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So far so good, but the Zoom and Lightbox features don’t seem to be working for my installation – they show as enabled in the admin, but mousing over the image does nothing, and clicking zoom replaces the whole page with the image itself (no popup/etc). Any ideas?


Probably you didn’t upload some files or javascript is not working due to some conflict with your existing extensions. Please send us a link tou your site throught the contact form on our profile, we’ll look into that.

Thanks for your help in getting this resolved—it was a conflict with another extension that was doing java minifying (of already mini js files in the theme.) I found that either removing the extension or replacing the minified js files with the standard files (thus allowing the module to minify them) did the trick.

Thanks for this great theme!

Are there any samples of the OTHER pages, non-shopping pages like the privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc?


Here’s the privacy policy, a link to Customer Service page is at the bottom. We will add more examples of pages in naxt few days.

Also, can we see how reviews look on both category and product page. Really like it!


Sure, we will prepare some examples in the demo. :)

still see no reviews?

Please see this example. Tomorrow demo will be updated and more examples will be available.

Great theme! 1 – Is it possible adjust the main content to fill just 75% of the screen for all resolutions and not like this it is aprox 95%? Because I’d like to show a little bit more of the background.

2- Can I adjust the size of the slideshow in the homepage? Actually I’d like a small slideshow on the left and sample banners on the right side of slide show. Can I customize like that?

3 – Can I change the main font used for titles for one of my visual comunication?

Thanks so much


1. The layout is fluid so there shouldn’t be any problems with that. But you would need to customize the CSS , there’s no such option in the admin.

2. In this version slideshow takes full width, but we will add more options in the updates. Currently you would need to customize the template.

3. By default there are some fonts to select from the list. If you want to display custom font, you would need to replace the default one with your own in CSS .

I want my newsletter look exactly like this theme, please tell me how can I make my newsletter exactly like this ultimo theme.
Thanks in advance


Unfortunately we don’t have any newsletter templates.

Awesome template, glws mate! ;)

Thanks a lot. :)

Hey Fortis you did it again. Congragulations =) I want to buy this wonderful theme but I have got some questions. Can I chande the sliders widht and height. And can I but some boxes right of it. Thanks for your help. Good sales.

Many thanks. :)

The image slideshow takes full width, but we will add more options in the updates. If images are small (in height), the slideshow will shrink automatically. In fact every slide can have different height, it will transform smoothly on each transition.

Looks great!

I will post a short review after I have it installed and tested… :)

Great looking theme and your work is very well-reviewed – congrats.

It was suggested to me to look at using Magento to organize products for a physical store, who promote their items online, but don’t sell online (maybe in the future). I assume it is possible to turn-off the ‘cart’ function in this case.

What I am wondering is if there are costs involved through Magento itself – when I visited I see that it involves a subscription.

Can you clarify? This is my first look at this product.


There are a few different versions. The one you need is Magento Community Edition which is totally free. This theme is designed for this version. Here you can read more about it: link1, link2, link3.

Wish it was compatible with 1.5 :crying:

It will be, very soon, probably next week. :)

It will be, very soon, probably next week. :)

Really! That is great news!

I’m very interested in your theme.

Do PSD files come with this banner images?



Unfortunately no, those images are only for live preview, we don’t have licence to sell them.

Is there anyway to look at the documentation and some screenshots of the admin screen before purchase?


Sure, tomorrow we will add some screenshots form the admin.

When are the admin screens goin to be up? Would also like to see the documentation to see what it contains

There is a link in the theme description. And here you can see more screenshots.

is it possible to have multiple slideshows? i.e 1 on home page another on a top level category and so on…?

Currently the slideshow is only for the home page.

Just bought this theme.. very excited to get it up and customized. Can you tell me what are the dimensions of the blocks in the middle that say “Sample Banner” ? And where do you upload images for that? I can’t find it in the Help PDF . Thanks!


For support requests please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you.


i search i product with ratings/reviews at your demo, but i didn’t found one?


We will add some sample reviews today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

i have the theme bought now and installed on my server. if articles in the productpage view with different prices (normal, special, configured) and some one with and without reviews, the productgrid view look like the sawblade. if it possible to show the reviews also with the hover effect leftside from the wishlist and compare buttons?

Or other style, that the look is smoother

if it possible to show the reviews also with the hover effect leftside from the wishlist and compare buttons?

Not in the current version, but we’re planning to make the grid more configurable in future updates (a few weeks).

If products have different height (because of different size of the image, different name length, reviews available/not available etc.) there have to be a blank space below “shorter” products. We could add option to set static height for all products and align “add to cart” button to the bottom, but then the grid wouldn’t be fluid and there could be large gaps (see example). There is always a trade off

Okay, back with my account username.Same question: Just bought this theme.. very excited to get it up and customized. Can you tell me what are the dimensions of the blocks in the middle that say “Sample Banner” ? And where do you upload images for that? I can’t find it in the Help PDF . Thanks!

In the demo we use images of size 602×180. But the size depends on the maximum page width (which you can set in the admin). You can use larger images, they will be resized automatically. Images in the demo are placed in media/wysiwyg/infortis/ultimo/custom/banners directory, but you can use any other path in “media” directory. I see that we forgot to add sample block with banners to the download package, so we’ll add it in the upcoming update.

on the homepage site, inside the product sliders (Featured, New) isn’t it possible to click the compare or wishlist buttons via mobile devices (ipad, iphone). It show the icons but at the same time the product is loading.

It is possible to use a 9grid for the new/feauterd) slider and a 3 grid for a blog at the right side of the products or crash then the layout for the sliders?

Thanks, we’ll look into that. It works fine on Android, for example. But anyway those buttons will be hidden on small resolutions because there is not enough space for them.

It would cut the last product’s image at the half of the width. But more important is that the slider width changes on layout breakpoints (with media queries) to show/hide more products and it is assumed that the slider takes full width . So unfortunately this wouldn’t work as expected.

Wow, another great theme from you guys. We have bought the Fortis theme and are looking for another theme for a second store. This theme has everything we need, except the feature that the second image will show on hovering the product. Some themes have this and I think this will really help to sell our products.

Do you think this feature can easily be added to this theme? There are some stand alone extensions that add this feature.

Thank you, we’re glad you like it.
We can create something like this for you as a custom job. Please contact with us via the contact form on our profile page.

Awesome theme! Good Luck with the Sales!

Thank you very much.