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Was curious if the logo area had a set size or if it adjusted based on the size of the logo you uploaded? Something maybe that is more square than rectangular?

Hi there! Thanks for the response. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be a problem, so glad to know that! As for the top bar where the logo sits—it is possible to change the color separately from the menu bar, correct?

Yes of course ! It is possible and you’ll have the options to change Header background (and Menu background) separately from our BuddhaPanel.

Fantastic! (I figured, but wanted to be sure for the client.) Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

hi there – I purchased the template and I’m having one problem. I want to set all of my posts (the actual posts) to have a right sidebar. So, far I have only found how to do this on the page that lists the blog posts.

Can you pls help me?

Thank you so much, Ellie

I am able to go in and change each post, manually by selecting the right, left or no sidebar option. However, I have 1,000+ pages and posts so this manual option is not helping. Is there a template I can make so the right sidebar will be active always?

Thank you for any help you can provide…

Currently, we have no such templates as you’ve asked, whereas all the posts and pages were been in the “No sidebar” layout by default.

However if you want to change the default layout to have Left / Right Sidebar, we can make it possible with some minor customizations.

And if you want us to help with this, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @ – the sprite icons aren’t appearing in the homepage ‘Services’ area. I can see them in the theme images folder. Any suggestions please?

It seems that the website you’re asking to is made from our Core Wordpress Theme.

So please consider posting all your queries with the right place at the corresponding theme support section as following,

Hi. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Service Section Shortcodes should be similar to,
[bordered_box title="Stunning Websites" icon="help-icon"] [bordered_box title="Social Media" icon="strategy-icon"] [bordered_box title="Digital Marketing Plan" icon="chemical-icon"]
Note: If you are happy with our Theme and Support, please rate the item! We expect a 5 star rating from your side :-)

Hi I just bought the theme and would like to know if you can send me the template as you have it in the demo page so I can change it.

We already provided the dummy data (XML) file along with this theme package which will help you get the demo page templates and contents we’ve used.

You will get them in 2 different ways as following,

1) Go to “Wp-admin/Dashboard” and then click on the “Import Dummy Data” from the right top of our Buddha Panel.

2) Or else you can use the default Wordpress import (plugin) option to load our XML demo data manually itself.

finally purchased:D tnks.going to install.i hope be a good choice

Thanks and of course, we’re sure that you’ll feel that this is a good choice then !

Hope things are going as you expected. Have a great day.


How to disable every link in footer widget area on new line?

Please add the following lines into your “style.css” and check then.

#footer .widget ul.sabai-wordpress-widget-entries li { border:none; width:auto; float:left; }

#footer .widget ul.sabai-wordpress-widget-entries { border:none; }
If you still get any issues with it, please get back to us immediately.

Thank you! Works)

If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your rating :-)

The rating of 5/5 would be much helpful and we’ll be really happy to help at all then.

Good morning! We went forward and purchased this theme (thank you for your earlier help btw), but I ran into two issues at this moment:

1) The logo spacing for top, bottom, left, and right will not work with the parent theme or child theme (currently using the child theme that came with it called Delicate Child). I tried adjusting it, but nothing happens.

2) Your theme said it supported WooCommerce, but I got this after installing it: “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)”So does this mean your theme can technically handle WooCommerce, but WooCommerce itself will not provide support for this theme? I just want to be sure!

Sorry, there has been a mistake while replacing the files we’ve sent you before.

So please consider the following links to download and use them by replacing your existing ones as already stated,

And you’ll get rid of those issues you’re current facing from your end. Else if you get anymore issues then, please get back to us immediately.

Hi there, Thank you for the updates—logo spacing is working on the child theme I’m using and the WooCommerce alert is now gone. :) Updated to WP 3.7 and everything still looks good!

Oh that’s great and Thanks for all your interests !

If you really like our theme and the support, please feel free to give us a rating (5/5 will be much appreciated).

It will be much helpful and we really feel very happy to help at all then.

hello i expect it was a great’s a perfect and formal bussiness theme. two question:1)how can i set a contact and about us widget in the footer area?(such as demo).2)how can i active revolution sliders?i can’t see any options.tnks

i resolved this question.tnks but how can i set about us widget in footer area like demo?

You can have or setup the about us (Our Framework) section as demo, simply by placing the text widget in your footer with the following shortcode,

Hi I am having problems with the main blog feed and posts. I have given them all a left hand column, then added them to the widget area on the Buddha bar, then created widgets in the widget area. But they aren’t showing the widget. Plus I can’t get the comments field on even though I have selected comments on for each page. It keeps going backing to ‘no’ when I go in.

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located at our user page below,

So that, we can check out the issue from your side, and will help you get a quick fix for that ASAP !

Friend How do I put all the letters of the posts in black.

Currently, without determining any color they appear as gray.

I wish they all appear as black (“color: # 000000”), automatically in all posts.

Congratulations on the magnificent thema.

Stenio Carneiro

Thanks for your appreciation :-) You can make all post contents to appear in Black simply by changing the body font color from our BuddhaPanel options.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference,

Hey there i bought this template a while back and installed it as well as the demo content, however never used the template yet and i just received a letter in the mail from getty images saying that im being sued for $800 bucks because you used a image of there’s without permission, so if you have permission please send me the documentation stating that you purchased this image… other wise they are telling me that they have to sue me and i’m to sue you for my damages.

this is the image they are talking about

Please contact us via the right bottom form located at our user page below,

Hi you wrote: that is possibile to use prettyPhoto without protfolio. But how, only add rel=”prettyphoto” doesnt work. Thanks

Hope you’ve seen the test (sample) page we’ve already given you as a reference for adding prettyPhoto for regular page instead of gallery pages.

However if you followed the same method, that will work everywhere including Wordpress gallery as well.

There isn’t an option in Wordpress Gallery to put links like “data-gal=”prettyPhoto” – Wordpress uses “Shortcodes” for Galleries so it’s not possible to add attributes. Of course it would work if we edited the Code with Dreamweaver for example. But we solved it by placing the pictures seperately. Thanks for your help anyways.

Thanks anyways for your kind information !

We’ll consider and try checking this from our end, to find if any other possibilities there.

And will get back to you with the right solution ASAP !

Hello! I am continue building my my network using your great theme) Right now, I am writing documentation of my project. i use it

Can you help me to edit css? I have problem with selector/menu (left bar) and title view. my site: plugin demo:

Can I disable search (top) only on, not on mu network?

Yes, you can possibly disable the search form on one site from your multisite network..

How can I do it?

To remove the search form on the header, first get into the “header.php” file from your corresponding theme or site.

Then please find and remove the line of “get_search_form()” function from it as shown below,

What is the best way to change the titles of the meta options on the template pages. Such as changing ” Client Name” to Customer name”

If you want to change those strings for your backend, please find and go to Line.No: 49, 56 & 63 from,


Or if you want to change those strings from your front-end, please find and go to Line.No: 49, 52 & 55 from,


What is the best way to change the titles of the meta options on the template pages. Such as changing ” Client Name” to Customer name”

If you want to change those strings for your backend, please find and go to Line.No: 49, 56 & 63 from,


Or if you want to change those strings from your front-end, please find and go to Line.No: 49, 52 & 55 from,


Hi guys! GREAT theme :-) Just ran into a small problem:
I’ve updated to the latest version and all the slider options disappeared from dropdown list op pages’ admin:
Touch Slider Cycle Slider Nivo Slider.
I re-uploaded the Layered and Revolutionary zip files, clicked again import “Dummy content” – got Layer Slider and Revolution Slider back (without any of my existing sliders) – but still NO touch, cycle, Nivo or responsive slider to choose from and all my existing sliders disappeared :-(
Please advice ASAP.
Thanks & regards, MJG

Thanks for all those Happy/ Anger words :-) We were on leave for 3 days. And so, we can’t get back to you in time! But, we guess that you have got rid of the slider issues!

Please let us know, if you find any more difficulties regarding our Theme in future!

Hi guys!
My apology for my impatient behaviour, was just working at a deadline and the last straw was sliders disappearing ;-) Totally understand now that the two existing sliders have MORE than enough functionality!
Glad you were away and I did not spoil your weekend/leave ;-) Kind regards, MJG

No Problem :-) We understood your situation!

If you find any more issues, please mail us through the right bottom form at . Or through our Support forum @

I am interested in this theme – Ultimate by Buddha Themes. Is the $55 an annual or one time license fee to keep up with updates? Mikiwork

Thanks for your interest!

Purchase this Theme for $55 ( one time fee ) and get free Updates :-) We will provide you free support for some minor customization’s too!

MJG007 yes,it’s a wonderful theme

How do I obtain dummy content of this template?

You can obtain the dummy content for this theme easily from our Buddha Panel,

Compliments on your theme design! Pre-sale Question: Is it possible to create multiple contact pages for a business with separate locations (maps), phone numbers and staffing personnel for appointment-setting, etc.? i.e., a line of medical clinics sharing one main site?

Thanks for the appreciation…Yes it is Possible to create different contact pages with unique location map, form!

Our theme comes with 2 in-built contact forms and it supports Contact form 7 plugin as well.

So you can possibly create multiple contact pages with different location maps as needed.