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Wonderful theme, congratulations!

I have three questions:

1) If I want to add tables like in WordPress in a specific page for specific product, can I make this through the admin panel? Example: table border=”1” tr td row 1, cell 1 td /tr

If no, would you consider adding such thing in future releases if possible?

2) Is it retina ready?

3) Can I place the social icons in the header through the admin panel instead of the footer? if no, is there any insights?

Thank you very much

There are no shortcodes for tables in Magneto but HTML for tables is very simple so you will not have any problems with it. Anyway we’ll try to add some CSS in the future to make adding tables more simple.

Thank you very much for your excellent support, I wish you add some CSS that makes adding tables easier, updating a theme and keep improving it is not an easy job, but it makes a theme the best, and you already have the best theme ever for Majento! Thank you again.

Thank you for kind words. :)

quick question

for my category page i want to display a list of only my subcategories, not all the products within that category. so for example, i have a category Dog ID Tags. Subcategories are “Square dog tags” and “circle dog tags”. So on the page for “Dog ID Tags”, can I only show the thumbnail/image of my subcategories, not all the products from “square dog tags” and “circle dog tags”?



Unfortunately there is no such feature in Magento out of the box, you would need to find extensions which add this functionality. You can find hundreds of Magento extensions on Magento Connect. Please refer to chapter Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details about installation of extensions.

Kind regards

Hello ..

i bought your theme but in theme package i don’t see the quickstart package for magento 1.8… So how to i will start with quickstart and demo content.. i hope give me reply as soon as earlier so i can setup my store as early….

thanks, Satish


For support please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you.

All installation instructions for all versions can be found in the User Guide PDF.

Kind regards

Hi Hi!

After loading the theme I´ve “lost” my “checkout button” in the bottom of the checkout page and in the minicart in the sidebar? Where can I restore it? I´m NOT using the one step checkout…


It’s something related to your checkout settings, that button is part of Magento, not part of the theme.

What exactly do you mean by “1 step checkout”? Are you using some third-party extension for checkout?

I meant the one page checkout…sorry…

That button “Proceed to Checkout” is not part of the theme, if you disabled the checkout, then there will be no button.

To have there “Allow Shipping to multiple addresses” set to “Yes” in the admin > System > Configuration > Shipping.

I have purchased a couple of Magento themes over the past two years only to find customization limitations after purchasing them. This theme looks great but is there a money back guarantee? If so, how many days?

Is there an option to make any of the menus sticky (so they stay on the top as the user scrolls)?


Yes, sidebar menu can be enabled for many different pages. You can also disable it on home page.

There’s no quantity box on category view in Magneto, so you would need to add is on your own.

You can change number of columns in the grid view (from 2 to 8), images will be adjusted automatically. In next updates we’re also planning to add an option to specify the size of images in the admin panel.

You can also enable option “Keep aspect ratio” for images.

Thanks for your reply. Is the aspect ratio a current feature or future update?

“Keep aspect ratio” for images is current feature. If it is enabled, you can use images of different sizes (see categories “Woman” and “Fashion” in our demo and compare size of product images) and they will be all automatically scaled to have proper (and equal) width.

Is it possible to have more than one custom_tab in the product view page inside the bar that lists tabs horizontally for Description,Additional info, Reveiw, etc? Ideally I need 3-4 more custom tabs.

Thanks for your time in advance.



By default there are only 2 custom tabs, you would need some custom modifications to add more.

Kind regards

When I activate the block “Custom Top Links (to replace Magento’s default Top Links)” I got also the “Login” link. But this link doesn’t switch to a “Logout” link, when the user log in, like the default link. So the user have no link for logout. Is this a bug or a feature or a mistake on my side? :)



Static blocks are only for static content so the Log In/Log Out can be dynamically changed. So to have that functionality you need to keep the default links.

Kind regards

Hi Thanks for the theme, Ultimo. IT’s great. I’m a newbie to magento (previously used VM). I’ve installed the theme on the default store however I want it to look like the style 3 version of ultimo. Is there a straightforward way to do this so I can get my store to look like this. Thanks for your help


In the next update we’re planning to add sample database containing all the products and settings from the demo for quick start.

For now, after installation the theme looks like the 1st demo. Unfortunately there is no tool to import settings in Magento, you would need to set colors manually. Here you can find screenshots with color settings from all of our demos: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/d81ut2uz6lj23/demo_settings
(Click on each image and then click “Download” button to download the bigger version)

Kind regards

ok now I impressed. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I will be using you guys again.

Thank you.

Column layout for advanced and basic search pages. Need to set them to two column with left block. How is this done ?


Layout can be changed in layout files, e.g. theme’s local.xml. See these lines:

        <reference name="root">
            <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/2columns-left.phtml</template></action>

You can do many modifications in Magento using Magento’s standard XML syntax in layout update files but this is a complex subject so we are unable to support it. You can find many tutorials and articles about Magento layout XML on the web, e.g.:

Kind regards

In what file can we change the title of this page ?



This page is not part of the theme, it is part of Magneto. When you want to customize a theme in Magento, you can display the name of template file of every block in the front-end by enabling the “Template Path Hints”. This way you can easily check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento. Please see this short video tutorial for more details: http://vimeo.com/1067069

Kind regards


Great template.. But i have one question: When i open my site on a mobile phone and i open the menu, i see a dark coloured + ‘button’ to open the sub menu. How can i give that a lighter colour? Which setting do i need to change in the Magento design settings?



You can select if ”+” icons are white or black, in System > Configuration > Theme Design > Main Menu.

Kind regards


Can you tell me how you goet this images to be rectangle on this page: http://ultimo.infortis-themes.com/demo/default/women.html and square on this page: http://ultimo.infortis-themes.com/demo/default/fashion/tops/evening-tops.html ?


Never mind. I found it :)


I’m working on an Ultimo-based site, trying to get some performance optimizations working. I need to use non-minified versions of scripts for compilation purposes, and Ultimo includes a tabs.min.js script. I can’t find any info on where the original tabs script came from. If it’s a publicly available script, can I get the name/link to the original?

Thanks, Adam


These are tabs from jQuery Tools.

Kind regards


Is this theme compatible with RTL languages ?



This theme can work with any language installed in your Magento. You can download translations (they are in CSV format so they can be easily edited) from Magento site: http://www.magentocommerce.com/translations Unfortunately there’s no support for RTL out of the box, but this can be done with custom CSS.

Kind regards


This theme works good for me.

Just a few questions regarding the menu.

1) Is it possible to have not just one but several block_header_nav_dropdown in the navigation menu

2) Is it possible to have simple drop down menu for one menu item and wide menu for the others. Basically can we have both simple and wide menu.

3) How can we have the wide menu for different menu items. Right now whatever categories I add come in the default wide menu. I would like to have different menu items each with its own wide menu.


Hello Again,

I finally configured how to add category blocks to the drop down menu.

I really need your help in adding more block_header_nav_dropdown

Hope you can help

I’m sorry but theme customization is beyond the scope of our support. We also don’t offer paid customization services at the moment.

To add more block like block_header_nav_dropdown you need to add another block in: app/design/frontend/ultimo/default/layout/infortis_ultramegamenu.xml

and then you need to call it in: app/design/frontend/ultimo/default/template/infortis/ultramegamenu/mainmenu.phtml

Adding blocks like this is not theme-specific. You can add or move any block in Magento using Magento’s standard XML syntax in layout update files but this is a complex subject so we are unable to support it. You can find many tutorials and articles about Magento layout XML on the web, e.g.:

Thanks for the Support

Hi, a quick question. I made a sub-theme, by copying all the file from “default” to new folder named “mytemplate”. After that I went to System > Configuration > Design > Themes and enter mytemplate as a sub-theme name in default field and then refreshed the cache. Now when changed the logo file, it is changed on my website etc. But the problem is with the other options from System > Configuration > Ultimo (1.5.5.) > Theme Design. For example if I change the Top Border Color, save the changes, refresh cache I don’t see any changes on my website. The changes are visible only when I choose System > Configuration > Design > Themes and put the default in default field. How to change the colors in Theme Design for “mytemplate” so that the effects are visible on the website? Other say: The “Theme design” section works only with your ultimo “default” theme? Many thanks for your help.


One of the most important rules when you’re creating sub-themes in Magneto is:
you should only copy the files which you want to modify. Do not copy all files. Otherwise you will have tons of work with any upgrade in the future.

For more details about theme customization please refer to chapter 5. Customization in the user guide (or 6.6 Theme customization in the previous versions of the user guide).

Second, if you’re using custom sub-theme, don’t copy folder skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/ to your sub-theme, that folder should stay in the default theme. Otherwise it will override all your theme configuration from the admin panel.

And if you need to make some small changes in a selected CSS file, just override that CSS in your custom.css (see details in the user guide). No need to override entire file. Otherwise upgrading the theme in your store will require a lot of work from you.

Kind regards

Thank you very much. It helped and solved my problem, especially the 2nd hint :).

Kind regards

Hi, I have disabled Magento’s default Footer Links, links in the footer section: Site Map, Search Terms, Advanced Search, Contact Us, etc. and try to substitute it with the static block block_footer_links. However the default Footer Links still appear, do you know why? Do I need to do something else? Thanks..


These link are built into Magento. But with Ultimo you can easily disable them (in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Settings > Default Magento blocks). Flush the cache after that.

Then you can replace it with custom content. Please refer to the chapter 7.9 Default Magento blocks in the user guide for more details.

Note that the block which replaces the links already contains some sample links similar to the default links.

Kind regards

I have purchased this theme but I can see that if we talk about page loading time and server response time this theme is not doing any good…may be bcoz of lots of customization features it has…do you know any way how to make it load faster I had purchased Acumen also I think speedwise it was better


We can’t compare responsive and non-responsive themes. Acumen is lightweight because it doesn’t even have half of the features which our theme has.

I could as well say that Magneto’s “default” theme is even faster. :) And OpenCart is faster than Magento because it’s simpler. :)

Speed is mostly related to the server and Magento optimization. Our theme is well optimized and tested and it works fast. Our customers like Ultimo because it provides good performance compared to other modern responsive themes. You may need to optimize your Magento and server. Here are some performance guides for Magento, but you can find much more on the web:

- http://www.activo.com/7-easy-magento-performance-tips-you-can-set-from-the-admin-panel/
- http://blog.nexcess.net/2010/10/22/6-tips-for-making-magento-production-ready/

Kind regards

So many features at the cost of speed …I dont buy that…

As I said, speed is mostly related to the server and Magento optimization, theme is only a small part in that. Please kindly contact our support via the contact form on our profile page if you require any assistance.


My add to cart with option is not working with this theme.


Can you advise?


Please debug your site in Chrome developer tools or similar, you have there some JavaScript errors. Which look like some conflict with third-party extensions which you have in your Magneto.

Kind regards

Hello Again,

On the product page. I have uploaded the picture but the frame surrounding the picture is extended on the right side. It does not wrap the dimensions of the image. Also, cloudzoom does not work. http://www.screencast.com/t/fd6DNkpq23



You uploaded too small images or you didn’t configure proper size for your images. Please check this chapter in the user guide for more details: 7.5 Product Page

Kind regards