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Hello. First of all. GREAT theme, I absolutely love it!

Is it possible to put dynamic values in the Custom tabs? Like. If I want to make a new attribute on products and put in dynamically into one Custom Tab.. ? (I hope you understand)

Thank you very much.

Regards, Remi


These blocks are only for static content (they are global, not product-specific). Static blocks in Magento are global, can’t be assigned to a specific page or product.

There are two other tabs on product page for product-specific info: 1 – Description: which displays product long description (videos can be embeded here) 2 – Additional Info: which displays product attributes. You can enable/disable each attribute’s visibility on product page with “Visible on Product View Page on Front-end” field in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [attribute] > Frontend Properties.



Question. Is the layout for configurable product page on the front-end not styled at all because on my install the layout is completely different to the simple products pages? If this is the case, is there an easy way to make them similar?



As you can see in the demo there are many configurable products and all are styled and layout is correct, e.g.:

If it works different in your store, then you must have some custom modifications or extensions.


I’m having trouble with spacing for


Magento adds spaces if you have new lines in the description. Remove spaces between HTML tags.


Does the brand slider have to have more than 2 brands to start the slideshow? Mine is working on a product page, but not on homepage yet.



If you now copy the code displayed in your post and paste it to your Magento it will not work because standard quotation marks were replaced with some different character (which only looks similar).

Correct code can be found in the user guide and in the sample home pages which can be imported.


Oh yes, this is the actual code.

The logos show on the product pages, do they draw the images from the same folder as the brand slider?



Yes, logos are in one folder.

Are you sure you haven’t edited theme files? Please reupload all the files again (and overwrite) and remove all custom changes, subthemes etc. Then reindex again and flush all caches. Also, review your sliders code again, for example: you don’t use parameter “is_responsive” which is required to make sliders responsive.

Hello Infortis,

I would like to know if there is any risk or preconditions to take before setting these actions to speed of Magento recompensed by you in a previous post.

1.Turn logging off 2. Turn Compilation On 3. Combine JS and CSS files 4. Enable Magento Flat Catalog 5. Set Anchor Category to NO

Your source links: - -


These are standard Magento features so you can use them without any problem, but for details please ask on Magento forum or other Magento site, for example: Flat Catalog should only be enabled if you your catalog is large, for small catalogs it can even slow down your site.


Ok, Thank you Infortis.

Thanks for your template, really great!

I’m searching for several days a solution for this easy case.

I’d like to use the predefined CMS page about-magento-demo-store and change the layout to “2 columns with left bar” and add for this page a static block “test” on the left bar.

To do so, I’ve added in Layout Update XML for the page:

<reference name=”left”> <block type=”cms/block”> <action method=”setBlockId”><block_id>test</block_id></action> </block> </reference>

But this does not work. Please help! Thanks



Did you flush the cache after that? In this theme you can add blocks the same way as in any other Magento theme. I’m sorry but custom modifications are beyond the scope of our support. Please refer to Magento websites for more details about your issue:


Just a note to folks who are getting this error:

Message: Template file is empty or doesn’t exist: infortis/ultimo/css/design.phtml

If you have custom.css enabled in the theme settings then the custom.css file must exist in your css folder else you get the above error.

That was the issue in my case.


This is not related to custom.css, the message means that not all the theme files were uploaded.



Is there a way to take out the Product Secondary Column Bottom” on a specific product type?

90% of our products are relevant, but 10% of our products are Projects, not products so we’d be using more as a portfolio of construction jobs. Any recommendations on how to display a portfolio? We love your product pages, we just want one to be slightly different than the herd.




Unfortunately static blocks are only for static content (they are global, not product-specific), can’t be assigned to a specific page or product.

There are two other blocks on product page for product-specific info: 1 – Description tab: which displays product long description (videos can be embeded here) 2 – Additional Info tab: which displays product attributes. You can enable/disable each attribute’s visibility on product page with “Visible on Product View Page on Front-end” field in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [attribute] > Frontend Properties.

Kind regards

Dear sir madame,

We love your theme, but have one question about the left menu. We have a structure with 5 main categories and about 1000 subcategories in 5 levels. Now all the categories are in the broncode and that is terrible for Seo. In our case and in standard Magento you can only show the subcategories of the category where you are in. Is this possible?

Hope to hear from you soon.


We want to add such feature (only show the subcategories of the category where you are) in the next updates.


Dear Infortis,

Thanks for your reply, when can we expact such an update?

What would be even better would be if you would see all the main categories in the left menu, but that the code would take only the subcategories of the active main category. So the sub categories of all the other main categories would be off and only get active when you click at the main category. The best thing would be to have both options.

Let me know

Kind regards,


We don’t have a schedule yet, but we want it to work as you described.


There is a way to put on menu bar the option “New” and “Sale”?

I’d like to showns on those categories pages the products there are new and there are in sale.


Yes, but I want to show only the “New” products on a page in menu, the same with products in “Sale”. There is a way?

Unfortunately there is no such feature in Magento.

Ok, thank you :-D


how can I change the size of the New and Sale labels? When I use a longer word the button looks like an oval.



When you need to make some changes in the theme design (whatever that is: font, colors, anything), you can enable additional CSS file custom.css, in which you can override the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. For more details please refer to “6.6.1 Override default CSS styles” in the user guide.

In case you want to customize existing CSS, then the best way to find out which part of CSS you need to override or extend is to use Firebug (add-on for Firefox: or other similar tool.


Is there a way to make the RELATED items on a product page not be tabbed? that way they all will show at once? or in sets of 2, 3, 4, or 5. We have longer descriptions then most and it would be nice to have those related items go alone the entire length of the description.. thanks in advanced.. <—Example of what i want


This feature was added in the version 1.5.x. :)


Good work :)) I like it

The update drive me crazy, everytime, once add new language package, the css was messed up, and from one language to another the home page width changed, and the color changed. I tried for 1.4 version, no such problem. But 1.4 version does not has so many extra admin configuration. Can you guy test on Language package like any of those: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish to see how it works? I am not quite sure if next version will quickly fix this issue.

Can you give a direct link for contact form? I cannot locate it. Is it free for technical support team?

Hi, This is what I did: #1) Extract Magento and set permission to 777 for the following folders [• var/.htaccess • app/etc • var • all the directories under: media] #2) Load Sample data and install magento #3) Disable Complilation/Cache->log out #4)extract theme files to the root folder #5) Install theme: System>Configuration>design (Current Package Name = ultimo; Themes/default = default) ->save #6) System>Configuration>ULTIMO 1.5.1>Theme setting>Theme Installation> Import Blocks/Pages ->save #7) set ULTIMO home page as my home page ->save #8) add new store view #9)Install language Language through Magento connect manager #10)Activate Language through configuration. Please let me know which step is wrong, did you guy test this from brand new magento installation? I really do not understand what the problem comes from. I hope the new version will test on this. Website:

Contact form is on our profile page. Just click on our login.

Theme was extensively tested and all work out of the box. But it requires correctly installed Magento (with correct file permissions etc. and it all depends on server so don’t ask us about what permissions are correct).

Dynamically created files containing design settings from theme admin are stored here:

Your english store loads this file correctly:

Now your chinese store loads should load this file (from the same folder):

But instead, it searches for that file in other folder:

which means that the original file: skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/design_cn.css

1. Is inaccessible for your Magento because of incorrect file permissions for that file or folder on your server. (Your Magento has to be able to write to this folder and files in this folder have to be accessible).

2. Or that file doesn’t exist at all, which means that theme files on your server are broken/modified or some files are simply missing. Otherwise that file would be created after you click “Save Config” in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design and all would work fine.

If you send files one by one via FTP, it’s easy to break something. Instead, you should zip your files, send the ZIP package to your server and unzip it there.

To summarize, issue is specific to your installation, it’s not a bug. Magento is a complex app and many things can go wrong. Please contact with someone who offers Magento installation services.

Kind regards

Can I use the theme as a catalog only? How can I hide the price in all pages, and can I hide the “add to cart”, “ad to comparison”, “quantity” and “availability” in the product page? I use your awesome theme as a catalog only :-) Thanks


Please kindly don’t duplicate your questions in emails if you already post a comment. This is considered as spam.

Unfortunately there is no such option in Magento, you would need to modify the theme to remove those elements (although you can disable Checkout functionality via Magento admin).

When you want to customize a theme in Magento, you can display the names of template file of each block in the front-end by enabling the Template Path Hints. This way you can easily check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

Kind regards

Hello there i always thank you for your help yes you’re right everything was there in update pdf file i read carefully and finally fixed the responsive issue but im now facing the other issue here. here are some codes for my new product list….best selling list…and my feature product list but only the feature product list is showing correctly please give me your advice or help

{{block type=”catalog/product_new” product_count=”10” show_items=”11” is_responsive=”1” breakpoints=”[1680, 8], [1440, 7], [1360, 6], [1280, 6], [960, 5], [768, 4], [640, 3], [480, 2], [320, 1], [290,3]” is_random=”1” block_name=”New Products in our Store” hide_button=”1” template=”catalog/product/new.phtml”}} {{block type=”ultimo/product_list_featured” category_id=”23” products_count=”50” show_items=”5” is_responsive=”1” is_random=”1” block_name=”Bestsellers” hide_button=”1” template=”catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml”}} {{block type=”ultimo/product_list_featured” product_count=”30” show_items=”6” is_responsive=”1” is_random=”1” block_name=”Our Featured Products” hide_button=”1” template=”catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml”}}

our website is


You’ve mixed some parameters from both blocks but they should not be mixed. For example, “is_random” is only for Featured Products. Don’t use “breakpoints”, it is an experimental parameter and it may change a lot in the next version, we forgot to remove it. Also, note the difference between parameters defining number of products:

Featured Products: product_count=”10”

New Products: products_count=”10” (this is Magento’s default parameter)

This is example of the correct New Products block code, more can be found in the user guide and in the sample pages available for import:

{{block type="catalog/product_new" products_count="10" show_items="5" is_responsive="1" block_name="New Products Title" hide_button="1" template="catalog/product/new.phtml"}}

Disable WYSIWYG before you paste the code to the page.



Fantastic theme! Will be buying plenty more :)

The only thing we are struggling with is adding the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price to the product pages (we have both simple and configurable products). We want to put it directly below the price (it seems a bit hidden under additional information).

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Many thanks. :)

How it is displayed in your store? Can you send me a link? You can use the contact form on our profile page if you can’t show in public.

Kind regards


Our site is almost finished, great theme. But we have a last question, we have some white space to the left of our logo and slideshow. We don’t know how to solve it ? Here is our test website :

All seems a little off in this way. Do you see what I mean ?

Thank you in advance.



I’m sorry but I don’t see any white space on the left. All colors of basic elements can be set in admin panel so it seems that you already fixed the problem.

Regards and good luck with your store.

  • Since the recent upgrade, have lost the add to cart check box for related products
  • If there is only a single up-sell product, the image is centered in the slider, and not linked to the copy
  • Is it possible to apply the category accordion nav to attribute layered nav?
  • Is it possible to control position of images in their box and/or scale images without the white frame?
  • Is it possible to style the lightbox image caption?


- Magento’s default check boxes for related products can be now enabled/disabled in the theme admin panel. They are disabled by default since they are rather confusing for most users.
- We’ll fix the sliders if there is only a single product.
- Unfortunately no.
- You would need to modify the CSS of the image box.
- Of course, via custom CSS (you can style anything)


Hi we bought your them. we have a css question about Mega Menù

Menù like

Category > Sub CAtegory > Sub Sub Category

in mega menù the category appeare in the drop down menù than we have se sub category inside the drop down menù

How we can change color in the sub category ? sorry if i’m cryptic ;-)


You can configure all available colors of the menu drop-downs in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design section. Subcategories have the same color as other subcategories from higher levels. Only the top-level categories can have individual colors, different than subcategories.