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How can I add a navigation sidebar on each page like this? ( I wanna have I own navigation sidebar on each page!

Create a page first, and assign “Feature Template” as the page template for it. This would be the parent page.

Then create some Child pages for the above created parent page. And of course, “Feature Template” should be the page template for those pages too.

Now, you’ll get a Side navigation page once if you’ve added or published all those pages.

Friend, How do I put a color within a common table. Also increase the width of your border. Until now it was unable to this TEMPLATE. Forgive me for the simple question, is that I’m not good with language. I’m using this:

God is Truth itself and as such is not deceived and can not deceive.

But is not working. Can you help me?

Thank you in advance. Stenio

Hi Stenio,

You can put or use the colors to be applied in border and background of the common tables simply by writing the custom CSS in your Child theme. You can also increase the width of the border easily as below,
table { background: #000; border:3px solid #000; }
Thanks, Ram.

Dear friend , I have been working on your issue without knowing almost nothing about css and html . I got a lot, because I am genius, is not that the subject is very good to work with.

The truth , then, is that I do not know exactly where to put this code you sent. Moreover , it seems that will serve for the whole site and is not what I want .

Would you like something I could change it from post to post , according to convenience. And that could be placed anywhere in the post. In addition to changing its edge and color in each post. Like that presented here : In another template , all this was possible with the code I presented , but with Ultimate I can not even change color or border.

There is some code that works individually on each post? Is it possible?

Sorry to bother you . Sorry English is the translator google does not help . Thank you in advance for your response . Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year . Stenio Carneiro

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @

So that, we can help you get rid of all your issues simply by removing some conflicting CSS styles.

Opssss, sorry, did not work out what I wanted to show.

I’m sending this link so you understand what I say.


Thanks for everything. Stenio Carneiro

My friend, I was sure I had long since given him the highest rating. I think I do not know how to do. Please explain me how to do it, I’ll do right now. Stenio Carneiro.

Em Português: Meu amigo, eu tinha certeza que há muito tempo já havia lhe dado a classificação máxima. Creio que não sei como fazer isso. Por favor, me explique como faço isso, que eu farei agora mesmo. Stenio Carneiro.

Please look at the screenshot attached here to have a better understanding with item rating.

Yes friend, you’ve already rated our theme. Thanks for your good rating anyway !

Theme is amazing! Curious as how to have all the menu items on one line instead of it going to the second line? I will have 8 total links when I am done.

Thank You

do i need to change it in the css? or…

I figured it out thank you

Thanks for updating with us anyway !

Hope you’ve fixed it by adjusting the menu padding from “style.css”

Let us know, if you need anymore help on it.

Hi there,

I need URGENT help. For some strange reason the homepage content below the slider no longer displays and the navigation menu drop downs don’t work any more. However, if you click on the Contact Us menu item and navigate to the contact page, the menu drop downs work when on this page but no others.

url is


We have checked out the link of your website from our end. But, we didn’t find any issues as you’ve mentioned.

Instead, we can see the content below the slider and the dropdown menu works well only.


I need help please using ultimate 3.2 and Wordpress 3.8

The child theme breaks all padding and margins when I activate it. It also only comes with 2 files custom.css and functions.php is this correct?

The style.css is saying delicate and not ultimate.

Even when I change it to ultimate instead of delicate it is still breaking.

Help please!

(a). Sorry. Unknowingly, we have given “delicate” instead of “ultimate” in the style description. Please change the description of the “style.css” file in your child theme.

(b). In the child theme, “function.php” will be empty. If you want to add more functionalities, you can enter the code here and check those functions without affecting the Parent Theme.

Nothing I do works for the child theme. Is there an email I can use to contact you to show you screen shots?

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please share your Screenshots through the bottom right form @ .

Young friend, after adjustment of the tables, the contents of pullquote left to center. How do I centralize? See the Picture: Thanks in advance. Stenio Carneiro.
Please add the below given style in “style.css” file, to align the pullquote text to the center.
.pullquote2 { text-align:center; }

Friend As always prompt and friendly. It worked. Thank you. Stenio.

It Sounds Great! Thanks for your words.

I am having the same problem on mobile as noted by another user of this theme. In the boxed layout, the mobile version is too small and narrow because it includes the background.

Is there a way to remove the background in the responsive mode without having to change the site to the wide format?


It is because we have just removed the boxed background for the mobile version, without changing content area width. Anyway, if you can’t see any changes, then please share your website URL. We will check it and provide you the exact solution to get rid of it!

The background is still there even after I replaced the css file. The URL is Thanks, again.

Kindly download and make use of the “boxed.responsive.css” file attached here by replacing your existing one, to get rid of all your boxed layout responsive issues.


Great theme! Me and my clients both love this theme. We are using it over at

A couple of questions that I can not figure out for the life of me…

1.) I have added a “Request Info Now!” Button to the top right hand above the Social Icons. However, the spacing is incorrect and no matter what I do I can’t fit it directly above. Any help there would be much appreciated.

2.) I would love for the blog to show the entire post, pictures and all! I have it checked to do so in the Wordpress Settings, and have read a few articles – but can’t figure it out! (

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for such loving interest and your appreciations !

1). As we checked your site, we can’t find the “Request Info Now” button anywhere. So please make sure that you’ve used or inserted the button first. And then we’ll help or guide you through the proper alignment with it.

2). If you set a featured image for individual post, that image will show up in your blog page as below,

Or if you want to show all the contents of blog entry within the blog page, kindly follow the steps given below,

Go to Line.No: 140 from your “theme_directory -> tpl-blog.php” file and then replace it as following,
echo mytheme_excerpt($tpl_blog_settings['excerpt-length']);

by the_content();
Friend, after the changes in the tables, I started to notice a “BLANK” on the sides of the site. See photo: I do not know if it was because some plugin. Could you help? Thank you Stenio

It seems that you’ve added the pullquote style at the top of your “style.css” file. So that, the spacing issue occurs itself.

Kindly remove it from the top, and then consider placing it in the below or within the style rules as we already added thereby.

Young friend, It worked. You are 10. Thanks for everything. Stenio Carneiro


Thanks for all such loving words and appreciations !

Hope you’ve already provided your best rating to us.

Or if you didn’t rated yet, please feel free to rate us now.

Thanks, DT.

How do you do SEO Yoast with ultimate? I’m looking for a theme very well compatible with seo..


If you install “Yoast SEO” plugin, it will disable all other inbuilt SEO options.

Thereafter, you can handle all SEO options without any issues.

Thank you for this amazing theme. I am very happy with it so far.

A few things

1- How do you change the order of the menu in the feature template side nav?

2- I tried adding custom icons for a sociable link ( and it will only show the icon for the whatever sociable I was forced to select from the dropdown menu (in this case the default, delicious)

3 – I am also unable to allow comments on any of my posts despite having all of the options set to allow comments. Have you seen this before with Ultimate?

Thank you :)

Really happy about it ! If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating !

We’re just expecting 5/5 stars which would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all happily.

How do I rate you on here????

Please look at the screenshot attached here to get to know the rating process clearly.

Revolution slider question:


I have tried various methods of resizing images so they fit in the slider and for some reason, the slider seems to scale the images in a way that part of them get cut off from view.

I have the slider set to 960×480 and all images have been resized to to fit those dimensions, yet without fail, the image appears larger and cropped.

Best regards

Please consider using image with 960×480 dimension, and it will work fine itself.

I just stated that my images are 960×480 and they are still being cropped….

problem is solved. There was some sort of issue on my end where WP was resizing the images when I uploaded them

Hi, last time I edited my site the menu was on the site but today when I wanted to edit a few things I saw that is no longer there, so I deleted and created a new one but still is not appearing, is there some code that might be missing on the home page, perhaps I deleted something by mistake? thanks, here’s the site:

Never mind, I found what was the prob, I had two menus so it was running another one, curious thing is that it wasn’t showing that one neither but I selected “Home” and worked, thanks a lot

We feel glad that you’ve found the solution itself. If you need anymore help, you can post your queries here as well.

If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars will be much appreciated).

In the boxed layout, the mobile version is too small and narrow to read properly.

The fix you provided did not work. Can you suggest something else I can do to fix the mobile version?


Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

So that, we can check and have a clear look on your end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it with the better solution ASAP !

When setting a featured image for a blog post, there is always a grey box around the image that is much larger than the image. This “grey box changes on every page where a blog post is linked.

You can see examples here. (blog shortcode at bottom of body) (all posts) (post)

Additionally, I tried to modify my blog page ( ) to a 2 column layout and additionally tried to test what it would look like with a sidebar and I could not modify the page using the selections in edit mode. Its as if the blog template is ignoring the selections I make in the options.

Thank you designthemes!!!

1). Please get into the “style.css” from your theme directory, and then add the following CSS thereby.
.blog-post .post-thumb { background:none !important; border:none !important; }

.blog-post .post-thumb img { background:#e2e2e2; border:1px solid #d0d0ce; padding:5px; }
2) And we’ll need to check that 2 Col + sidebar layout issue from your end. So please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

It worked! Thank you. I will see about making you a login for the WP / FTP asap.

Yes please ! We’re looking forward to your mail for site credentials !

Hello, I am trying to use Google Tag Manager on my site so we can track conversion with my Digital Marketing partners. There are errors on my site that COULD BE causing the GTM to not function properly and I cannot seem to find out what is causing this. I have added the code with the integration feature into the body.


Screenshot of what my marketing partners think needs to be fixed:

Screenshot of the error I see on my site (possibly unrelated, but let’s fix this too):

Thank you again for all of your support. I am about to give you a star rating now. :)

We were not been aware of this “Google Tag Manager” plugin, and so we haven’t checked our theme compatibility with it.

If interested, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

So that, we can check and have a clear look on your end. Then we’ll help you rectify the issues with the better solutions ASAP !


I installed the theme on a site which is a developer url and then tried to migrate it to the original intended site and getting an error when I insert the license key, stating it is not valid. Can you unlink the developer url so I can enable it on the intended site which is


You can easily proceed with the migration, and there is no way to get any error with the license key.

However, we can say that it might have been occurred because the license keys of the slider plugins.

Anyways, we can help you with it once if you provided your WP & FTP access logins for both the sites.

You can use the right bottom form @, for mailing purpose.

What about the customer support? Fast or dangerous? :)

Your theme is very interesting but, before buying, I wonder about your customer support. Do you have fast and accurate answer?

Yes of course ! We do provide the minimal fast support with the better solutions ASAP !

I was disappointed to see in the latest update that the Cycle Slider was pulled from the offering with this theme. So, without crying, I moved on.

Now I am using the Slider Revolution plugin for a homepage slider and I would like to know when you are going to include the latest version of that plugin as an update for this theme? It is now at version 4.1.4. Version 3.0.5 is what is included in the download package.

Do you know when the latest version of that plugin will be included in this download?

Thanks, Will

We’ll try to release the next update of our theme with the latest version of sliders.

Meanwhile, you can make use of the latest updated Revolution slider plugin here with the link below,

Fantastic. Thank you for sharing this file. It is working so much better.

If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating !

We’re just expecting 5/5 stars, which would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all forever :-)