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Friend, How do I get the contact form at the end of the posts to appear the name, email and the object. This is because only appearing =



and space for COMMENT.

Again thank you for your dedication to providing a magnificent topic.


Sorry for the inconvenience anyways ! But we can’t understand or get into your query clearly as what you’re asking for actually.

In order to have a better understanding, please try to be more specific with any screenshot like references if possible.

Or just leave us a mail with your website URL and your site credentials immediately via the right bottom form located at our user page above.

So that we can check it in your end, then help you find the quick solution to get rid of the issues ASAP !

Friend, thanks for your contact so fast.

But reading the explanations given in previous emails managed to solve the problem.

Its theme is so wonderful to know that without working with html, css, I managed to get here, see:

Thanks for everything. Continue with this beautiful work: Stenio

Yes sure Stenio :-)

We feel happy to hear this and we’ll keep helping with you all !

Thanks for updating with us anyway ! !


I’m looking fro the following but couldn’t find in the demo:

Partner/client scroll faq

Does the theme support a child theme or custom css area. And is it possible to make the slider smaller?

Many thanks for your time


(a). Here is the Shortcodes ( ) to make the Carousel section, as look like the demo!

(b). Yes. This theme Support Child Theme

(c). We have used Layer and Revolution Slider in our Theme. And so, you can edit the height/width easily.

Hi Guys,

The template Buddha panel has stopped working.

It’s visible, but none of the buttons work.

This error message appears at the very bottom:

“Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/davidsou/public_html/maintest/wp-includes/meta.php on line 571”

Any clues?


Peter Wiseman

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please try to activate the Default theme, and check it once again. If the same problem continues, then kindly mail us the FTP and WP details of your website through the bottom right form @ . We will have a look at your issue and solve it ASAP!

Hi Peter Wiseman,

Thanks for sending us your site credentials anyway !

We have checked out the issues from your side, and just tried uploading our theme’s latest version through your FTP access a lot times.

We can access your FTP, but we’re getting a connection error while uploading our theme same time.

So please consider using the latest version (v3.2) by downloading from Themeforest and re-install our theme again via FTP upload.

Thanks, Ram.


You have made a great job with this template. My internet site is almost ready, but I have one issue: how can I set up the contact form. I use [contant_form_2/] but it doesn’t work.

Thanks you for your help.


Thanks for your appreciation anyway :) Please try using the below shortcodes for setting up your contact form,
[contant_form_1 to="" /]
[contant_form_2 to="" /]

If you still get any troubles using it then, please consider using the Contact form-7 whereas our theme is also compatible to use with.

In the layer slider section Unable to verify purchase code. Here is the error I get: Your purchase code doesn’t appear to be valid. Please make sure that you entered your purchase code correctly.

Please get us back immediately via mail from the right bottom form located at our user page below,

So that, we can send you the purchase code for both of those sliders to use in our theme then.

I have sent you a message via above link and I still haven’t got anything.

Sorry, but we didn’t get anything from you yet. So if possible, please consider sending it once again anyway.

can I add carousel without “Our Clients” header?

Kindly check out the screenshot attached here, to have a better understanding with Category IDs,

Yes, the portfolio carousel shortcode can only be used for portfolios.

And you can possibly use any other content with “our clients” shortcode.

But you may have to work on the design changes based on your content as needed.

wow, that category ID :) you may want to include that in documentation as I couldn’t find anything even remotely related to that. Thanks for your support.

I am trying to install and activate the Revolution Slider to show only on the front page. In which template file does the code apply to be entered? <?php putRevSlider(,”homepage”) ?> Thanks

Disregard – I found the issue and the slider is now working. ;-)


I am really enjoying the theme thus far.

I just had a quick question: The post I’ve made has a really wacky footer – is there a way to fix it?

Here’s a link to the page:



Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your appreciation and getting us back with your website URL, clear query and all.

As we have checked out your website, we found that the social share plugin you’re using only conflicts issues and causing a really wacky footer thereby.

So please consider to disable or deactivate the plugin and try to use any others for it then.

Thanks, DT


What is the shortcode to show the “Popular Post” like in the Demo Homepage – MultiPurpose Theme.

Thks Juanca

Hi Juanca,

Kindly check and make use of the following shortcode for setting up the “Popular Posts” as shown in our demo theme’s homepage.
[posts categories="4,5,6" column="1 or 2" read_more_text="Read More" excerpt_length="350"/]
Thanks, Ram.

Hi again…

I inserted this shortcode but nothing is showed.

[posts categories=”5,6,7” column=”2” read_more_text=”Leer Más” excerpt_length=”350”/]

The category numbers (5,6 and 7) corresponds to the tag_ID code in the caterories section.

What can be happening?

Thks Juanca

Hi Juanca,

Sorry for all the inconveniences anyways !

We have fixed out the post shortcode issue and also made your theme WooCommerce enabled.

And here we attached a screenshot to help you have a better understanding with adding WooCommerce widget on sidebar,

Thanks, DT.

Hello! Nice theme! but I have one question, how can I set the menu to only display the Home icon instead the name of the page? Because if I go to the section Menus and create my owns, the home icon dissapear.

Hope you can help me, thanks in advanced!

Please go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Appearance / Menus” and then enable the field “CSS Classes” from “Screen Options” on top right of that Menu settings page.

Thereby adding the class “home” with the corresponding page’s CSS Classes field, you can get home icon to display in Menu instead of its name.

Hope the following screenshot will help you have a better understanding on this home icon setup,


When I install the Woocommerce Plugin (v2.0.2) in my WP Plataform (v3.7.1) and Ultimate – Multi Purpose Responsive WP Theme (v3.2) this message is showed:

“Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)”

I dont know if it is the problem, but when I activate the right sidebar in the Shop Page (created by WC) with a WC Category Product Widget nothing is showed in the sidebar, it´s empty.

Other wigdets I configured previously on different pages work correctly.

Thks Juanca

We have fixed the post shortcode issue. Kindly check your site.

Ok, perfectly with the shortcode. Now, only remains the main problem I posted before. The WooCommerce widgets are not showing at the sidebar of the pages selected. i.e.: “Productos+” or for the Category “Productos+ > Aislantes”

Thks Juanca

Hi again,

All problems were solved.

Thks a lot to people of DesignThemes. Juanca

Hello I have the same problem as Juanca had. “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)”

Please add the following code within the “functions.php” file from your theme directory,
add_theme_support( 'woocommerce' );



The single product page shows a sidebar, and this is not needed. How do I remove the sidebar on the single product page? My website is

Sorry right now we don’t have an option to choose the column layout in the BPanel for the products. We will consider it for future updates.

Sorry, currently you won’t have an option to choose the No. of columns layout for shop (products) pages.

But, thanks for your interest anyways ! We will consider this feature for our future theme updates..

As you can see from our demo theme, that it works well in our end,

So, the issue may have been occurred because the conflicts from any of the plugins you’ve used with.

How can I make my custom background image fixed?

If possible, can you please get us back with any screenshot like reference on your query.

So that, we can have a clear look and will help you get an exact solution ASAP !

hello. a quick can i manage Meta information on single post?for example i don’t like to display categories on single can i hidden it? tnks

You can hide those options by the following process,

(a). Open WP-Admin -> Ultimate (Buddha Panel).
(b). In Buddha Panel, Click the “Integration” Tab -> Post, and scroll to “Post Meta Options” .
(c). Inside “Post Meta Options”, we provide an option to disable the Category & Meta Tag.

Please refer this Screenshot for a better idea –

Hello :) I cannot activate the layer slider updates. Its saying that the activation code isent valid. ??

I want to make my homepage the same way as demo. But i cant find the pictures for the sliders ?

And when i use the dummy demo, its all messt up, dont look like anything in the demo, as the video says.. Please help

Hello :) I cannot activate the layer slider updates. Its saying that the activation code is valid. ??

I want to make my homepage the same way as demo. But i cant find the pictures for the sliders ?

And when i use the dummy demo, its all mest up, dont look lige anything in the demo, as the video says.. Please help

Please get us back on mail via the right bottom form @

So that, we can confirm and then proceed sending you the quick and possible solutions thereby.

It’s possible to centered menu? Can you give me some advice?

If possible, please get us back with any screenshot like references on how you want the menu to be centered.

So that, we can have a clear view on it, and then we’ll help you get an exact solution ASAP !

I want to center like this… Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yes! It is possible, and you’ll just have to add the following lines in your Child theme CSS.
#top-menu { text-align:center; }
#top-menu li { float:none; display:inline-block; }

Hello, When people use the search that comes with the theme and enters a keyword, the results show the page, but it also shows date and author.

I tried to hide it in the child CSS, but it is still showing. What can I do to the child theme to eliminate showing the date, author, and decrease the space between the title of the page and description (where the date/author was) on a search result page?

I just emailed it to you.

Thanks for the credentials. We have checked the child theme’s styles. You have missed one closing braze for the styles. We have added it. Now the styles are applying.

Hope its working fine now…

On the mobile version of the website (on android phones) the format is showing up really skinny. It doesn’t fill the screen of the phone and looks very strange. Here are two sites it appears the same on:

Is there anything we can do to rectify this? The format is not correct when viewing on a phone.

Hope you’re just trying to ask about is the dark background around the container of our theme.

It just looks like that way, as you’ve used or chosen the “Boxed” layout for your site now.

You can rectify this simply by changing back to the “Wide” Layout from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Ultimate -> Appearance -> Layout & BG”

Refer this screenshot,

how to add certification logos e.g) iso9001 in header

Go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Ultimate / General” and choose “Custom Image Logo” option thereby.

Now, you can add or upload any of your own custom logo into your website as shown below.

Once if you’ve uploaded your logo, click on “Save All” to update and then check in your front-end.