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Does this work with woocommerce?? thanks


Unfortunately not, this is a theme for Magento, it will not work on Wordpress.

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L21 Purchased

Awesome Upgrade. Thanks for the slideshow. You are the Best! Keep up the good work.

Thank you. :)


Do you have lazy loading feature for category pages? Can we see default images instead of real product images until they are loaded?

I can not update ultimo version because i have many customised items about template.

Could you please explain how to enable lazy loading?

Thanks in advance


For now lazy loading was implemented only in sliders, but we’re thinking about implementing this also in the grid.

Old slider was replaced with new slider, and that lazy loading feature is part of the new slider so you would have to upgrade to use it.

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thanks i will be waiting for new update

could you please inform me?

No problem.

How can i show MSRP in category and product page?


This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example: Magento user guide. More references can be found in our user guide:
1. Help & Support.

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Dear customers,

We’re very sorry for the delay in replying to your comments. We will answer all questions this weekend.

I’ve installed Ultimo and I’m generally very happy with it. I need to run the site in Cookie Restricted Mode as it’s based in the UK. However when i enable this I’m not seeing the banner being displayed. Can you confirm this is supported with the Ultimo theme before I start looking elsewhere for the problem?


It is supported. This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details.

For support please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you.

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- What is the difference between ultimo and fortis 2.1 theme? (functionallity)

- Do you have plans to add previous/next buttons on the product page in upcoming update?



1. Features are almost the same, differences are in the design and in color settings. Ultimo also has some new features (see the changelog) but similar features will be also added to Fortis soon.

2. We’re not planning to add it for now.

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Hello! I was taking a look at the psd files and photoshop states that the files are not editable. Is this correct? By the way nice theme. I love it so far despite the fact that is takes me a huge ammount of time to make things the way I want. I will be awaiting for your reply. Have a nice day!


Thank you for kind words. Files were saved in Photoshop CS4 – which version you are using?

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Hi, 1-why is this happening is searched from google products? 2-Please help can not handle it


1. There is no title like this on that page anymore (so seems that google just indexed it some time ago but you made changes since then): view-source:

You must have had this in your Magento settings (system > configuration > design) in “Title Suffix” or “Title Prefix” or somewhere. or in product’s “Meta Title”.

2. URL can be set in system > configuration > web. URLs, page titles etc. are not related to the theme.

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Just purchased this theme and have copied over all files to the installation as well as importing all demo content.

This is being set up as a secondary site (multi site installation) and Im getting the menu duplicating without formatting

Some help would be much appreciated in regards to the duplicate menu

Also the menu is not appearing as full width even though it is enabled in the backend


This is not related to the theme. It seems you have some custom modifications or some third-party extensions (maybe from the other theme which you are using, or from some previous themes) that overrides default files of Ultimo.

Please see the screenshot: All what’s inside menu but below id=”nav” is not from our theme, we don’t add
et- prefixes to our class names like in et-mobile-menu

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Hello, I’m using Magento 1.8 freshly installed and Ultimo 1.6.

The cloud zoom function only works correctly when settings are set to display the zoom function inside the image. If we select display on right, top, bottom or left the image is display almost 4 times in the zoom function.

Any ideas?

You’re not going to believe what is was. The function breaks if you +zoom on page or -zoom out page just one magnification.

Hi Guys,

I’m struggling to find a way to alter the sizes of the slider and side column widths.

I’ve looked in grid.phtml but cannot seem to pin point the correct settings to adjust.

Please could you help and direct me on how I can achieve it please.

Cheers, Joe

Hi There, Any update on this please? Cheers, Joe


I’m sorry for delay. Width of the sidebar and main content section is set with these classes:

.grid-col2-sidebar and .grid-col2-main

You can find them in skin\frontend\ultimo\default\css\infortis\_shared\grid12.css but also in app\design\frontend\base\default\template\infortis\ultimo\css\grid.phtml

So you need to override those classes in your custom.css to set custom width.

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HI There,

For your next update, if you can add in the new sample database and how to setup just like demo 5.

Also, if you can show how to remove the transition element to the top header menu, especially the language switch.

I would like to purchase the theme, but it needs to be exactly like what you have in demo 5, specifically the top header menu setup.

Looking forward to purchasing the new template.

How to force user to select the sub category from the mega menu to eliminate too many clicks?

I have 3 levels of navigation in my store, which works perfectly with the meg menu option. However I don’t want to show landing pages for each level as it’s slight overkill and doesn’t add anything to my customer journey.

Instead I would like user to hover over main Navigation, where mega menu shows Categories and Sub Categories . At this point I don’t want user to be able to select CATEGORY. I want them to have to select at a SUB CATEGORY level.

Which settings / changes do I need to make this happen?

Please help me!



There is no such option in Magento, all categories in the menu are clickable. You would need to add some javascript to prevent from clicking the top-level categories.

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Hi, I wanted to get my site like demo 5, so I followed your settings here ... very painful, but got through it. My footer is now showing black text on black. Which setting do I need to change? If I look at the settings image in that link, it shows a checkbox for “use website”. I don’t have that checkbox in my configuration … I am on version 1.8.1.

Also, which sample homepage should I import to get the layout that you have in demo 5? These are the homepages that I have available: ULTIMO Typography | Ultimo – Responsive Magento Theme ULTIMO Home Page ULTIMO Home Page 2 ULTIMO Home Page 3 ULTIMO Home Page 4 ULTIMO Ultimo – Responsive Magento Theme | Download

Or do I have to manually add all the components?


Ok, never mind… I figured out the color schemes in the footer primary, secondary and bottom.

My other question about which sample homepage should I import to get the layout that you have in demo 5 is still open? If there isn’t a sample page, then could you please paste the code here so I can copy paste it into my homepage?

These are the homepages that I have imported and available: ULTIMO Typography | Ultimo – Responsive Magento Theme ULTIMO Home Page ULTIMO Home Page 2 ULTIMO Home Page 3 ULTIMO Home Page 4 ULTIMO Ultimo – Responsive Magento Theme | Download


Checkbox “use website” is visible only if you have more than one store view in your Magento (this is the case in our demo).

Here you can find sample content of the demo 5 home page: Set your page layout to “1 column”. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, we just forgot to include that page in the import file. We’ll add it in the next update.

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thank you, this worked great!

Hi admin

i am again but this time just one thing i want to discuss after 2 – 3 month struggle my ultimo magento template is fine and working smothinly just one problem is that my compare module is not working in back end it is “enable” even i did disable clear cache and than enable clear cache but still same problem . let me explain more so you can understand

last week i have downloaded new template file in that zip file i found quick start package i uploaded these package without data base after that my website is working fine paypal , enlarge image and other modules are working fine but just one thing compare option is not working and problem is that my client has already uploaded some products and he finalize template and blocks so i don’t want to take risk please guide me as simple so i can follow that instruction and resolve this tinny issue



Quick Start Package (as stated in the documentation) is for users who didn’t install Magneto yet. You shouldn’t install it on live site. Especially you shouldn’t install it if your site was based on Magento 1.8.x because Quick Start contains files of Magento

If you wanted to upgrade to new 1.6.0 version, then you should just re-install the theme using new files by following the steps in the Update Guide PDF (chapter 2. Upgrade).

Compare feature is not part of the theme, it is Magento’s core feature. Our theme only moves the “Compare” block to the header.

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while trying to optimize size of page with 170 KB Javascript, I thought to leave away prototype library for non logged-in users. Does anyone have hints about this.



Never tried. Prototype is part of Magento’s core so I’m not sure you can do this. Even if it will not break Magento, other third-party extensions may rely on it.

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Hi, First of all, great theme and best documentation.

I have a same problem “clgraham” of 9mouth ago but i don’t undestang where is possible to change (“To change it, go to the product edit page in the admin panel, open Design tab and change the value of the Display Product Options In field.”) Is possible step by step? i go in: - system - configuration?

sorry but i don’t know where thanks

i fond it in same product: design display product options in “product info column”


Please next time post a link to the comment which you are referring to or describe what that other user asked about. :)

Is it this one: ?

If yes and you want to change the position of product options, then you just need to go to the product edit page (Catalog > Manage Products), open Design tab and change the value of the Display Product Options In field.

More details (the same as with any other theme settings) can be found in theme user guide, chapter:

4.6.1 Position of: Add to Cart button and product options

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I have installed your template at

The problem is that category view in grid mode instead of placing the products next to other it displays it as list. Please advice



That grid wasn’t rendered bu template for from Ultimo. Something overrides the theme in your Magento and changes theme’s default behavior:
- third-party extensions,
- some custom modifications,
- custom sub-theme,
- or some elements that left from previous theme

Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide to check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

Also, please note that one of your extensions is loading another version of jQuery (jquery-1.8.3.min.js) this will cause jQuery conflict.

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Not to be chicky, the theme 1.6 is very nice, but any plan for sticky header in the future :-)


Thank you. We’re thinking to add it in one of the updates (but unfortunately not in the next one).

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