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demo3 best work :) Good luck with sales!

Hi love the theme its easy to install?


Thanks. You only need to upload files to your server and enable it in the admin panel.

You can also import all the CMS blocks with one click, they will look exactly like in the demo.

Thank you and going to buy shortly for my new business!

Great work ! :)


Really nice ;)

finally .. great work guys!

Nice work, 1) Are you planning to add ajax add to cart and quick view options? 2) Is the unlimited color option available for the tabs in product page (product description, reviews etc tabs)

Of course, banners (and many other elements) are using 12-column grid system which is built-in. By default there are 3 banners, each takes 4 columns (4 grid units):

<div class="grid12-4 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-4 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-4 banner">...</div>

You can easily change it to have 4 banners (3 units for each banner):

<div class="grid12-3 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-3 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-3 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-3 banner">...</div>

Or even create banners of different size:

<div class="grid12-2 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-3 banner">...</div>
<div class="grid12-7 banner">...</div>

Sum of grid units of all elements in a row has to be equal 12.

thanks for reply

But i was asking about images of different heights and widths, I tried all the grid basics but wasn’t able to set banner of different heights. Please tell me how can I set the images as shown in the attached image in your theme (http://i45.tinypic.com/1imsqp.png) I wasn’t able to set the layout as shown here through firebug.

Hope to get amazing answer as am getting.
thanks in advance

This is of course possible with grid system, as you can have nested grid units (so you can split every column into smaller columns).

For further assistance please kindly use the contact form on our profile page on ThemeForest (http://themeforest.net/user/infortis). Thank you.

Thank you all for your kind words. :) We really appreciate your response, it’s a great motivation for us to keep on working.

Purchased!! :D

Can I install Ultimo them in same magento installation that currently I am using fortis theme or is any conflict?

I have a multistore using your fortis them in some store views and I like to use ultimo theme for other store views and probably change in the future all the store views to ultimo. thanks infortis! :D


Please see this FAQ entry.

thanks for the good work and fast reply infortis :-)

I really like this theme. But, before I buy, I need to know few things

1. Is there a way to put “Product Description” tab, to 100% of the width? This is ‘customization’ or simple thing in ex. admin panel?

2. Demo have Related Products in right side and I need delete this. I put Related Products section under “Product Description” tab/section. This is ‘customization’ or simple thing in ex. admin panel?

3. On the side of the card where the product is a block placed some additional information, such as the manufacturer’s logo, bulleted additional information (ex: ‘Return your items’, ‘Special offer’, ‘Buy this … earn 10 points’ ...) Is the content of this block is unique to each product, whether it is one block content for category or the entire store?

4. In the description of the skin, in the “Key Features” you write: “Brand logo on product page. It can be a link to any page (category with products from that brand, search results or any CMS page)”. Thus, the logo is possible to set a parameter unique to each product And the rest of the block? Only logo?

5. Is it possible to set the “Product Description”, “Additional Information” ... tabs so that each was under the previous rather than next to it – as it is now? This is ‘customization’ or simple thing in ex. admin panel?

4. Any HTML , CSS , PSD files for blog ex: WordPress?

6. Are updates or changes are published in the template in the git diff format?? I want to make some changes and customize the template, and I do not know how the new changes will be posted.

7. Really nice ;)

I noticed that the FF home page under “Featured Products This Week” has 6 products, and the Chrome home page in the “Featured Products This Week” has only 5 products. It’s purpose? I do not have IE.


1. You can disable Related Products (single switcher in the admin), tabs will take full width.

2. Related can be disabled and there are Up-sell Products displayed under “Product Description” (see example), so you could simply use Up-sell instead of Related.

3. This is a single column for all products. Individual attributes for each product are displayed in the “Additional Information” tab.

4. Brand logo is of course individual for each product.

5. Tabs autmoatically turns into accordion if the screen is narrow. Currently there is no option to change it but we will probably add something like this in one of the updates.

4 (the second 4 ;) ). There’s no blog feature but there already are Magento extensions for this.

6. We don’t know yet. But all your customizations should be done in the custom sub-theme (it is described in details in the user guide). This method is upgrade-proof, and you will be able to update entire theme, no need to bother which file to update.

7. Many thanks!

About that FF/Chrome issue: in both browsers we see the same number of products in a row. Maybe you have checked on different screen resolutions or you have browser’s zoom mode enabled.


Hi… i’ve been waiting for this theme some weeks now… actually i haven’t bought the FORTIS theme for this one! I would like to know, as in fortis, can i choose in the header the language of the store?

Yes, of course, the language switcher will look like in the first demo.

We have a winner here!

Awesome work….GLWS :)

Could you explain, or show, the 40+ CMS blocks… I need to make some info pages with some simple slideshows, tabs, videos… something like that. Do those blocks do these things?

EDIT : i’ve noticed minor bug… in the whistlist the images of the product gets narrowed (not respecting the ratio)


Those CMS blocks are placeholders for custom content. For example: - “Custom Block” drop-down in the main menu
- links at the top of the header
- custom tabs on product page, etc.
You can of course disable those blocks if you don’t need them.

Thanks for your notice, we will fix it in the update.

Is there 1-page checkout on this theme or any of your other themes? For checkout, I need to go thru 4-5 clicks of “Continue” before finally placing the order.


There is no built-in one page checkout, byt there are Magento extensions for this functionlaity.

Is it possible to have the product options below like this link?



Yes, the option box can be displayed in two positions:
- at the right side the images,
- or below the images but above the tabs

thank you for your reply. no way to put it below the tabs?

Not by default. You would need to customize the product page template file to rearrange the order of the blocks.

and can you take out the whole “Brand Logo” part at product page?

Yes, you can disable the entire column with the brand logo.

Furthermore, you can configure the width of all the top 3 columns on product page: Image Column (with images), Primary Column (with title, price, options etc.), Secondary Column (with brand logo). For example, you can make the image wider, and the primary column narrower.

Great theme! I am having trouble changing the background color. I set it in the Theme Design section but it is not appearing on the home page. I’ve also tried loading a background image without success. I have refreshed the CSS , no change in background…

Cache is turned off, though I flushed anyway with no result. When I change the Page background to black, refresh, flush, I get a black background on the header but not the full home page.

So you probably also set Theme Design -> Main -> Background Color, which covers the black color of the entire page. Set it to “transparent” or remove it completely.

If you will have problems with configuring the theme, just let us know via contact form on our profile page and send server access data, and we will try to help.

Thanks, I see how it sets up now. I deleted the background color from Main which was overriding the Page background setting.

Now, can you help as to why my background image is not showing? I’ve tried deleting color in Main and Page but still no image showing…