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The issue that you are having is a CSS issue, you just need to adjust the width of the category/column heading. Try this style: #nav li ul a span{}


manikumaran thank you very much for your message. Could you please let me know how I can get these files?

Hello, Where can I download Version 1.5.5? I’m still on 1.5.4 and on 1.7, thanks.


You can always download the latest version from your account, just re-download. :)

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hello. I just noticed that some product pages are not showing correctly. It seems this problem happened when I upgraded.

product photo is usually showing up to left side and product info on the right. But product info (title, price etc) is showing up on left and photo are moved to the below of product info.

It is default theme with default css. Photo of products are different, so maybe bigger product photos are causing this problem? I thought all of photos are automatically resize. So I have never paid attention to an individual photo size.

please let me know what i need to do to fix this problem. thanks


By default all is displayed just like in our demo. You probably changed config and proportions of columns of the product page, please check this chapter in the user guide 7.5 Product Page and verify your configuration in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Settings

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When mouse over the menu bars here:

They seem to appear Behind the main banners.

We have not made any changes to the menu up the top, or the CSS.

Other than changes to the theme itself, via the backend.

Please help.

I’ve updated the theme, but it does not fix the issue.

Can you please elaborate on how to do the actual fix? Thanks.

Now there is some strange arrows on the menu bar – how do we fix this?

It’s described in the Changelog.txt. Add this line:

#nav .level0-wrapper { -webkit-transform: translateZ(0); }

in skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/infortis/ultra-megamenu/ultra-megamenu.css

And add this line:

#nav ul { -webkit-transform: translateZ(0); }

in skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/infortis/ultra-megamenu/classic.css


would be possible to add the list of categories on the product page in the left column and remove the right column?

Sorry for my english!!

You also need to enable the left sidebar for your product (open product > tab “Design” > Page Layout).

OK, I have this in each product?? there are a global solution for this??


No worries :) This is a standard product attribute, so to update it in many products at a time, you can use Update Attributes action in the Actions drop-down list in Catalog > Manage Products section.


Is it possible to show a short description for the products when products are being displayed in Grid View mode?

An example of a the short description I am after is available here:

Looking forward for your help.

Additional information:

I made sure that: Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes

“short description” -> set “Used in Product Listing” to “Yes”

Refreshed cache and Reindexed – but I can’t see the short description…


That option in Catalog->Attributes only make it possible to display the attribute in category view. But to display it you would need to modify the template file of the category view. When you want to customize a theme in Magento, you can display the name of template file of every block in the front-end by enabling the “Template Path Hints”. This way you can easily check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

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Thanks Kehardware. I will give it a try

Hello Infortis,

I have added 3 more block_header_nav_dropdown I want to know how can I rearrange the items on the menu. Right now the categories I have created comes first and than the Static Blocks. I would like to know how to rearrange.

This is the menu order I want: Home, About Us, Products, Special Offers, News, Safety and Security, Blog, Get in Touch.

About Us: Static Block Products: Category Special Offers: Static Block News: Static Block Safety and Security: Static Block Blog: Category Get in Touch: Category

Link to screenshot:



All these elements exist in template file app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\infortis\ultramegamenu\mainmenu.phtml so you would need to rearrange the order of HTML elements in that template.

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Hey. I cant seem to get the currency block to show?



You need to configure it first, after that it will be displayed automatically. This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example: Magento user guide. More references can be found in our user guide:
Help & Support.

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How do I add my logo to the email that gets sent out on receipts or when someone creates an account?


Please check this section in Magneto admin panel:
System > Configuration > Design > Transactional Emails

This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details.

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In block_footer_column4, we want to display directions or address. and we see in the sprite, /skin/frontend/ultimo/default/images/sprite-icons-social.png that there is a directions icon in the sprite. can you let me know what the style is to use this icon?

Thank you,


That icon is not available yet (CSS for it wasn’t added yet), it will be added in the next update.

You would need to add this CSS to your custom.css to use it now:

/* Location */
.icon.i-location {
background-position:-207px -7px;
.icon.i-location-w {
background-position:-207px -57px;

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mollica sorry just seen your msg. type in url as below and you will get the file

I’ve left reviews for this theme before but I just wanted to take the time to leave another. As a long-time member of ThemeForest I must say that this is one of the best theme’s I’ve purchased. Straight out of the box you are offered a plethora of features. Not only that, the author stays up to date on the Magento updates and takes into consideration the feedback from users and implements it into the themes latest releases. Thank you and Bravo!


Thank you, it’s really nice to hear this from someone who bought more than 100 items on Envato marketplaces. :)

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Hey guys, a great theme as it seems through the demo, so I bought it. After installing through the manual, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Default_Helper_Data’ not found in /var/www/qb102263/data/www/ on line 546

The regular Magento Theme works fine, so there’s something wrong in the Ultimo Theme. I can’t find a solution on the internet, so please help me out. Thanks in advance!


If you see this message, there are two options:

  • Magento’s compilation mode was not disabled in System > Tools > Compilation before theme installation,
  • or theme wasn’t enabled properly. Theme should only be enabled in System > Configuration > Design (the same as it was described in the installation steps). Refer to 4.3 How to enable the theme for more details.

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When you’re logged in is there a way to remove the “My Orders” on the homepage side bar like there is for the other sidebar items?

Thanks! In the meantime do you know how I can just disable it for now? Is there a certain file I can remove a line of code from?

You would need to edit layout files (XML). I’m not sure where exactly is that block, you would need to search for a block named something like “reorder”, “reorder.sidebar” or similar. Here you can find some tutorials and articles about Magento’s layout XML:



great theme. Have some questions tho, hope its not a problem.

I would like to remove the paypal logo from the right sidebar and I cant find the right block or wherever it is located.

Is it possible to get the shortcode for the navigation dropdown style like in store #4 in the preview option? Can’t find the codes in the .pdf help.

My last question would be, where can I rename the “new” badge on the new product slider? I would like to have it in my language.

Thanks for all the help.

Is there anyway to have the Brands Slider not auto slide like you can with the other home page sliders? The link above shows the problem I am experiencing. I cannot add images to my products. Magento Fresh Install, With Ultimo Sample Data Installed.

I have also found this error on another magento deployment, with a different theme. This problem was with my browser, and has been corrected and is not a problem with the Template, Thank you!


Many thanks for explanation. People usually ask a question and don’t bother to share their solution or explain what was the problem after they already solved it, so we really appreciate your reply. :)

Kind regards

hello. My shopping cart summary (with a shopping bag icon) is acting strange. If empty, it shows “you have no items in your shopping cart.” when you hover. But if there is something is in it, icon and message disappear completely when you hover. you kind of have to move around your mouse. You will eventually see a hand with yellow message box, but that is it. it appears again when you move away from the shopping cart icon. Can you please let me know how to fix this? thanks

hello. setup was correct black tex on white background, but somehow this problem was happening. I just re-save config and flush the cache and everything is working now. thanks!

actually, the problem started happening again. It seems it only happens in Safari (version 5.1.9) I tested newer safari and did not have this problem….

Clear the browser’s cache. If it sometimes work, and sometimes not then this is some problem with the browser.