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Hi, Im new to magento and I’m using Ultimo Theme which my client bought for me. What do I need to do to use a product page(which is a category) as the home page because right now it is showing on the nav menu:


I want it to be



oh i got working to only show PRODUCTS on the nav menu. however when I open the site, it will still show what was on the HOME page before (the slideshows and banners). I want to show what is on the PRODUCTS page upon page load. I don’t want to show them what was on the HOME page anymore.


For support please use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards


Regarding the mobile menu, when there are drop downs, is it possible to make it so the whole tab is clickable, rather than just the ’+’? I don’t think people will know they have to click the + to expand the menu, and the majority of people will just click the category title.

Kind Regards, Ryan


In that case you wouldn’t be able to open the category if clicking on it would only expanded the sub-menu. I think current solution is more versatile.

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First, the Ultimo is the best! I recommend it to all my friends.

I was trying the sample code from the documentation to add blocks in the wide menu. However, they are not showing up. Is there something I’m missing?


Thank you. :)

You may need to re-index Magento (and flush the cache) as the category blocks are standard attributes so they need to be refreshed from time to time after making changes in the catalog.

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That worked thanks!

Hi, I have a problem with the Slider (not product slider, the normal one) I have followed the instructions of documentation but it’s not showing up here it is : between the A / B letters in top of the main area

Can you inspect code and tell me is i’ve done something wrong ? i have tried a lot of things and still not working… thanks !


By default the image slider (slideshow) is displayed above the main content area, not inside the ”.col-main” container but inside ”.preface ” container. So you have there some custom modifications.

Which version are you using?

Hello, I have updated my shop step by step and after I updated ultimo I don’t get the shopping cart template anymore. Mini cart is good but shopping cart doesn’t show anymore. I have turned all extension off in back end en server but nothing works. Can you help me with this problem?

I have found it my checkout.xml is empty


I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand, your cart is normally visible. What exactly is the issue?

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This theme would be perfect if it had an “added to cart pop up message” with a link to the checkout. its the only thing stopping me buying it. Best Regards

Hello, Thank you for kind words. We’re thinking about this feature.

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OK thanks for the reply, once you have added the feature i will definitely purchase the theme.

Hi, On viewing the Live Preview for the Ultimo Fluid Theme on my Iphone the website does not change to fit the screen, it is all hard to read and small. I was expecting the Live Preview to work well on my phone. Please let me know. Thanks


You need to disable ThemeForest’s frame at the top left corner (the black bar) when viewing the demo.

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Hello, Is it possible to activate the responsive design, but only for screen width < 400px for example ? Thanks


You would need to customize CSS media queries to achieve that

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how can i change position of Cookie restriction notice which is now in footer and i would like to have on the top of page?

thank you for help


Change it in all page templates. Template 2columns-left.phtml is only for pages with left sidebar.

I did so, on all templates. It’s not working.

Looks like for some reason it is rendered by this line:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘before_body_end’) ?>

But this line shouldn’t be moved so you would need to change position of cookie notice via layout XML. By default it is added via Magento’s page.xml:

            <block type="core/text_list" name="before_body_end" as="before_body_end" translate="label">
                <label>Page Bottom</label>
                <block type="page/html_cookieNotice" name="global_cookie_notice" as ="global_cookie_notice" template="page/html/cookienotice.phtml" before="-" />

You can override it in theme’s local.xml (app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\layout\) like this:

        <reference name="before_body_end">

            <action method="unsetChild"><name>global_cookie_notice</name></action>    


        <reference name="after_body_start">

            <block type="page/html_cookieNotice" name="global_cookie_notice" as ="global_cookie_notice" template="page/html/cookienotice.phtml" before="-" />


Please refer to Magento documentation for details about layout XML.

Hi, thanks for the great theme and the good update.

We have an issue with the resolutions over 1280. At your demo on the themeforest the same problem exists over 1680.

Please help us to solve it.


But what issue?

Kind regards

Hi, If the resolution is higher than 1280 the banner does not match:

You need to use images of proper size. If you selected option Full Width for your slideshow, then you need to use images as wide as max width of the screen. Width 1920 px should be fine for most of the large monitors.

Hello I think I found a little bug with the main menu.

If you have a menu item with a very very very long list of sub-items (for example a category with many sub-categories), the page display a blank long part below the last footer block. This is due to the very long menu item which “reclaim” the space to display the sub-items, indeed if you mouse over the menu item and then mouse out the blank part disappear.

@author please can you try?


adding this to CSS works but you have to change the overflow to “scroll” when mouse over the menu: #root-wrapper { overflow: hidden; }


This is caused by the structure of the menu when menu is too long. If you add this CSS,

#nav .level0-wrapper {
    display: none;

the blank space below the footer will be visible only on mouse over.

Also, with this field:
System > Configuration > Theme Design > Page > Viewport Background Color

you can set the background color of the web browser viewport. It will be applied for HTML body element. Set the same color as for the footer background, so the blank space below the footer will have the same color as footer.

Kind regards

Hi Again,

I’m unable to get the menu to work in layers.

E.g. Supplies More supplies Some more supplies

Only the parent category will work and all options are set correctly.

All Include in nav – Yes Is Anchor – Yes Maximal Depth – 3

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Joe

Hi There,

The URL is thisoffice

I’ve just found that the menu works on IE11 (but not correctly as too big) and firefox but not on Google Chrome.

I’ve uploaded the most recent files too.

Cheers, Joe

Ok, V sorry just cleared my cache on Chrome and now showing…

Final thing, how do i center the who navigation so it is even on both sides.

I read this: ‘Menu items have (by default) style float:left; so you would need to override it and apply display:inline-block; And of course add text-align:center; for containing UL tag.’

But don’t understand how to override the float:left to center the entire nav bar.

I’ve tried a load of different options on different classes but mainly

<ul id="nav" class="grid-full wide" />

Cheers, joe

1. IE for some reason renders the font very big, bigger than other browsers (this is a browser issue). You can make the font smaller in menu settings.

2. Menu items are floating left because of this style:

#nav > li {
float: left;

So you need to override it in your custom.css:

But CSS/HTML customization is not theme specific, it works the same on all websites, please refer to CSS/HTML forums. Custom modifications are beyond the scope of our support.

how to install the template ultimo in my cpanel. Can you installing it in my cpanel as the attached demo. thank you


Unfortunately we don’t offer installation services. To install the quick start package (copy of our demo) please follow the instructions in the user guide, chapter:
3.1 Installation of demo store

Today we’ve released new version 1.6.1 which contains new quick start package with all the current demos.

Kind regards

Please explain how to get the navigation bar to look like the demo 5! It is not in the pdf and it is why I bought the theme


You can install the quick start package, it is a copy of our demo site, so you will be able to check all possible settings.

To install please follow the instructions in the user guide, chapter:
3.1 Installation of demo store

Today we’ve released new version 1.6.1 which contains new quick start package with all the current demos.

Kind regards

Dear Infortis,

Great theme, i m really having fun playing with it. congrats!

I have some issues with product slider at home page and product tags at main menu custom block product slider. And also wondering where the compare button’s text.

Here are the screenshots:

Home Page : Main Menu : Compare :

I ve tried recreating products, flushing all the cashes, re-indexing data even re-uploading .phtml file but nothing worked. Btw Main menu product slider was the same as home page slider but it got fixed by adding breakpoint values to code.

I m working on localhost for now so i cannot provide a link to show you on a live site.

Oh and one more question; is there an easy way to make product tags (new, sale) smaller and change the shape?



1. To display New Products please use the shortcode described in the user guide: 6.1.5 New Products Slider Slider will look and work like in our demo. (Based on screenshot I’m not sure what you have there)

2. I can confirm the issue with product labels if slider is displayed inside the menu. We will fix it in the next update.

3. Text “Compare” is hidden if page width is 1024px or smaller. To change it please open this template file:

and remove class="hide-below-1280"

4. In product slider to make the product labels smaller you can use parameter size.

Kind regards


1. I used exactly same code written in the user guide. I also tried your example codes and this is what it seems like.

4. What about the shape and design of the tags? How can i make some modifications?

Btw, i updated the theme to 1.6.1, in case of a possible bug or something but did not work either.


1. You must have some modifications that overrides theme’s default code, e.g.:
- third-party extensions,
- some custom modifications,
- custom sub-theme,
- some elements that left from previous theme

4. When you want to make some non-standard design changes (for which you can’t find settings in theme admin panel), you can do it by adding custom CSS. Enable additional CSS file custom.css in which you can override or extend the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide, chapters 5. Customization and 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles.

To find out which part of CSS you need to extend or override you can use Firebug, an add-on for Firefox:
( ) or other similar tool.

Hello, How can I adjust the height of the homepage slider?


i just found how to do it; 10X :)


Thanks for designing such a nice theme. Even its hard to maintain, because so many blocks are there for this theme.

please let us know where we can find the below sections to integrate in our design:

1) recommended Shoes 2) recommended Bags 3) The block below of these 2



This is all content of the home page. Home page can be edited in CMS > Pages. After theme installation you can import sample home pages which we have in our demos. Details can be found in the user guide: 6.1 Home page

Kind regards

Thanks for 1.6.1 but their is no documentation in the update.pdf to show what was updated for all customers with sub-themes installed.

Can you provide a updated pdf to redownload the changes made as their is no documentation in the pdf for the latest version it starts at 1.6.0

Thanks again :D


All changes are always listed in the Changelog.txt. The Update_Guide.pdf only contains the most important changes (such as changes related to sliders in 1.6.0) to make sure they will not be overlooked.

Kind regards

This dose not contain the modified files can you not list them with every update as it gives the people with sub-themes a easier task of editing the files rather than spending hours comparing them.

I looked in the changelog.txt and it contains nothing other than the info on the bottom of the sales page which you provide anyway. In the update file their is no reference to 1.6.1 after applying the update i still have errors with the category title being ignored in the top of the sidebar…

We don’t include list of files as you can always use some software to diff files if needed.

Regarding the “category title” please provide some details. Did you mean the sidebar menu? If yes, on what page? Displayed with short code or configured in menu admin panel? Please note that there is an option to “Fallback To Root Category” and a “Fallback Block Title” so most likely your title is just overridden by the fallback.

Does anyone have any experience of a one step checkout extension working with this theme?


You have to be carefull with one step checkout, our conversion rate decrease because lots of our customers didn’t feel confortable having all box in one page. So we got back to normal checkout.