slowing down the transitions in the home page slider. I looked through the template codes but can’t seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Choose the snippet called layerslider.liquid and thereby you can find the following code. Just adjust the values for slower transition.

<div class=”ls-layer slider1” style=”slidedirection: top; slidedelay: 7000; durationin: 1500; durationout: 1500; delayout: 500;”>


This is a great theme. Best I have come across for shopify so far.

My questions is where can I find the css to move the shop now button and text on the slider? I am having a problem locating the .css file it is in.

Thanks again for this great theme. I would recommend this to anyone looking got a shopify theme.

You can find the css for slider shop now button and text in an asset called ultimate.css.liquid from the line 1744

I would purchase this theme right this minute if there were multiple color options. When will this feature be added?

How hard would it be for me to change the colors myself? is it CSS, images, or both?

Unfortunately we didn’t included the multiple color /skin options with this current version , but may be in future.

We have given an option in theme settings to change the main section’s color like header, footer etc… Apart from this you can edit in blue.css as per need. If you purchased we can help on customization to add different skins/colors .


ca the currency be changed according to default shopify currency ? also is this template customised for iOS

Hi irepairindia,

Yes its depends upon what the store default currency that you have set-up on back-end.

And for the responsive we have tested with http://www.responsinator.com/ (an online simulator to check responsive versions).


Dear Buddha Themes,

Your Portfolio is wonderful and i am impressed with this theme.Could You Send me the link for your theme in shopify,so that i can purchase and export it to my shop.I also Searched it in Shopify but it isnt listing.

Thank You!!

Hi winGene,

This theme will not be available on Shopify theme store, We are selling through Themeforest Only. You can download the zip file from here & can import as usual.

Hi, I love this theme. I am making a few modification and have a few questions. Is it possible to make the Layer Slider fully responsive? I am having issues because i made my images with a width of 1920px, and its not being responsive on smaller screens.

Is it possible to remove the background image of the client carousel, and padding between images? I have not been successful in modifying the .css files. Am I missing something?

http://sportsmans-stuff.myshopify.com/ whaoru

Thanks in advance. Matt

Thanks for purchasing our theme! Yes all these changes are doable by tweaking CSS,Kindly forward the store login details to manager@iamdesigning.com , we will do the needful.

Thank you so much for your help. This is a great company to purchase from. I had some questions on modifying their base template, and they worked on my site for me, and wrote custom code to get the site in top shape. Ram and his team are well worth purchasing this template. Great Customer Service! I am glad to know if I have questions, I will get the help I need to get my site up.

Thanks Ram!


Great Theme !!!

I have it loaded and ready to rock … it will launch on my store Jan 15.

Quick Question …

1) Regarding Email Form > When we add the mailchimp action URL it changes layout of the email newsletter form > how do we manage the look of the form ?

Thanks Again :)

Actualy if you add the action URL , it will automatically navigate to mailchimp form. So we don;t have any control over mailchimp layout. If you wish to stick with Ultimate layout you need to use default sign-up form instead of mailchimp.

Thanks …

There are a couple more issues I have a question about …

1) When we embolden text in the WYSIWYG editor … it does not embolden the output text … How can this be corrected so what is bold is bold and what is not bold is not bold ?

2) We notice that on the product page the counter can go to negative numbers -1, -2 … How can this be corrected > so the counter does not go below 0 ?

I await your prompt response :-)

Hi superwaterman,

WYSIWYG : Actually default option have been over written by custom CSS, We can make this work as you asked, Plz send your store details to the below mail address.

manager@iamdesigning.com Quantity: We can set it by replacing the code
<input id="quantity" type="number" name="quantity" value="1" class="tc item-quantity" />
<input id="quantity" type="number" name="quantity" value="1" class="tc item-quantity" min="0" />
at product.liquid.

HI Dear

Lovely desgin and beautiful work. I am interested and about to buy however there is a similar desgin that i also like its called activewear. Which i love the add to cart now and how th ecarts views when you put the mouse over the cart button. Can i do the same on your theme or not.

thank you

Sorry alosht,

We haven’t included those feature at this time with current theme , if needed we can customize it for you after purchasing theme. We may introduce this in our next versions.

If I purchase today when can you apply those few customization.

That module is not available right now, We may customize it for you after 20th JAN.