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Hi !! !I purchased this item some days ago. I like it,but i need following modifications 1)Hovering on Featured Products on the index page displays a link and prettyphoto, i dont prefer this. I want to appear like category II with sidebar.

2) I want to set the Image Size to fit into a certain fixed size say 200*200,how to make about this change.

I dont want the borders embedded with images in the product as well as featured page,how to remove the border.

The Zooming is not working for smaller images,how to change the zoom functionality.

3) I want customers to write reviews and rate products and will be displayed to other interested buyers.

Kindly provide me with the pages and the tags.I prefer making the changes myself. Thank You!!

Hi winGene,

Thanks for purchasing our theme!

It seems changes that you are looking for is not a simple disable/enable options. We have to work on liquid script. So plz forward your requirement and store details to the mail address : manager@iamdesigning.com . we will do the needful.

Hello, fantastic theme very easy to work with, but i am trying to remove the blue box on the second slider on the home page so all three sliders look the same, can point me in the direction to make that change?


Hi ripconsultingllc,

Yes we got it!! We will Look in-to that…

looks great, thanks for all the help. is there a way i can shrink the size of the pix on the homepage, they being stretched and look pretty gooffy?

Hi ripconsultingllc

Your source images are quite smaller , try to add big images or else send those source images we will work on that…

Thanks Ram.

hi i bought the theme but when i try to upload it on shopify, it says that is miss a liquid file. thanks

missed file: “layout/theme.liquid” thanks

sorry fixed.

is there a way to delete the slider on the home page? where i can found all the shortcode of the theme? like tab, the faqs ecc? thanks

Hi capitanoensy ,

Just refer the screen shot…


shortcodes style can be found in the following style sheets

ultimate.css.liquid starts from the line number 814 to 947
blue.css.liquid starts from the line number 515 to 689

Rather than that if you have any queries, mail to manager@iamdesigning.com

Hey I just got your theme, and it’s really cool! I just for the life of me can’t change the color of that blue bar at the very top. I also would like to change the color of the drop down box to black. and change the color of the inside of the search box. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi therealhookupman,

You have to do some changes in CSS, If possible send your store login details to manager@iamdesigning.com , we will help on that…

sir I tried to upload the theme in shopify but there is some liquid file missed please help me to upload that theme to my shopify account

sir, how to create the list of categories and sub categories(sub menu) in theme

As capitanoensy said you have to unzip the file first and upload the other zipped file that you will have.

Hi firebrigade,

Just follow the standard shopify method using linked list….


Hi Firebrigade, you have to unzip the file first and upload the other zipped file that you will have

Hi Capitanoensy,

Thanks for your answer.

How to create the SORT BY widget as per our needs PRICE categories to be increased

Hi firebrigade,

There is no default option available to us the widget “Price based sorting” right now! If you wish we can help on your theme to add this feature.

Just you need to create smart collection with price range. We can populate sort by filter using linked list.

Hey there, planning to buy your template soon. Few cocerns. 1. We want to remove blue background from header(logo/search area) & footer. is there is a easy way to do that or we will have to play in the css?

2. It says Shopify 2.0, will you upgrade your template once say shopify upgrades its software.

3. Would need your support integrating this to our store. Thanks

Hi asrag

1)We have given an option in theme settings , but you need to work on CSS too.

2)Yes we will.

3)You can install and customize it as per our help document. if you wish to have further assistance sure we will do.

Hello there,

Im finalizing to buy your theme. Is there anyway customer can search any related information from tags?

For example , Red color collections, for size Small & Medium, Price below USD100.


Thanks maliksaifullizam,

Unfortunately these features are not added with current version , may be in future…

hello sir, this is from firebrigade in our site dailyzingzing.com we have some problems 1) if we upload a product images we need the front side to view but in some product it show’s back & side view & also we checkd the images name in alphabetical order it not get solved 2) the “left & right side” of the product images is not in the proper way it visible more long(vertically) and the picture quality is good but the we placed some other collections in that same which we can see in the bottom of the particular product that image is not clearly visible (particularly colour of that image) if we move the cursor to that picture it visible in correct manner we d’nt need that we need the image in an correct manner. 3) the pixels size of the image is same to all but in site we find the different varient in image size plz check that to and reorder that 4) next to the product view we find al coloum in that we see “sort by product”, “top rated products”, in tat “top rated products” you placed the “gionee brand” we want to place some other brand plz tell the options to change it we will change the products for a time period 5) AND THE MAIN PROBLEM IS WE ARE NOT SATISFY WITH THE VISIBILITY OF THE PRODUCT IMAGE PLZ TELL US THE PIXEL SIZE TO BE PACED i hope u got what we said plz reply us soon

We have mailed required screen shots & related details to your mail ID : karthikv965@gmail.com. Kindly go through it.

I’m slowly getting Ultimate theme to looking great. I am having a problem with the footer. In Theme Settings, under Widgets, I have Footer Menu, Footer Text Widget, and the 2nd Display Contact Module (with the address, etc) checked and active.

I have Newsletter Subscription unchecked (I don’t have a newsletter)

I also have the 1st Display Contact Module checked with a Google Map iframe code that I created in the appropriate box, but it is not displaying on the page. So now only 3 out of the 4 footer columns are showing. The 4th footer column is blank – and it should have the Google map.

Thanks! Nancy

Hi Fairriver,

Actually default footer section will have only “Text Widget, Footer links, News Letter & Address section. If you wish to have map code in 4th column you need to copy the liquid script from “page.contact.liquid” to 4th column div section [div class="column one-fourth"]...[ ]

It will not populate automatically when you click “Map code module” .

Still if you find difficulties in working with these changes ,just forward your shopify store login details to manager@iamdesigning.com, we will help on this.

Thanks, Ram.

I have a question before purchasing the theme. On mobile devices no text or buttons appear on the slider. Is that a bug or is that by design? Can that be changed? I would like to have text, and links to promote featured products on the slider.

Hi Vinod,

We have hidden text and button for responsive mode in order to view the slider images fair without any overlaps. Perhaps it can be changed and make visible if you need by modifying style property

Thanks, Ram


i have purchase the theme .

The ‘REGISTER’ customer is not display.

Only ‘LOGIN ’ on top of the web.

How to display the Register Option . (for new customer to register)


Hi ,

I need to change the ‘SHOP’ button on banner image to ‘ENROL NOW’

How to do that . Thanks

Hi maliksaifullizam,

Have you enabled the account are optional in admin setting? if so Register link will be appear automatically. Plz check it out. Or kindly send your sore login details to manager@iamdesigning.com. We will check into that.

For changing text to “ENROL NOW” you need to change the liquid code in the snippet called “layerslider.liquid “


How to remove the slider from the homepage?

I want to replace it with 360storefront carousels.

Kind regards,


Hi marc19a, Just disable slider at THEME SETTINGS, And add your custom 360storefront carousels in Index.liquid.

Thanks, Ram.

Hello there,

A couple of questions:

1- How do I make the product pages to occupy full with rather than 2/3rds of the page. Basically how do I get rid of the Log in page on the right while under product view.

2- I have tried to change colours as this one in green: http://wedesignthemes.com/themes/dt-ultimate/ but the menu colours don’t change.

3- Is it possible to change colour while the description tab are selected? At the moment is not very obvious which tab is selected when reading information, it would be nice to have the tab highlighted with the same colour as the colour used for the theme (like gree)

Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi ed_naos ,

1)TABS: Plz check screen shot

2)Review: You need to install the review app https://apps.shopify.com/product-reviews

3)( http://www.filedropper.com/product_2 ) is not working plz check..



Kindly send your doubts & queries to the mail address manager@iamdesigning.com instead of using comment section.

The sidebar of the blog page is broken. The sidebar appears below the blog entry list rather than next to it.

I wish for the description to show on the collection pages. Its descriptive to the products shown in that collection. I filled out the description box but nothing appears on the collection page itself, just the products from that collection.

How do I turn this on?



Your customer service is great. Thanks for the fix!

Hello I bought Ultimate | Responsive Shopify Theme

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Please help me what can I do now?


It seems you have installed the core file that you downloaded from themeforest. Plz extract it and then install the ultimate-theme.zip found in the extracted folder.. Also kindly refer the documentation for installation help…

Thanks, Ram.