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my site looks like part of the styling would be lost. Page width, colors etc. Do you know why?

Thanks for help! Matija


It looks like some files may be missing or broken. Please try to reinstall. Refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

But first of all make sure your server is fully compatible with your version of Magento (especially check version of PHP).

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we have a conflict between ultimo zoom functionality and a regular lightbox extension, which was working with our earlier theme, we require this since we have lot of images in our CMS pages apart from product images and we require lightbox for them as well, please help. the link to our store:



If you require other lightbox you would need to customize the theme to install other plugin. Unfortunately we don’t offer such services.

BTW your custom.css is enabled but is not accessible (doesn’t exist or has incorrect permissions):

Kind regards

I want to add a featured product slider and special offer slider underneath. Ive created a category which is set as active but not visible in the navigation menu for both. Ive found the code that you mention and can see how to edit it to choose which category and how many products but I cant see how to actually add the CMS block. Ive added all of your blocks and can’t see a CMS block for them. Is there something Im missing?


Products slider code can be added anywhere, not only is static blocks.

So to show sliders on home page, just add the slider code inside your home page content field.

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I can’t get the sliders to show the number of items according to my breakpoint configuration with 1.5.10 on Magento

It used to show only one item on any iPhone with this simple config: {{block type=”ultimo/product_list_featured” category_id=”26” product_count=”10” show_items=”5” is_responsive=”1” is_random=”0” hide_button=”1” block_name=”CINQUE VINI DA 5 GRAPPOLI A MENO DI 30€” template=”catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml”}}

I didn’t even configure breakpoints. After upgrading it started to show even more than 5 items, so I checked the manual and tried to configure breakpoints, but now it doesn’t work even with this configuration:

{{block type=”ultimo/product_list_featured” category_id=”26” product_count=”22” breakpoints=”[1680, 8], [1440, 7], [1360, 6], [1280, 6], [960, 5], [768, 4], [480, 3], [320, 2], [240,1]” is_responsive=”1” is_random=”0” hide_button=”1” block_name=” I 5 VINI PIU’ VENDUTI DEL 2013” template=”catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml”}}

Any recommendations on how to fix this?




First, please make sure your block code is valid. Check the quotation marks in the block code – when you copy/paste the code from the PDF, the quotation marks they can be replaced with something that looks similar but is not a quotation mark.

Please note that you don’t need breakpoints parameter to make the slider responsive. show_items="5" is_responsive="1" is all that you need. Slider will automatically change number of visible products.

“it started to show even more than 5 items”

That’s how it works, it automatically change number of visible items, please double check the description of the parameters in the user guide.

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Is there a way to have the link from the brands logo go to an actual sales page for the brand instead of search results? If so does the theme have a page template? I would like to have it so I could link the page and it to look professional instead of reading search results at the top of the page.


Unfortunately Brand module is just a simple feature that was added to present brands, there is no feature to automatically create brand pages.

But the easiest way to have products from specific brand grouped together is to create separate categories for each brand. E.g. all iPads can be stored in two categories: “tablets” and “apple”, all iPhones can be stored in two categories: “phones” and “apple” etc.

Please note that linking brand logo to search results is only an option, you can also link to categories or to custom CMS pages created for brands. Refer to the manual, chapter: 12.1 Brands configuration

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Hi On the category landing page, is it possible to have slider instead of a static banner?

Thank you so much for any advice!


It will be possible in the upcoming update (this week).

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Thank you! Our coder seemed to figure a way to implement it for now

Hi I am using and 1.5.10. During checkout using the standard Magento checkout, the Progress Checkout Panel that always shows up on the right side during each step of checkout is missing. I’ve googled this error and most comments say its the theme issue

Any ideas?

Example is:




This is not a theme issue. Checkout Progress works without any problems in Magento 1.8.x with Ultimo, that’s guaranteed (you can check in fresh clean Magento installation).

This part of the checkout wasn’t modified in our theme, so such issue is only possible if you have some custom modifications related to checkout (e.g. you have overridden some template files related to checkout or you have some 3rd-party extensions related to checkout) or if upgrade of your Magento went wrong.

Besides, it works without any problems on your site. :)

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Love the theme, but is there a reason why the layout changes are in layout/local.xml, rather than say layout/infortis_ultimo.xml?

I know I can override this stuff in a sub-theme’s local.xml, but this isn’t always the cleanest way to make changes with our large installation with 70+ extensions. If I try to make layout changes in an extension’s layout xml, they never work (per the same layout reference handle) because Magento will always evaluate local.xml files last.

So I am forced to use the event “controller_action_layout_generate_blocks_after” and an observer to alter the layout anything in local.xml using reference=”default”

I suppose I could be missing something, or I should be making all layout related changes in a sub-theme, but it seems that migrating away from local.xml and towards using a standard <layout><updates><infortis_ultimo><file>infortis_ultimo.xml would make things easier to customize.


We thought about this, but in your comment you pointed what is a serious potential issue related to this solution:

“Magento will always evaluate local.xml files last”

so this could lead to many problems when extensions will override theme’s layout updates from local.xml.

Kind regards

To fix Flexslider Chrome Bug, in /js/infortis/jquery/plugins/jquery.flexslider.min.js file, locate this piece of code at the start: g="ontouchstart"in window||window.DocumentTouch&&document instanceof DocumentTouch,h=g?"touchend":"click"

replace it with: g=("ontouchstart"in window||window.DocumentTouch&&document instanceof DocumentTouch)&&e.touch,h="click touchend"



I am helping my friend change his theme from HelloWired to this Ultimo theme (gorgeous!!).

Everything went smooth, as expected (you have made an amazing Ultimo User guide), except one major thing.

When we try to proceed from the cart to checkout the server waits for a sec or two and then just redirects back to cart.

Ofcourse we rushed it and didn’t have time for a backup (our fault), but I am now desperate as the scheduled downtime is out in four hours and I’ve allready spent all night trying to figure out what may be causing the problem that wasn’t there when we where using hellowired. We have disabled our onepagecheckout extension, but that didnt help either.

I beg for some help here, someone please?




Please make sure you are using correct version of the theme for your version of Magento. For example, Magento is supported from Ultimo 1.5.10, older versions shouldn’t be installed in Magento

Other than that, the issue is not caused by the theme. Checkout is Magento’s core functionality, the checkout process wasn’t modified in our theme (checkout was only styled with CSS), so this is not a theme error. Please refer to Magento forums for details, you can find there descriptions of similar issues.

Other possible cause is that some default Magento code is overridden by some of your extensions or by other custom modifications. You disabled your onepagecheckout extension but there may still be some files left that override default Magneto code.

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I am having trouble with the brand slider. The block heading and navigation buttons appear, but no brand images. The brand images are working on the product page, and all other sliders are working. jquery-1.7.2.min.js from infortis is the only jquery loading. My development website is if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.

Thank you very much,



Your brand block is not rendered at all, the list is just empty:

<ul class="slides">...</ul>

This indicates incorrect configuration or missing (or broken) theme file. Please double check everything, and re-install if needed.

Kind regards

To solve this problem I had to create a new attribute set with the input type as dropdown rather than free text. I added my brands as options for the new attribute and the slider is now working.

Thanks for the info, can be useful for others.

Almost all front-end extentions I’m tring to install are having problem on this theme (I’m using 1.5.10)

Can you advice how to succesfully install some front-end extensions to this theme?

I found the extensions I’m trying to work well on Magento Basic theme


I always install the files to




for layout and template

How to solve the install extention problem?


This is not theme-related, most of the extensions is be default installed in Magento’s “default” theme (which is not a desired place when you are not using “default” theme). Please refer to chapter 2.3 Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details.

Kind regards

Is the login problem solved in CE Magento?

i still cannot login in the store front-end :(

sorry guys problem solved!! ftp did not overwrite files from patch :)

Hi, Firstly I love this theme, best theme by far but I am having major trouble with users not being able to log into their account. Whenever a user tries to log in with their email and password (all of which as correct) the login screen just seems to refresh nothing actually happens, even when the wrong username or password is entered it just refreshes with no error warnings.

I have tried editing the SID on front end by not allowing it and this has made no difference, I really have no idea why this is happening, any help would be greatly appreciated.




Most likely you are using Magento with version of the theme which is not compatible. To use Magento you need the latest version of ultimo: 1.5.10

Kind regards

Hi, thanks for that, how do you update the theme?

Basically you need to overwrite old files with new files. But please follow entire upgrade procedure described in the Update Guide PDF.

Hello! Pre sale question. I would like to know how easy it is to add videos to each product. Thanks


You can ebmbed videos (e.g. from youtube) in product description page. You can also add videos in predefined CMS blocks and on CMS pages.

Kind regards

Hi There

i bought this template 2 months before from day first i am facing problems fucking crazy problems like big image not display and in checkout page fucking empty

even more than 100 times i have install your theme in same site means every time when i face problems delete complete site and reinstall magento and your theme again and follow your all instruction as per your pdf files 100% cache clear / disable / refresh every thing but still same issue now i am fucking crazy please please help me otherwise return my money back i am mentally fucked… and also yesterday i have donwload new theme i thought maybe you have updated your files but still same problem please do some thing


If all files are uploaded then this theme works without any problems (as you can see in the comments of other users) so the issue is somewhere on your end. Please make sure your servers is fully compatible with Magento.

On clean fresh Magento this theme works just “out of the box”, you only need to upload files and enable the theme.

Most common mistakes:
a) Magento cache (or external cache) was not flushed after installation of the theme.
b) Compilation mode was not disabled before installation.
c) Some of the theme files were not uploaded.
d) This may be file permissions issue – your Magento doesn’t have access to the theme files because of incorrect file permissions on your server. You need to set correct file permissions for all theme files (the same permissions as for other Magento files).
e) You have some third-party extensions which change theme’s default behavior or cause some conflicts.
f) You edited theme files and accidentally removed or changed something in the files.
g) You have customized the theme and your modifications change the default behavior of the theme.
h) You have some elements that left from previous theme (e.g. in Magento’s “base” theme: /app/design/frontend/base/) and that change the default behavior of the theme.

Also check your log files in var/log/ (log settings should be enabled in System > Config > Developer) for more information about the error.

Regarding problems with the checkout:
checkout is Magento’s core functionality not related to the theme, the checkout process wasn’t modified in our theme (checkout was only styled with CSS), so this is not a theme error and it indicates problems inside your Magento installation.

Kind regards

We followed the update guide to get the new version of the theme installed. When we ave copued the 4 folders to the website folder and overwritten the old folders we can’t enter the website anymore. It redirects us to the /downloader/ and starts to download magento again.

If we rename the folder with our backup folder, everthing works fine again (with the old theme).

What are we doing wrong?


If you’re redirected to Magento installer/downloader then you must have removed some core Magento files. This is not theme related.

Try to upload all Magento files again.

Kind regards

We still can’t get this working. We’re using Magento 1,7.. Isnt it possible get the new update without upgrading to 1,8? All we do is to copy the 4 folders “app”, “js”, “media” and “skin” to the current magento directoy and when it asks us to replace the files we say “yes”. We use Mac on a localhost. Then when we start our webpage again it redirects us to the /download magento install and wants us to download magento again?

1. You don’t need to upgrade Magento to 1.8, as stated in theme description our theme is compatible with Magento: from 1.5 to 1.8.

2. You will see Magento downloader if you remove some core Magento files or you have some other Magneto installation issues. This is not related to the theme.

Hi guys,

Great theme. However there is an issue with customer login in 1.5.10.

The file login.phtml is missing <?php echo $this->getBlockHtml(‘formkey’); ?> resulting in front end logins going nowhere.

After adding this line after #42 problem is solved.


That line is not missing. It exists in that file but inside the theme patch which needs to be uploaded if you are using Magento Please see Update Guide PDF for more details about the patch installation.

Kind regards

Can you tell me how to add an additional slider to the home page? I can’t find any info in the documentation or through the comments here.

I was referring to custom image slideshows.

It will be possible after upcoming update (this week).

excellent! Thank you so much!

I am interested in paying your group to install this theme on my server/site. Can you let me know if this is an available service and, if so, the price and time to complete?



Unfortunately we don’t offer such services.

Kind regards