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Is there a way to shrink the image sliders to one side and put a sidebar menu in the created space? If not, can I put it right below the image slider?


There is an option to show small banners next to the slideshow (see our 1st demo). You can replace those banners with any other content, (e.g. with sidebar menu which can be added via shortcode).

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First of, great theme! It does exactly what we need it to, and the updates are always great.

Right now, we’re having a problem with tabs on the product page. They are showing up us continuous instead of working as tabs. I think it’s a coding error, but I can’t find the error. Here’s a sample product page:

Thanks for your help.


You have many javascript errors (not theme related) on your product page and those errors break all features which work with JavaScript (such as tabs, for example). Please debug your page in Chrome Developer Tools or similar.

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I have disabled and uninstalled several extensions that add javascript and am still having problems. Any advice on this?

You still have JS errors (this is not theme related). E.g. you have jQuery conflicts, your extension loads another version of jQuery: skin/frontend/base/default/js/z_amasty/plugins/jquery-1.9.1.min.js

Hi, what transition Easing Method are you using for the brands in your demos?



New sliders are based on OwlCarousel, they use standard “ease” function.

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I have renamed the skin/theme folder into my preferred name. Now i have problems at some different places.

- How can in set up the folder path for the brand logos to media/wysiwyg/preferred-name/brands/

- Furthermore i get a error message while saving the “Theme Settings” within System -> Ultimo

Message: Unable to create directory … skin/frontend/ultimo

The new folder is called /preferred-name/, too.

Thanks in advance blockbaster


Please keep the default file structure. Changing is not supported, theme needs to know where to look for many different resources.

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I can’t see how to reply to an existing thread, but I was reading a message posted 2 months ago by a user named LeParisien regarding a static, streched background.

You directed their expert eyes to some files to edit to achieve what they wanted.

Could you help me to achieve the same even though I do not have the same expertise.

Many thanks, James

I completely understand. The Ultimo theme is absolutely outstanding. You’ve done a great job. I wasn’t trying to get free customization work. I was just wondering if there was an option that I had missed. I’ll continue to try to work it out myself. Many thanks again.

You could try to get help at this site: It has many different sections and dozens of experts in all possible scopes related to webdesign, e.g.:

Thank you very much

Are there any plans to add custom labels in future releases? Thanks


Hello, For now we have no plans to add more labels.

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Hi, I am trying to change block_slideshow_banners to only display 2 banners on the right of my main slideshow like this:

I can’t seem to find any documentation in the help guide on configuring the # of slideshow banners and/or changing the height of the banners

When I take out the third banner, the remaining two banners dont auto size to fill the height of the slideshow. If I put in bigger pictures, then the captions get misaligned and appear below the slideshow.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


0. That block for banners is only a placeholder for custom content, so you can change it to whatever you need. To have less banners (e.g. 2) you only need to change size of the images which you display there. Check the real size of that block using Firebug or other similar tool ( ), divide the height by two, and creat images of that size.

1. You would need to customize the template file which is responsible for the search block. To check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento, you can enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

2. Unfortunately this is not possible, static blocks in Magneto are only for static content.

3. You would need to customize the template file of the header and add your banners in appropriate place.

4. You would just need to edit the header template and move the cart somewhere next to the block_header_top_right2 to show it in the same place.

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Hi, thank you for the prompt reply and awesome support!

0. I did set my image height accordingly, but my captions are still misaligned and showing up below the banners one on top of the other

1. Thank you for the tip on turning on template path hints. this is going to come very handy. I now see the template path files I need to edit, but since they are in php, I am not sure how/where to actually add the Advanced search link

3. same as above, I have found the relevant template file I need to edit, but since it is php, not sure how I can add the banner code (from the CMS static block there)

3. same as above, I have found the relevant template file I need to edit, but not sure what the code is to display the cart and disable it in the top links

sorry for all these detailed follow on questions … but am sure once I figure out this next big hurdle of how to customize the phps, I should become more self sufficient :)

0. HTML of your banners was broken by Magento’s WYSIWYG. You will need to disable WYSIWYG so that it doesn’t process the code before you start editing the code. Turn it on only when it is needed. Please go to System > Configuration > Content Management and set it as Disabled by Default.

In case you need the original content of some blocks, XML file with all static blocks can be found in the following directory: app\code\local\Infortis\<ThemeName>\etc\import\. You can also re-import all static blocks, please see chapter 7.10 Theme Installation in the user guide for details.

1. To add link to advanced search you can add this code near the search block:

<a class="advanced-search-link" href="<?php echo Mage::getURL(''); ?>catalogsearch/advanced/"><?php print $this->__('Advanced Search'); ?></a>

We’re sorry but theme customization is beyond the scope of our support. For further assistance please refer to Magento forum or similar websites.

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Hello Admin Thanks for reply my magento version is Magento as i said earlier in last email just compare option is not working rest of modules are working fine and even i have uploaded custom module like google translator and shipping cost manager they both working fine but just that thing is not working so kindly guide me what to do..


If you’re asking about the same issue, then please reply below your previous comment, otherwise it’s hard to track the conversation.

As we replied, the issue is not related to the theme, “compare” feature is not part of the theme, it is Magento’s core functionality.

After theme installation “compare” block is displayed in the header and it works out of the box. So if doesn’t work in your case, it’s some error in Magento.

Also, you said you upgraded theme incorrectly (with qucikstart package), so it might have broke your Magento.

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Awesome Great Theme Design bro… :)

Thank you. :)


I’d like to move the search box into the navigation.

Is this possible?


1. You can move/add/remove any blocks in Magento using Magento’s standard XML syntax in layout update files. Here you can find some tutorials and articles about Magento layout XML:

2. You would also need to customize the template files which are responsible for displaying those block. To check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento, you can enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

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When trying to choose edit product on the mini icon from upper right cart, we got this in our system.log:

2014-01-21T07:23:56+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Use of undefined constant aggregate - assumed 'aggregate' in /app/design/frontend/ultimo/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 170

Unsure if this is a theme or Magento issue… The line at 170:

<?php echo $this->getReviewsSummaryHtml($_product, aggregate, true); //reviews ?>

There is also a empty choice in the country drop down selector all over the site, also unsure if this is a theme or Magento issue. Please take a look at (only in Swedish at the moment).



1. Line that loads product reviews looks like this:
<?php echo $this->getReviewsSummaryHtml($_product, false, true); //reviews ?>
so you have there some custom modifications which cause the eror.

2. If you mean the drop-down in the footer then there is nothing missing there.

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Your’e right, there is something strange with line 170. Changed it = working :)

No not the drop-down in the footer, the drop-downs where you select country, for example when changing your addresses, shipment, shipping cost calculation etc etc.


That drop-down is not theme related, list of counties can be configured somewhere in Magento settings (I’m sorry but I don’t remember where exactly it can be found).


I’ve used Ultimo on my website ( and now I’d like to make some changes to the homepage. In particular the showing of the Category navigation item in the left column like you have in the third demo site (see here:

The thing is, I’ve tried about everything I can think of as to where to turn this (back) on but I can’t find where.

Could you please help me out? Thanks!!!!

Found it! :-) For those who are looking for the same setting, here’s how to find it:

System / Settings / Infortis extensions / Menu / Sidebar menu / (Enable Sidebar Menu) set “Home Page (Left Sidebar) to ‘enable’

I only add (if someone else is reading this comment) that you also need to enable 2-columns layout for the home page in order to display any sidebar blocks. :)

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I have problem with translation. i did exactly like in manuals 4.9.1 Interface translation but translation doesn’t work.

Also English translation should be Now only instead of Special price.

You can check also at

Any idea? Thanks for help!


“Special price” is also a default Magento attribute, so please make sure it wasn’t renamed in your Magento in:
Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > special_price > Manage Label/Options

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My partner bought ultimo template with 3 languages. When applied the settings to the 3 different sites only one of them don’t show the same design as the rest. It is the German site that does not appear to have the same layout as the rest. Can someone advise? Thanks.

I have problem with my layout. I have an english and a greek version of the site. When we changed the code of the view store from “greek” into “el” the layout was a bit ruined.

Do you have any clue why this happened?

the address just to check out…


After making changes in store view settings, please re-save theme settings. Go to System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design and click Save Config button. Then go to System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Layout and click Save Config button again.

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Hi, thanks for your answer…still some issues are on. The english is ok…but the greek has a few things like colors and other things that are not restored as they should be…!! Anything else to suggest?

In Magento you can configure each store view individually, so if you have differences in (for example) colors between stores, then you will need to configure both stores in exactly the same way.

I see that some blocks in the header are missing in english store. This means you didn’t enable those static blocks for your both store views (but only for greek store).


I am presently in process of setting up ultimo on a secondary domain and am experiencing some issues.

The stretched menu is not appearing even though this is enabled in the admin, also the navigation bar appears to be overstretching the banners and sliders.

I did have the menu duplicating before however have managed to resolve this.

Most likely you are using Magento but you didn’t upload the theme patch for Magento (you can find description in installation instructions) or at least not all files.

Im using Magento

In that case unfortunately I don’t know the reason of this issue.

Adding products to the cart is Magento’s core functionality not related to the theme, it wasn’t modified in our theme in any way. It seems that some custom modifications/extensions overrides the theme in your Magento and change its default behavior (the same as with your first issue with duplicated menu).


I have purchased your plugin and installed at

Where do I change the main and side banners?

I’ll be waiting your answer.

Thank you,

Regards, André.


Each slide is a static block and can be edited in CMS > Static Blocks. Please check the user guide for details:
11. Slideshow

Kind regards

Hi There,

Do you SQL columns start/contine this field ‘umm_cat_block_bottom’?

Since I enabled the theme I’m getting this error on updating categories with SKU’s

Cheers, Joe


Menu module adds some category attributes (they are displayed in the “Menu” tab in Category Management in Magento admin panel), their identifiers start with umm_ (abbreviation of Ultra Mega Menu), umm_cat_block_bottom is one of them.

Kind regards


Is there a blog (preferably Wordpress) extension you recommend?



p.s. this is a purchased theme, (hespv), I’m writing from my personal acct.


We don’t test extensions, but our customers recommended “Magento WordPress Integration” extension from Fishpig.

For support please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

I have narrowed my decision on the theme to purchase, Ultimo and Acumen. Here’s my question, have you considered or will you be updating your theme to with the added performance benefits similar to the Acumen Theme? A responsive theme is what I set out to purchase but nothing else seems to stand up against the performance of the other. Please advise and correct if I’m wrong.


Most of those performance benefits already exist in our theme. This year we’re also planning to add some additional optimization.

Kind regards