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i really like this. very good rendition in html 5 of almost what a native app looks like.

questions before buying:

1) will you include a redirect script so i can use a different desktop theme. 2) do the gallery images and thumbnails have to be a certain size in order for it to work? and can it be a mixture of portrait and landscape images. 3) what uses php in the template? guessing only the contact form.


Hi, thank you so much ;), I’ve been working today on many optimizations for this theme, I am almost finished with the update and I think you’re gonna love it ;)

1) Right now there’s no redirect script, but I’ll make one before finishing that update. So it’ll be there in v1.1

2) Full sized images can have any resolution you want, photoswipe support pinch to zoom so you will not loose anything with that. Thumbnails should be 160×160 for 4column gallery, 200×200 for 3column and 320×320 for 2column. You can edit these value from style.css.

3) Right, php is used only in contact form ;)

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Awesome theme. I will definitely buy more like this in the future. I am getting some javascript issues with it in FireFox..

Hi, thanks ;)... looking at it right now thanks for the info.

is this going to be WP soon? awesome template!

thanks very much ;) definitely, but I have 2 another HTML templates in plan to relese before doing wordpress theme ;), but hopefully soon.

do you use modernizr.js in this template ?

Hi, yes to detect transition support. Other detections are disabled so if you want to use theme, you can just download the full version of modernizr and paste it into your libs.js

Hi, apparently there’s a bug while browsing the Photo galleries on ipad and iPhone: when you tap on a thumb to watch the picture, tapping on “back” makes the browser freeze. I really love this template, hope you could fix this :)

Hi, I’ll try to update the Photoswipe gallery, could you please tell me what version of iOS are you using? Thanks ;)

Hi, thanks for your reply, I tested it on an Ipad 2 with iOS 6.0.1 and an Iphone 4 with iOS 6.0.1 as well.

Thanks again!


Yep, in iOS 6.0.1 there seems to be some problem I’ll have a look at that tommorow ;)

Kindly let me know if there is a way to hide scroll bar in menu. Can we hide sub menu initially and show it on click?

Hi, what scroll bar do you have in mind? By hiding the sub menu you mean the top bar ?

Dude, the side navigation doesnt work on Mozilla firefox? im using ver 17.0.1 for mac.

Hi, is this issue updated already? if yes, shall i re-download the html?

ah ok i saw it fixed.. thx!

You’re welcome ;)

When viewing the site on a mobile device, if you browse through a couple of pages, then press the back button on the browser, it brings up a blank page. I’ve seen this behavior in iOS 4-5.

Also, the left-hand default menu does not show all of the menu items when on a mobile device.

Both of the above are only applicable when viewing through mobile browser, but not on a desktop browser.

My site is at http://westside.com.au

Hi, redownload this theme again and use the main.js from the current version, it’s fixed now ;)

Apart from main.js, has there been any other changes to any of the other files as far as the back button issue is concerned? I’ve had to make several customizations and I couldn’t just overwrite them en masse. Thanks

no just copy the main.js, however I’ve just discovered that this behavior may not yet be fully fixed. So you can copy the main.js but I’ll work on this later today and hopefully relese an update for this.

Thanks Appreciate the extra effort, enjoy the new years break.

Thanks ;) you too, anyway the update could take a while until it’s uploaded because it looks like the Envato staff has also Christmas holidays ;)

Hi xRicrdx

I purchased your great mobile theme.

I really like the > Share Dialogue Box, which you have in the top header section, that when you click, it shows a > Mail Link, Facebook and Twitter link.

I purchased your theme mainly because of this as i have already built a HTML mobile website and was hoping to use that part from your mobile theme with my own mobile website.

Could you tell me – Is this possible that i can use the code for your Share Dialogue on my own mobile website that i have built ??

What script code do i need ?? Can i input the script from your mobile theme into my own site ??

I would have used your mobile theme to build my mobile website but i have already built my mobile site now, and saw this nice feature on your template and wanted to buy it to use on my site.

Thanks, and thanks for a great mobile theme.

Hi, feel free to use that as you wish ;), if you want to copy the share function, just copy and edit the links that the buttons have and if you want to copy the whole script, It’s just show/hide div with absolute positions. I don’t know the exact place in the script as I am not at home right now. But If you want, I could find that for you tomorrow.

Hi thanks for your reply. That’s very helpful of you. If I wanted to implement the Share Dialogue pop-up from the header I understand that I can copy the HTML markup but I would also need any script code etc to implement the effect yes ? perhaps if you could tell me the script code and where it is in your files that would be great. Thanks again and thanks for your awesome theme and support.

Hi, sorry for the late reply (Internet connection problems) but here you go. Using these scripts you should achieve the animation functionality.
var shareToggling = true;
$('.ShareDialogTrigger').bind('touchstart touchon', function() {
    if (shareToggling) {
        shareToggling = false;
    } else {
        shareToggling = true;
Then you also need to copy all styles located in style.css that responds to .ShareDialogTrigger class or any other related classes (there are few of them together, and the animation classes at the bottom of the style.css)

Hi xRicrdx

I purchased your great mobile theme.

I had already built my mobile website and was going to just use some features from your one, but instead decided to rebuild my mobile site from scratch using your mobile theme.

I have a slight issue regarding the menu -

When you click to open menu on mobile device and user scrolls up and down menu, every time user touches a menu item, it highlights the active color. So lots of menu items end up being selected.

Is it possible to just have it so that only the active menu item is highlighted ?? Like a normal active link ??

How can i stop all menu items that get touched from being highlighted ??

Everything else on your theme is incredibly high quality, it’s very fast and superbly optimized. Just need to sort this one issue i have.

Thanks again, and thanks for an amazing mobile theme!

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I had some problems with my internet connection but I hope it’s ok now… Only thing you have to do is to delete these classes and IDs from your script.js on line 314
, #listMenu a, .menu a
And thanks for the nice review ;)

I’m waiting over two weeks for support help and no reply.

Hi, I am sorry, I was in hospital for past 3 weeks, illness kept me busy, if you had question on ticksy, you should get answer within few hours.

Hi xRicrdx, hope you are feeling better.

I have noticed the menu transition effect in the HTML version of Ultimate is not working very fluently. When you click a link in the menu bar, the bar slides away and then the page disappears, but for some reason the menu bar re-appears again before loading the next page. It makes it feel very clunky.

Is there anything that can be done to make the transition smoother? I have uploaded a video of the issue – https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6rkwxpzbbuehwh/menuTrans3.mov

Thanks and good work!

That’s very strange. Can you give me access to your wordpress site so I could have a look at that? Send me them through e-mail. I am really sorry for late reply.

I sent you an email with some more info, however I am using the HTML version, not Wordpress.


first of all I am really sorry for not responding, unfortunately I had some major health issues and I wasn’t able to provide support during that time. It took over an month to fully recover but now I am here again and I’ll try to answer all your questions and fix problems with my themes. I am really sorry for you patience. Please if I won’t answer you in 48 hours, don’t stop bugging, because to be honest, I have it a lot that I need to do and I don’t want to leave out anyone. Thank you very much for your patience and I am deeply sorry for your inconvenience. Now to your problem:

I have uploaded an update with this problem fixed, thank you for pointing that out. However it will take time until it’s approved so I’ve sent you an update to your e-mail.

Can use this themes for Android app with PhoneGap. Because i tried the Tiger theme, and it doesnt work on Android.

Can you confirm compliance with Android before i buy this.

Hi, I am sorry I haven’t used PhoneGap yet, however I think it shouldn’t cause much of a problems I am not really sure how PhoneGap works so I can’t confirm that.

Hi! I want to make Greeting Cards app with social sharing of each picture in the album. Is it possible? – Thanks!