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I’m trying out a fresh magento 2.1 install and testing if Ultimo is usable for me (rather than my good 1.9 install), when I get to: php -dmemory_limit=1G bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy I get 1 error for every part. Is there anything I need to do with these errors?

=== frontend -> Magento/blank -> en_US === ... Successful: 2061 files; errors: 1 -

=== frontend -> Magento/luma -> en_US === ... Successful: 2137 files; errors: 1 -

=== frontend -> Infortis/ultimo -> en_US === ... Successful: 2186 files; errors: 1 -

=== frontend -> Infortis/base -> en_US === ... Successful: 2186 files; errors: 0 -

=== adminhtml -> Magento/backend -> en_US === ... Successful: 1997 files; errors: 1 -

=== Minify templates === ... Successful: 894 files modified

New version of deployed files: 1471949148


This issue isn’t theme related. This is core functionality of Magento (generating static files). There are many things that can go wrong, e.g. problems with server. You may find more details in Magento documentation and on forums, for example:

For support requests, please contact our support team through our new support center (we don’t provide support through comments any more). You can sign in with one click using your ThemeForest account:

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This will reflect the speed of their customer service. I have post the questions 8 days ago and I am still waiting for their answers. If you not answer them, I will NEVER buy any item from you again.

Before buy this theme, we have some questions:

1. have Ajax Search and Suggest feature? 2. quick view? 3. possible to remove captcha in check-out? 4. custom font? 5. custom design page? 6. back history button which can come back to last page? 7. If I need to custom features, can you implement them? Of cause, we will pay extra fee.


We’ve replied below your previous comment, we’re sorry for delay, we overlooked your comment.

For support requests and pre-sale questions, please use our new support portal:

We don’t provide support through comments any more – comments system don’t provide basic features and it’s very easy to overlook a question here. In our support portal you can sign in with one click using your ThemeForest account so it’s as easy to use it as to post a comment on ThemeForest.

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I’m having some trouble with this theme.

In Chrome and Firefox in the checkout page the main menu appears on the style formatting of the mobile menu and the menu does not work. Please take a look in my printscreen:

In the Chrome Mobile in the checkout page the main menu does not work too.

In IE 8 the main menu appears as mobile menu throughout the site and the menu does not work, please take a look in my printscreen:

My website:

Could you help me please?

Kind regards


This indicates JavaScript errors on the page. Most likely some conflicts with custom extensions/modifications. Please debug your page in “Firebug” or in Google Chrome’s “Developer Tools” to get more details about possible errors. JavaScript errors can cause all sorts of issues, for example, they can break dynamic elements such mobile header, dropdowns, sliders etc.

For support requests, please contact our support team through our new support center. You can sign in with one click using your current ThemeForest account:

We don’t provide support through comments any more – comments system don’t provide basic features.

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Hi, I uninstalled the only extension that had installed and the Javascript error continues, what procedure should I do to fix this Javascript error on the page? Thanks

We replied to your ticket. Please apply the changes and then reply to the ticket if you have more questions. Don’t reply in comments as our support team don’t have access to reply in comments.

Hello, your theme has been recommended to me.

I am interested in buying your theme, but there is not much information available regarding your magento 2.1 theme.

I know you have a good reputation with magento 1.x and that ultimo for 1.x is highly customizable.

My questions:

1. Does Ultimo 2 for Magento 2.1 include a detailed documentation/user manual like Ultimo for Magento 1.x? Is it 100 pgs+?

2. Is Ultimo 2 for Magento 2.1 as customizable as Ultimo for Magento 1.x? (by this I mean can I add custom blocks to side of product page like in Ultimo 1)

3. Does Ultimo 2 include self-generating HTML sitemap like Ultimo 1?

4. Will zoom feature in product page be incorporated into Ultimo 2? (Porto for Magento 2.1, and Fastest theme for Magento 2.1 already have zoom incorporated)

5. Finally, will Ultimo 2 receive timely updates? (I saw the delay responding to comments in themeforest page, so I am wondering if Ultimo 2 is a top priority for your company)

Thank you

Hi Ultimo theme support, Im naveen, there is problem in “Estimate shipping and tax Block”. im not able to find text box or drop down for State/Provinces. Also if i select country and give zip code for selected country and click on get a quote button, there is no result. Get a quote button is also not working…so please can help in finding a solution to this problem


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We want to upgrade our server from php 5.5 to php 5.6 Is this theme compatible with php version 5.6?


Theme is compatible with those versions of PHP which are supported by Magento. If you’re asking about Magento 1, then Magneto 1 does not support PHP 5.6, please see here:

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Hi, High rated theme, One pre-sale question;Are you providing Fly Cart and Quick view option? At-least are you supporting for that?

Hello, still i could’t not find reply for below queries to finalize my purchase

1 .Are you providing Fly Cart and Quick view option? At-least..Are you supporting for that?

2. I am using magento 2.1, Are blog and testimonial extensions free with theme package. Or I need to integrate separately?

3. I could not funny url’s like ”?___store=demo1_en” in your multi-store demo. Am i get same optimization in your quick install(demo)package?


1. and 2. Unfortunately there are no such features in Magento out of the box, you would need to install extensions which add this kind of functionalities to Magento.

3. This can be configured in Magento. You can get rid of these string from the urls. You can configure it in Magento admin panel under: Stores > Configuration > Web. See option “Add Store Code to Urls”.

Kind regards

Amazing support #infortis . Insha laah i will purchase your theme once your M2.1 demo ready,


lasuneet Purchased

Hey Infortis Team, would you have a demo for M2.1?


We’re working on it.

Kind regards


assa95 Purchased

I would like to remove the add to cart and qty box from the product page, but can’t locate the template file that handles it. Any suggestion?

I managed to figure it out. Actually the straight method is to use css. So just edit …/ultimo/base/web/_custom.less

Or go trough templates in MAGENTO_DIR/vendor/...

I suggest to enable magento developer template path hint which in 2.X is located under Store -> Configuration -> Advanced—> Developer.

This will help you figure it out where each template is located on your server. But take note that if you update the theme your job will lost, but as for my case I need to go to the templates to made some other modifications so it’s worth it!


MelAhlborn Purchased

When Installing Ultimo for Magento 2, if you are using a Mac, the utility OSX ‘Terminal’ can give you the server access that you need via SSH to your Magento host. You will need SSH credentials from your web host, and a white-listed IP. Here are some useful OSX Terminal command lines:

1. To refresh the Magento 2 Static Files, via OSX Terminal, run this: php /home/aaa/bbb/html/bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy where aaa= your directory and bbb= your web url

2. To enable the Ultimo theme via OSX Terminal, after uploading the theme files to your server via ftp, run this: php /home/aaa/bbb/html/bin/magento module:enable Infortis_Base Infortis_Brands Infortis_Cgen Infortis_Dataporter Infortis_UltraSlideshow Infortis_UltraMegamenu Infortis_Ultimo where aaa= your directory and bbb= your web url

3. To run the setup upgrade script via OSX Terminal: php /home/aaa/bbb/html/bin/magento setup:upgrade where aaa= your directory and bbb= your web url

Hope this saves you a bit of time,

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Is there a comparison between M1 and M2 theme features? I bought this theme based off the featured that are listed for M1 and there is no mention that some of them are missing in M2. It has been frustrating. I have built the basic site at http;// and am adding products now, but only 1 of the basic layouts is available still (I think M1 comes with 8 preconfigured homepages/demos?), lightbox isn’t working, can’t click on the thumbnail to go to the product (M1 demo clicking the image thumbnails takes you to the product page), etc. There are many functional differences and feature differences I have found – these are just a few – which is why I am asking for a feature comparison list. This should be added to your description page for your customers. At this point I have spent a lot of time and effort on the M2 theme and I am starting to wish I would have just stuck with the M1 version. Since there was such a long lag in updating the M1 theme it seemed like starting with the new M2 theme was the smart choice but now it seems perhaps I made a mistake. Will the missing features from M1 be added to M2 and if so what is the timeline/roadmap?


- For now there are settings and home page to import from demo1 and demo2. We’re working on the other demos right now. All files for import will be available when all demos are ready. So this isn’t any difference but just something that we’re still working on.

- Lightbox is working. Magento team has completely rebuilt the product gallery in Magento 2 (and all the associated features, such as configurable product swatches etc.) therefore we had to drop our old zoom plugin and Ultimo 2 now uses Magento’s default gallery which is much better and fully compatible with mobile devices.

- The issue with thumbnail is something that will be fixed in next update (it only happens when alternative image is enabled, link is covered by the image). I already told you that a week ago.

There may be other minor differences, but they are only caused by the fact that Magneto 2 is a completely new system which only looks similar to Magento 1, it was completely rewritten. So we had to adjust our theme to the new system.

If you have more questions, please use the ticket system:

Kind regards

Hi, Can you give me demo for magento 2.1 ?

Hello Infortis … Could you help me, I made the upgrade to the latest package Ultimo 1.16.1, and now the “header top” disappeared in the mobile version. Is it right?

Hello Pre-sale questions :)

Do you have Rich Snippet/SEO ? Daily Deal/Hot deal ? All magento 1 features available on 2.1 ? NewsLetter Popup ? Product Questions ?Blog ? Quick View? Testimonial ?Custom pages eg: about us/404 ?

Importantly: All features in Demo available with the theme ?


im unable to sign in to my admin after chaanging the url to

update; i fixed my url but im still getting a error when trying to sing in