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I’m having issues with the top links and currency switcher. I’m not sure if it’s theme related (just updated) or if it’s a magento issue.

The top links are shown but not click-able. Also, the currency selector is only operation when the page is loaded, click it once or twice and it too becomes not click-able. If you could please take a look.

Disregard. Found the issue.

AddShoppers module was causing the error when the default buttons option was selected. Disable that option and all returns to normal.

Is it possible to remove the add to cart button on the listings pages?


Yes, under:
System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Settings > Category View (Grid Mode) > Add To Cart

Kind regards

Hi (to anyone with show more new products wishes):

I wanted to show more than what the built in slider can show. I came up with this:

1. Get RSS Reader (from Aheadworks – Its FREE)

2. Install

3. Setup

5. Make a new page (e.g New products) w/ 3 cols (in my case)

6. Put in the block code (as instructed in RSS reader docs) .. and use the feed from your shop as rss feed

7. Make a few changes in the CSS (for your info its situated here: /skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/rssreader.css)

Bling! and you’re ready to rock

You can set a number of parameters from the backend /RSS reader settings) like show 5 products .. or 50, 100 etc.. as many as you like).

As a example you can view my shop here: Hobbyjunglen

Need help? you’re welcome to contact me on:

Hi, I have added the following at the top of my static FAQ page. the reason for the wrapper is to apply the same background as the footer however it doesnt seem to be working. Any ideas on why the footer-container background isnt being applied here?

<div class="footer-container"> <div class="grid12-6 banner"> <span class="icon i-char hover">1</span> <a href="#faq1">question 1</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">2</span> <a href="#faq2">question 2</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">3</span> <a href="#faq3">question 3</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">4</span> <a href="#faq4">question 4</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">5</span> <a href="#faq5">question 5</a><br /><br /> </div> <div class="grid12-6 banner"> <span class="icon i-char hover">6</span> <a href="#faq6">question 6</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">7</span> <a href="#faq7">question 7</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">8</span> <a href="#faq8">question 8</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">9</span> <a href="#faq9">question 9</a><br /><br /> <span class="icon i-char hover">10</span> <a href="#faq10">question 10</a><br /><br /> </div> </div>

thanks :)


Hard to guess without seeing your site but maybe this is just an issue with floats that needs to be cleared. Try to add class clearer to the container:

class="footer-container clearer" ...

Kind regards

wonderful :) that worked!


I want to reorder the left Sidebar.

At the moment the order is like: 1. Filter 2. Right_top_block 3. Last_viewed_block 4. Survey

I want to change the order of survey and Last_viewed_block.

Thanks! Chris


You can move/add/remove any blocks in Magento using Magento’s standard XML syntax in layout update files. This is not theme specific, here you can find some tutorials and articles about Magento layout XML:

Layout updates can be applied directly in theme’s local.xml (app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\layout)

Kind regards


We would like to show the mini-cart on the right sidebar on the one page checkout.

We already set the Display Shopping Cart Sidebar in System > Configuration > Checkout > Shopping Cart Sidebar to enabled.

How can we fix this?


Unfortunately theme customization is beyond the scope of our support.

Mini-cart was moved to the header in theme’s local.xml (app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\layout). But please note that even after you remove it from the header, cart will be displayed in the left sidebar which is Magento’s default.

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Hello, When you click on some brand it redirects you to Magento search results for that brand with this url: ../catalogsearch/result/?q=myBrandName

But that brings any product with this keyword.

Is there any way to bring results as from advanced search when you select a manufactures with the link bellow


Thanks in advance


Currently there is no such option, but we’ll try to incorporate it in the next version.

Kind regards

hello, i have bought this template and i want install demo no.06 – as link You install it for me, because developer, not cannot install this

await positive reply thank

My developer have installed it, but installed as demo 6, you can ex plani how the developer install demo no.06? Await reply

Please reply at my request….thank


Unfortunately we don’t offer installation services at the moment. To quickly see the store like demo 6 you can install Quick Start package. It will install a copy of our demo site, so you will be able to watch all demos with all settings and products.

Just after installation you will need to re-save theme settings (clicking Save Config button) in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design and in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Layout.

To display demo 6 after installation you will need to enter the following URL:

(where is root URL of your Magento)

Kind regards

Which block are you using for demo4, right below the main slider? 1 (add to cart) 2 (go to cart page) 3 (discount code)

Is there good place for me to find out which blocks you are using for your demo site?

thank you


These are just sample banners inside the home page content.

After the theme is installed, you can import sample versions of the home pages from all of our demos. For more details about import refer to the user guide: 7.11 Theme Installation.

more details about banners can be found in 6.1.3.B Banners

Kind regards

I’m using the wide main nav with custom nav version and I’m trying to add a single dropdown in the main nav with a specified width of 150px… But I want this nav to expand with the opener in the mobile version to show the contents… Is it possible? I’m using this code but I’m not getting the opener to display anything:

  • About

  • <li class="level0 level-top"> <a class="level-top" href="{{store direct_url='about-magento-demo-store'}}" us=""> <span>About</span> </a> <span class="opener"> </span> <div class="level0-wrapper singleDrop" style="display: none; left: 0px;"> <div class="header-nav-dropdown-wrapper clearer"> <div class="grid3-3"> <ul class="level0"> <li class="level1 nav-2-6 item"> <a href=""> <span>About Our Products</span> </a> </li> <li class="level1 nav-2-6 item"> <a href=""> <span>About the Owners</span> </a> </li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </li>

    In the current version – yes. We’re planning to merge both menus into one in the future.

    It seems this code is creating what I want in the mobile nav… But my regular vertical nav on category pages is displaying with all of the openers expanded and they will not close. Any ideas?

    Please check out my code here… Pasting it within the tags does not format for me for some reason...

    Nevermind, it looks like all I needed to do was take out the “accordion” class and it works as expected. :-)


    Very nice theme.

    Just one question, where do I find the CSS for the nav menu? I need to centre the contents of the nav, its currently aligned left. Can you help please?


    To find out which part of CSS you need to extend or override you can use Firebug, an add-on for Firefox:
    ( ) or other similar tool.

    When you want to make some non-standard design changes (for which you can’t find settings in theme admin panel), you can do it by adding custom CSS. Enable additional CSS file custom.css in which you can override or extend the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide, chapters 5. Customization and 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles.

    Kind regards

    Equal Height of Grid Items broken after update.

    I’ve been using this theme for a while. Just updated the theme.

    Everything went smooth. But Equal Height of Grid Items does not work anymore.

    -no errors with firebug js. -tried disabling, for whole site, for the shop, enableling it. etc

    you can see the site:

    Any help would be very much appriciated!

    You are using some additional third-party caching (in the source of your site CSS and JS is combined in a non-standard way) and that is probably breaking this function (“equal height” script).

    I have disabled all caching. rebuild/cleared/restarted/ still no Equal Height.

    To quickly fix this problem and look for a real solution. Could I add some css or js directly into the page to overrule this temporarely?


    There is no need to add any CSS/JS because this should work out of the box. Something just overrides the default code in your Magento and changes theme’s default behavior or causes some conflicts:
    - third-party extensions,
    - some custom modifications,
    - custom sub-theme,
    - some elements that left from previous theme
    - not all new files were uploaded during upgrade

    Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

    You can test it in a clean fresh Magento installation, all will work fine.

    Hi need some help please. I have read through the documentation however I cannot find out how to change

    a) the image captions b) the actual images c) the 3 small blocks on the right hand side.

    Thanks Antony


    a) It can be found here: 6.5.5 Captions for Slideshow

    b) Each slide in a slideshow is just a simple static block which can contain any text or HTML (including images, links etc.). Static blocks can be found in CMS > Static Blocks.

    c) Slideshow configuration is described with details in the user guide: 11. Slideshow

    Kind regards

    Hi I have recently purchased this theme and installed on my domain. However no links on the page is working except for the home page that gets displayed.

    Could you please install the theme for me . As first time installation is free. I will provide you all my FTP details

    Thanks Iqbal Patel

    Please visit The demo is already up but no links are working.

    Please visit And help me out.

    Its been more than a week now i am seeking help for the theme. If you cant please refund me . I do not want this theme.

    Thanks Iqbal Patel

    Issue is not related to the theme. This is server error or incorrect Magento installation. Please first install magento properly and after it works install the theme.

    Make sure your server is 100% compatible with Magento. Make sure you uploaded all theme files and set correct file permissions for uploaded files.

    To make it all easier you can re-download the latest version 1.6.1 which contains Quick Start package based on magneto

    hi, i used magento and ultimo 1.5.8

    does i need to upgrade to ultimo 1.6.1 ?

    best regards


    We highly recommend to upgrade. There were many improvements, especially related to product sliders and image slideshow. Please see the full list of changes in the changelog:

    Kind regards


    Is it possible to have only one product in the product grid when browsing the products on a phone or android ? So when scrolling only one image is displayed Large instead of 2 small images side by side ?




    Yes, you have full control over it. You can set how many products in a row is displayed on mobile devices.

    Moreover you can configure it individually for different screen sizes. So you can show different number of products in a row when browser viewport width is below: 640 px, 768 px and 480 px

    Kind regards

    I really like the grid and the way to arrange banners (different sizes and rows). Why can’t the same be done for the products? Something like a mosaic kind of grid. I tried to get products in the nested containers but it didn’t work. Is there a way to do it?

    Thanks Brian


    On home page you can put product sliders in custom containers (using built-in grid system). To build custom mosaic for product grid in category view you would need to customize the theme. Products in the grid are rendered dynamically so changing their layout isn’t as easy as for static banners.

    Kind regards

    What verson of this theme is the latest?

    Also can you resize product grid boxes and can you change picture of product upon hover.

    Thanks everyone


    Please see the full list of versions in the changelog:

    Yes, you can customize the grid: change the number of columns (number of products in a row, from 2 to 8) and display alternative product image on mouse hover.

    Kind regards

    There was:
    ( number of products in a row, from 2 to 8 )


    Is there any known compatibility issues with Amasty’s Improved Navigation? It does not work properly with their extension.


    Generally all extensions can work with all themes but they sometimes have to be integrated manually. That’s because sometimes the extension and the theme override the same Magento template file so there can be a conflict. In such cases you need to customize the theme and merge two conflicting template files into one template file. Please refer to chapter 2.3 Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details about third-party extensions.

    Kind regards

    Hello, i have problem with the Footer and the Basket. Version Magento 1.8.1

    Hier a link ton a Screenshot.

    Thanks for help


    In order to show drop-down cart, option Display Shopping Cart Sidebar in System > Configuration > Checkout > Shopping Cart Sidebar has to be enabled.

    Your footer looks like not all files were uploaded (e.g. CSS files are missing). Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

    Kind regards