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hello, I’ve emailed you because of slider is not working. i’m struggle with the integration of ultimate theme…i need proper documentation for this ultimate template…

my email id is seosureshseo at gmail dot com

Im having an odd issues. If you look at a post on my dev site, you can see its taking a post and repeating it? same post twice on the same page. what can cause that?

To add to this, it looks liek it only happens when I have all the social shares turned on. If I disable down to just FB, twitter, and G+ it doesnt do it anymore. Turn them all back on, and does it again.

You can use the following shortcode for setting up your homepage as required,
[page id="2" column="3" featured_image="yes" read_more="yes" read_more_text="Read More" excerpt_length="500"/]
Note: Columns = 1, 2, 3

And you can edit the source code from ”\framework\theme_shortcodes\theme.php”

Hello. I am customizing this theme for a friend that purchase it here. I cannot figure out how to add/edit the three homepage boxes with text (Easy Customization, Multiple portfolio Columns, 10 Amazing skins).

I tried to set up widgets for pages and put on the homepage. When I went under appearance, I added three text widgets with html featuring the image link and a url to link to and that didn’t work either. None of it shows up, (just: Easy Customization, Multiple portfolio Columns, 10 Amazing skins), but it is not in the shortcode to edit. There is no video or documentation support.

Please help ASAP. My email is:

Her username is: atuckerblackmon

I am pretty much asking the same question as user: EVANHAWK from 3 days ago!

He said, “In your dummy data for the home page, you have a three column area that you have a shortcode in that shows an image and excerpt from pages or post in three columns id=”560”/][/one-third] id=”560”/][/one-third] id=”497”/ ][/one-third].

But my question is how I configure or find notes on how to configure…”

You can use the following shortcode for setting up your homepage as required,
[page id="2" column="3" featured_image="yes" read_more="yes" read_more_text="Read More" excerpt_length="500"/]
Note: Columns = 1, 2, 3 And you can edit the source code from ”\framework\theme_shortcodes\theme.php”

Does the latest version of this theme support Wordpress 3.6? I have version 1.1 of this theme installed and I get an error trying to upgrade to Wordpress 3.6. Also there seems to be no way to upgrade this theme within Wordpress so do I just download the latest version and update man ally?

Yes, you just have to download the latest version of our theme manually from Themeforest and try upgrading to Wordprss 3.6 then..

Hello I got the error after i install the theme i.e “LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue”...How can solve this issue …..please provide proper documentation about this ultimate theme….i suffered last 1 week on-words…you people are not responding.

Hello! I am having some cross-browser issues with this theme. In some older versions of FireFox the menu doesnt look right and the color settings dont work. What can I do about this?

We checked your website from our side. But, we didn’t find any issues as you mentioned in your comment. Please send us the older versions of Firefox, in which you are getting issues. So that, we can check and fix it ASAP.

How can I send you attachments?

We have checked your site in IE9, IE8 IE7, and Firefox browser. We didn’t receive any issues, as you mentioned.

Can you please provide us the screenshot ( of your issue ) with the Firefox browser, which you are using now.

So that, we can have a clear look on it and fix the issue ASAP.

You can send the attachments by uploading in this website and send the link to us.

Hi this message is from my web designer, please research this and get back to me asap, I would appreciate it .

The slider, as you know it only slides from 1 to 2, and then stops. I have tried everything I can think of, redid slides, rearranged slides, and so forth, but to no avail. I need for you to contact the developer, (as the buyer) and ask what the heck is going on. There must be a setting somewhere, but I cannot find it. The slider being used is the Cycle Slider with 3 slides entitled Cycle Slide 1, etc.

refer to our site please


M. Summer

We checked your website from our side. But, we didn’t find any issues as you mentioned in your comment. May be it’s due to some customization you have made in your site.

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP) immediately via the right bottom, located at So that, we can check and fix your issues ASAP !.

I just submitted a request with the info , re: Ticket ID #RZE-359-48661 Full Name Mitch Summer Email

Thanks for sending your WP deatils.

We checked your site, we also need your FTP login details to work with jQuery to fix the issue.

How I can change the width of sidebar?

How to reduce the number of paging?

a) You can’t change the sidebar width in the backend. But, it is possible to change the sidebar width by editing the “style.css” file that is located in the Main theme folder.
b) If you need to reduce the number of paging in blog page, you have to change the number in “Post per page” option that comes under blog page settings. You can also refer this Screenshot –

Hi there, Can you guys please help me, I need to Change the text Our clients in the carousel shortcode, can you guys please tell me in eache file can I find it?


Hi, Thank you for purchasing Ultimate!

You can find the shortcode we used for “Our Clients” jCarousel in our theme as below

Hereby changing the title attribute value in this shortcode, you can set any other terms instead of “Our Clients” as your preference.

is there an upgrade to Wordpress 3.6?

thanks and yours Horst

In Internet Explorer and Older versions of Firefox the menu doesnt work:

Please mail us the attachment through the right bottom form @

Please help

how can i create TABS in one line? Shortcut in the editor gives only one TAB separate.

Thanks and yours Horst

To disable post-meta values in blog page,

Please go to Pages->Blog Page->Edit

Click “Yes” to Disable Author Info, Date Info, Comment Info in the blog pages.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference,

Note: If it’s not a blog template page, kindly give mail us your site credentials immediately.

Sorry – become no anser to m question: how can i create TABS in one line (TAB1, TAB2, TAB3 …. ? Shortcut in the editor gives only one TAB separate.

I killed the theme – will work with another theme.

I’m angry – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

maybe will work in future for another of my customers.

You can create “tabs” in a single line!

Please check the URL


Touch slider not working in IE 10. Can you share update of JS? website is

Kindly replace the “fmslideshow.min.js” file located at ultimate\framework\js\public\fmslider\ with the attached one,

Hi. I would like to introduce another font, how do I do this and if it doesn’t appear in the Buddha font panel how do I choose it? Thanks.

You have to edit “include.php” file that comes under “framework” folder. Then, you can add new Google Fonts as per you wish.

Check this screenshot for a clear look –

Hello… My home icon in menu disappeared after i created a new menu. what i do?

The given Screenshot will help you in creating “Home Icon” to menu.

Beautiful theme, great purchase!

I just have a few questions:

1. Does this theme support custom CSS? I am trying to hide the woocommerce sort function on the products page.

2. I would like to make the search in the header be a product search instead of site search.

3. I would like to add a telephone number where the social icons are displaying in the header of the demo website.

4. I am using a catalog plugin for woocommerce which removed the add to cart functionality. Can the thumbs be edited to remove the space where the add to cart button was?

Thanks for your appreciation :)

Yes ! Our theme supports custom CSS integration.

So you can add or integrate your own custom CSS as shown above for,

-> Hiding WooCommerce sort function on the products page

-> Removing the space after the catalog page thumbs

And you will need to customize “header.php” file for,

-> Making the header search form to have product search instead of the default site search functionality.

-> Adding a telephone number to display on the header..

If you want us to do this customization, we would charge our minimum cost as we do normally.

Hi guys my WP-UI plugin isnt working with your theme, can you please advise why this is the case and if there is anything i can do to remedy the situation. Please see example here –

Sorry for the inconvenience anyway !

We can’t be able to check our theme compatibility with all the plugins.

And now our theme will support and compatible with basic (recommended) plugins like,

1. All in One SEO,
2. Yoast SEO,
3. Contact Form 7,
4. Metronet Reorder Posts,
5. WooCommerce – Excelling eCommerce
6. WPML – WordPress Multi-Lingual

May be in future, we will try to make our theme to compatibly work with WP-UI plugin.

how can i remove the overlay color from carousel

i want show the original color of icons ,no need black overlay