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Good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ…

Good Work designthemes

Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Mani…

very nice. who created the icons (contact)?

Thanks… we have edited few icons by our self… but let me comeback with exact name of the icon package we have used.

Hello this theme loks really good !

is it possible to comment prtfolio item ?

thank you

Thanks for the appreciation… you can enable or disable comment for any item / post / page from backend easily.

Hello designthemes, I consider tot buy this Wordpress theme. I have a question. Is there a Translation Support for the Dutch language? Anothe question: are the colors easy to change?

Hi, Thanks for showing interest…

1. The colors are very easy to change from back-end. 2. The template comes with .mo and .po files, you can change the language… If you find it difficult, let us know!


Great looking theme. I have pre-sale questions. Are the home page layout options limited to just the four included pages or can shortcodes and/or widgets be also be used to style the page any way I want. Thanks in advance for your help.

You can create unlimited home page designs…we have just showcased few possiblities…there are a lot of shortcodes available to build pages with all your creative energy.

Is it possible to translate the issue with a program like poeditor? I need the theme in Spanish

Yes…you can use po editor.

If you find any difficulties…let us know…we can support.

Will I be able to add images and text into the horizontal tab boxes and place it on the home page? Thanks

Yes…easily possible with shortcodes.

Layer slider and revolution slider are not active – how do I make them active? I get a message when selcting them in pages builder… Please activate Revolution Slider , and add alest one slider.

I have active slides

Due to revised license terms on TF, we were not able to upload the plugins along with the last upload. We got permissions now, we will update the package with the plugins… you can find the plugins folder in the next update. You will have 2 premium sliders, layer, revolution.

Slider is not showing up in Safari browser. Any help?

we have answered in the below thread…

Sorry its not a safari issue its a responsive issue. The slider disappears when viewed on mobile device or small window.

In the backend

1.Ultimate -> Responsive & Mobile -> Responsive tab

you can see an option to disable slider for mobile devices, please confirm it is “NO”

Please let us know, if you find any difficulties.

got it, thanks.

Also having issues with sidebar not showing up on blog page even when sidebar is selected.

it seems like the sidebar options and blog layout options are not taking effect. I sent requested info.

1.Make sure you have selected blog template

2. Ensure, you have selected to show right or left sidebar

Let us know this is working!

It’s all ok….Skip the next comment from jpfcvw…

Thanks for the update…

Recommenting..As I have purchased the theme using this account. Hi, Thanks for the awesome theme. But I can’t activate the theme. When I try to activate it says : Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/uer/public_html/demos/pm/wp-content/themes/premier/framework/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344 Can you please help me fixing this ?

Thanks for the update…


I can’t find the slider plugins, where are they?

Kindly download the updated version…where we have included the plugins!


I understand the plugins are not on themeforest. Ok then i tried the other sliders, but after making the slides, i can’t add them. It just don’t work as on the video ( youtube) ik think it’s something with wordpress, i tried it on a mac and windows browsers. Can someone please help me?

Hi, Kindly download the updated version…where we have included the plugins!

I can´t find the .po and .mo files for translation within the whole package. Where are they? If they are not included, hwo do I have to name the files to get it work?


We are updating the theme with Portuguese and french languages tomorrow.

Sorry that we have missed to add the language folder!

Kindly find the attached .zip language file.

Please add language files with folder name “lang” in Ultimate root folder.

Kindly find the attached screenshots for more help.

Thanks for help.

I there i have purchased and downloaded the Ultimate theme but cannont seem to upload it. I understand this will be an error my end but can you assit me in resolving it please.

I have unpacked the zip. removed the PSD files Rezipped the 3 files that are left into 1 up loaded to wordpress through the dashboard comes up with an error “are you sure you want to do this?” Then nothing!

Any assistance with this would be fantastic

kindly watch the above video.

Still need help, feel free!

Touch slider not loading images – I have emailed today but had no response. I will email again in 2 minutes GMT 17:24

We have updated you site, and emailed you the details!