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please reply to my question on page 256 its been 2 days :(


We’re sorry for delay but during the weekend it takes us more time.

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Customer dorp down Menu is not classic, its making wide menu, yes I know I set classic to enabled and wide to disable or no from backend of theme settings and also cleared cache several times


Drop-down is wide so most likely some of your custom CSS overrides menu’s default CSS (at least it looks like this on your screenshot). Also, make sure you uploaded all theme files and set correct file permissions.

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When we use Amesty layered nevigation Shop By extension or Advanced Navigation 3 from gomage and update something, the add to cart goes over price. how to resolve this..

link of screenshoot at


If option “Equal Height of Grid Items” is enabled in Ultimo, each time the window is resized, this JS function is fired: setGridItemsEqualHeight in app/design/frontend/ultimo/default/template/page/html/footer_theme_scripts.phtml

It recalculates the size of the grid items to make them equal height. You would need to fire this function after your extension finished rendering the grid.

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Where do I find the CSS for the nav menu? I need to centre the contents of the nav, its currently aligned left. Can you help please?



We replied below your first comment. Please kindly don’t spam, as you can see we reply to all comments but it can take some time, spamming doesn’t help us to do it any quicker.

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I just wanted to know if its possible to show me an example of the order review screen (used when using the paypal express checkout) as our current theme does not handle this page so well as its quite messy.

This will help me to decide if this theme will be suitable, otherwise this theme looks great!


I’m sorry but we don’t have any screenshots at the moment. That page will look similar to other checkout pages. If the page will not work as you expected, we can help you modify it (just email us via contact form on our profile page).

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Hi there,

I’ve noticed that some other third-party extensions can affect some elements of the theme. I really like the look of it and want to sort it out. Do you have an idea of common conflicts to investigate? I’m no programmer, but it appears that everything works well on some pages, but not others.

eg 1: I can’t diaplay the slideshow on the Homepage, but hovering over the cart produces drop-down mini-cart. eg 2: Hovering over the cart does NOT produce the drop-down on the ProductDetails page and clicking on the Add button does nothing. eg 3: If I do get something added to the cart (quick-add from a product listing) and go to the Checkout page, I can’t go through the checkout process. Clicking on the word Edit on the first grey bar does nothing.

So, my uninformed self is thinking there is a conflict with either CSS or JavaScript. If you could steer me to any common culprits I’d be grateful.

Thank you so much.


“I’ve noticed that some other third-party extensions can affect some elements of the theme.”

That is true for all themes and all extensions. It’s just how magento works. Please check this chapter in the user guide 2.3 Third-party extensions for some details about third-party extensions.

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I understand your stance on assisting with Third-party Extensions. I appreciate the pointer to the guide and I have, I think, done what is required.

With the /app folder and the /js folder of the extension inside the …/frontend/Ultimo/default folder and with the /skin folder of the extension in the ../skin/frontend/ultimo/default folder

I don’t see anything appear in the Admin area and the extension is doing nothing.

So, as you don’t support the third-party extension (and I don’t expect you to) is there something else/additional that needs to be done to any/all extensions when they are added via the Ultimo folders to make them active?

Once again, I am grateful for any helpful help.

To work with custom theme an extension needs to be installed in theme’s directories:
  • Template files:
  • Skin files:

Also, please make sure you disabled and flushed Magento cache., and disable compilation mode before installation (if it was enabled).

Generally all extensions can work with all themes but they sometimes have to be integrated manually. That’s because sometimes the extension and the theme override the same Magento template file so there can be a conflict. In such cases you need to customize the theme and merge two conflicting template files into one template file.

Excellent Work bro :)

Hi, I can use the native colorbox product page to open a lightbox from a link in the description of the product? Thank you (sorry my english)


By default colorbox on prod. page opens the images which are inside links with class “lightbox-group”, e.g.:

<a href="..." class="lightbox-group">
   <img alt="My image" src="..." />

path to the image has to be specified in both attributes: href=”...” and src=”...”.

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We need an “instagram” link in the social media area, but your theme does not provide that. How can I get this and are you providing this in the next release? It is very much needed. Thank you


You can easily add custom icons, please refer to the user guide: 6.5.3.A Custom icons

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Yes. I know this, but there isn’t a predefined Instagram icon. Instagram needs to have a predefined icon. Will this be available in the next upgrade?

We’re planning to add more predefined icons in one of the updates (but probably not in the next one).


I am getting an error with the brands slider.

Here are the two errors in the log file: 1. PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /public_html/app/code/local/Infortis/Brands/Block/Brands.php on line 1 2. PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getResource() on a non-object in /public_html/app/code/local/Infortis/Brands/Block/Brands.php on line 1

I am running: Magento: Ultimo: 1.6.1


I am in final stage of buying this theme. Following questions:-

1) Is it possible to keep Categorieën ALWAYS OPEN like

2) Is it possible to show ALPHABETICAL BRAND INDEX just below menu or in side bar (as drop-down menu item) like

and all brand on one page like

3) I want to create Art Gallery site, so images must be as per actual photo orientation (portrait or landscape) like

and last question:-

4) Is it possible to add ADVANCE SEARCH PAGE LIKE


There are many magneto extensions which offer this kind of features related to brands, they are usually called “Shop By Brand”, “Shop By Manufacturer” or similar. You can find many on Magneto Connect.


Please note that, of course, we’re unable to guarantee that third-party extensions will work “out of the box” with our theme (this is extension author’s responsibility). So you may need some additional work to integrate extensions (their authors usually offer this service).

Thanks a lot for your help…

I have gone through the links… yes. it is exactly what I want.. Thanks for your help.. Deciding soon..


I am using 1.58 and I found that the latest ver can display 2 small images at homepage on mobile phone. Can I do that in ver 1.58 ?


Please try it like this:
breakpoints="[1280, 6], [960, 5], [768, 4], [480, 3], [120,2]"

Or better upgrade to the latest version 1.6.1, sliders were much improved. In new version you can also change image size (not only number of products in a row).

Hi, Thank you for your reply. We install some extensions and some modify so that is hard for us to full upgrade to 1.6.1. So is there any way I can just upgrade the sliders?


We only support full updates, partial updates are not supported because we would need to prepare dozens of patches (one for each new feature) in each update. You can only do this on your own by investigating the code.


I’d like to buy the Ultimo theme but really like the typography (fonts used) and colours of Fortis Demo Store 2.

If I bought Ultimo would you be able to tell me what the colours & fonts are in Fortis Demo Store 2 (for Mega Menu, Categories, Product Titles etc.) so I can replicate the look of Fortis in my copy of Ultimo?

Many thanks,


Thank you for purchasing (“purchased” tag is now next to your login).

Here you can find screenshots with color settings from Fortis demos:

Please click demo2.png image and then click “Download” button at the top to download larger version of screenshot. You will notice that most of the fields in Ultimo is the same as in Fortis.

Font in demo2 is “Open Sans”, font weight: 600.

Best egards

Fantastic – thanks for the assistance, all looking good now. Couple of other quick queries which might be useful for others to know too:

a) How would I make my logo appear bigger on-screen? I’ve uploaded a 350px wide logo as per a suggestion elsewhere in the support comments, but no matter what I do it always appears a little small – especially when viewed on mobile devices.

b) Do you have a recommended method of removing the “Shop By” box when it comes to Ultimo? I appreciate this isn’t directly related to Ultimo but I’ve found various “hacks” on Magento sites & differing Magento versions, for getting rid of “Shop by” box on category pages but wondered if you had one to recommend?

Thanks again for the help.



a) Width of the logo is limited in CSS, otherwise it would overlap other elements. Please use Firebug in case you want to customize the CSS, search for this selector: .header .logo Current maximum of logo for page width of 1024px is 220px, and for wider pages it’s 350px. So you can change those limits or remove them completely

b) The Layered Navigation contains all of the attributes which are set as filterable for Layered Navigation.

You can configure each attribute to be displayed in Layered Navigation: “Use in Layered Navigation” field in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [select attribute]. Please refer to Magento documentation for details:

So if there’s no filterable attribute, then the Layered Navigation will not be displayed.

Hello. Thanks for a super subject! Prompt how to make please icons of social networks round as in demo5?


You can easily customize all icons, please refer to the user guide: 6.5.3 Icons

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Hello. I have a problem with the slideshow. When the translation effects works the text in the homepage change the thickness.

In your demo template it not happens. What could be the problem?

Thank you so much


This is browser issue (incorrect support of CSS transitions). Which version are you using?

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I´m using Safari 7.0.1. With Chrome or Firefox works fine.

Thank you so much!

Fixed! If anyone has the same problem it solve add this line in styles.css -> html { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }

Thank you!

Hi there

I have a question about the menu. I want the alle the menu looking the same as the demo site ( fashion ) . How can i do this?

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First, you will need to enable “Wide Style” in: System > Configuration > Menu > Style of the main menu

What you can see under categories ‘Fashion’ and ‘Electronics’ in our demos was created using blocks which can be added to each top-level and second-level category. Category blocks are described with details in the user guide: 13.2 Custom Category Blocks

For example, the yellow banner under ‘Electronics’ is a content of the text field “Block Right” in Catalog > Category Management > ‘Electronics’. Please take a look at the screenshots in chapters 13.2.2 and 13.2.3, they show the layout of all custom blocks under top-level and second-level categories.

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I have a small question. I’m not the owner or builder of the shop. I did step in afther the site was up and running.

The template home page has some small customization and it’s running on a older ultimo version.

How can I update the template to the latest version without losing the customization of the header.

This is the site.

With kind regards,



To upgrade you need to follow all the steps described in the update guide (PDF) and then recreate your customization for the new version. Header is rendered by this template file:

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Hi, i cant seem to find where to put Google Analytics tracking code on the theme. I have checked /public_html/app/design/frontend/ultimo/default/template but im lost. Can you please point me in the right direction as to where i can put this code? Either by HTML or PHP but please note im a beginner in all aspects of web design. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to hear from you soon, phil

im now using magento 1.8 on

Also please note that the code seems to be already there in the source code of the homepage above. Actually its there twice!. Do you have any idea why Google Analytics might not be working, even through the code is in the source code of the homepage? also where can i access the HTML of the homepage for future reference?


You don’t need any modifications, magento supports Google Analytics out of the box. Please see this section of magento admin:

System > Configuration > Google API

Kind regards

Regarding your rating for the theme: there is no problem with hiding the name, you just need to enable standard CSS/JS merging in your Magento and no name will be visible to customers in file paths names.

I just can not find the setting. For help I would be grateful. Magento



It is:
Theme Design > Main menu > Inner Background Color

You can also set the menu as “Stretched” so that menu items will be stretched to have the same width as the width of the main content area (just below the menu).

Best regards

Is it possible to get the product images on the product page to scroll rather than stay static with the featured photo?

I’ve seen magento sites where this was an option. Just wondering if you could add it to the next design

We’ll try to add this if it will not require too many changes in the gallery.

That would be great! If you message me privately I will show you a site that has it. staciejensen1 @